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  1. Maybe you don't read the SF Blog but here is what Six Flags Mike posted....


    And, yesterday, my boss sat in on a meeting where Mr. Shapiro asked the Head of Ops to look into a package of flat rides for Great Adventure. You GrAdv dudes sure are vocal about what you want


    Although Shapiro is no longer our CEO, I'm sure Weber and all of Managment at Gadv KNOWS that we need flats. So stop asking for them. I think just one more coaster to give us the "Fearsome Five" (Ka, Toro, Nitro, Bizarro, and ?) is all we need. Does Cedar Point really NEED another coaster? I don't think so. We have the room to expand so why not when everything we need is on the way.


    Why would we stop asking for flats when asking for them is what got us this close to GADV actually getting them? The Houdini Facebook page, posting on SFGAdv's Facebook, asking on the fan call, and other internet posts got Houdini open. Fan call requests, Posts for flats on SFGAdv's Facebook, and posts on other sites are what got us this close to flats. We've gotten far enough to be recongized by Six Flags Blog, why would we stop before flats actually come?

  2. This does happen to me sometimes if I go to a park alone, but having a friend makes it much better. I also like to change things up sometimes when I'm at parks I visit frequently. For example, go to King's Island alone and have a goal of getting on Diamondback as many times as you can agressively. Next visit, go with a friend and do the park slowly, see some shows, and ride some flats.


    My intesest is kept better when my park experience is different each time like above.

  3. But...wouldn't you have to let the higher number going ahead into the station before realizing that there was a lower number after him?


    (Not trying to start an argument...just wondering how the system works, since I've never seen it being used before.)


    When I saw it used, they said your numbers couldn't be more than 10 away from the previous number. This allowed for things like people leaving and people not being in the same order in their group. It's not a perfect system, but it worked well.

  4. ^On that note, I was just wondering...


    Is a Flyer simply something on everyone's wish-list, or is there actual reason to believe that BGW will receive a B&M Flyer within the coming years? I know it's been rumored for quite a while, I'm just wondering where that rumor originated.




    It was on Screamscape. That's probably part of where it came from.

  5. Maybe it's for this:




    2011/2012 - New Coaster - (6/1/10) The latest rumor sent in about Hersheypark claims that they may be looked at obtaining a new B&M coaster creation in the next two years. While nothing is set in stone yet, I’m told that the rumor going around is that the station may be placed in the Comet Hollow section of the park, which is also expected to see the Tilt-A-Whirl removed after this season. More when we find out.
  6. Does Terminator still have the camo ride op uniforms or did they go back to the neon?

    I saw some of the camo uniformed people in our local McDonalds the other day so I'm assuming they are still wearing them.


    --Robb "We see Magic employees all the time in Valencia..." Alvey


    I'm glad they're keeping that. I didn't think it would last very long.


    Does anyone know if they ever fixed the sides of Terminator's trains?

  7. ^ Holy crap sprayer action.


    ^^ I'm not sure I understand your question, I'll try to answer it best I can though.


    In terms of how many people are trained at each ride its only limited to how many people management finds. There is no cap on how many people can be trained at a location.


    On a per-ride basis, each ride has different systems and different manufacturer requirements for safety reasons. Maverick has seven crew members at any given time, Mantis also generally has seven. I can't speak for Top Thrill Dragster or Millennium Force as I was not trained at either location.


    Those numbers are if every ride position is filled. On days when the rides aren't running at full capacity those numbers can go down. For example: Magnum XL-200 normally runs a three train operation, which requires there to be seven crew members working on platform. If operations go down to two trains the crew can eliminate one position, and if again reduced to one train operation can even cut another position. Most of the coasters and rides are similar in this system at the park, but there is a minimum amount of staffing per-ride based on manufacturer requirements.


    Is that total number of people working at the ride (including person at entrance to queue and station entrance) or number of people actually working on the ride platform?

  8. Okay, this is a n00b question. But I'm asking it anyway.


    My park is rewarded the "Most beautiful Park", "Best Value Park", "Safest,"etc. I constantly check the paths to see if they're dirty, they're always clean. I check my overall guest thoughts page and the most dominant one is "I want to go home", and that's only at 70, and they're scattered all around the park. The rest is "Park is really clean and tidy," "great Scenery!", blah blah blah.


    But my park rating is hovering at around 300. I've constantly tried for solutions, I have a specific mechanic for EVERY ride so none are broken down for long. None have ever crashed. It's so annoying to see the park rating so low!


    Any suggestions?


    EDIT: Nvm, I think it may be a glitch. Guests who are leaving to park are never heading in the parks exit's direction. Even when I place them right in front of the gate, they walk the other way...


    Sometimes when that happens to me, I go to Son of Beast Trainer and Close the park through that trainer. They all leave and you have a fresh start without guests whining about wanting to go home.

  9. This is why people can't take you seriously.




    I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but before you complain about people joking about you, I think you need need to realize you're bringing it on yourself. If you want it to stop you should stop giving them ammunition.


    This is LCG, haha. I remember the Intimidator Rants from a while ago. I got a good laugh out of those. But that video...

  10. I think that their attendance could have been way up this year. I am a little over an hour away from FMP and very few people knew what FMP is last summer. If they put their ticket prices around $20, I know a lot of people who would have gone to the park this year that didn't know it existed. I have been in Myrtle Beach twice since the proposed 2010 opening day when I would have gone to the park if they were open. I think their problem was just a lack of advertising to semi-locals.


    I hope something can be worked out and this park saved. I'm not too optomistic though.

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