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  1. Things have been pretty hectic at work lately, sorry for the rediculous delay..



    Monday, July 25, 2005

    2005 Knoebels Pictures


    We somehow awoke at 7:30 and arrived at the park shortly after 11. The drive to Knoebels is a very interesting one, you go up all these little side roads and just when you think you're lost you see a big Knoebels sign. Inside the line for POP wristbands was pretty rediculous at least 5 or 6 windows open if not more with a 30 minute wait though. All very worth it though, last year I easily blew 40 bucks worth of tickets in a fairly short amount of time, so the 31 dollar coaster option cannot be beat. Sort of odd it doesn't cover the Skyride or Haunted Mansion though, guess they require more maintenance or something. We made our way towards Phoenix to be greeted with a HUGE line, it was down to the ticket booth with only one train, I figured it would have a shorter line later.


    So we made our way towards Fandango, the parks new Moser frisbee-style ride. Since Delirium was closed during my June trip, and I was really disspointed with Dorney's Revolution, I was REALLY looking foward to this. It turned out to be REALLY awesome. Unlike the inward facing models where when you are at the 'low' point which provide no thrills whatsoever (perhaps other than seeing a hottie on the opposite side lose her top), Fandango has you facing the ground with no obstruction and a nice helping of airtime. I can only imagine how insane Maxair and Delirium are, man I hope Carowinds or PKD gets a giant model. Since Twister was fairly close we headed that direction.


    Twister [#90] - Twister is an excellent design and overall really fun woodie. It would probably be rated even higher if Phoenix wasn't sitting a few hundred yards away from it. It was probably best we rode this before Phoenix as the rest of my family thought it was amazing.. little did they know the insanity waiting for them later in the day..


    With Twister out of the way we hit the next 'must do' attraction.. the Flyers! While I completely OWNED them last year, I could not get my rhythm toghether to save my life. I got one or two decent snaps, but I really think that the ones at Carowinds have spoiled me. They may have been running a tad different though, I couldn't really tell. Oh, one more thing, the former Whirlwind area looks CRAZY without Whirlwind. The Squirel Cages ride still isn't anywhere near completed, so I might have to head back for PPP just to ride them.


    Continuing our tour of 'must do' attractions, we hit the Carosuel. Last year when I rode this I had the pleasure of grabbing the brass ring on my first ride. This time a kid about 2 horses in front of me got it, so I just missed it. Why more parks don't have more 'grab the brass ring' styles is beyond me, it's SO MUCH FUN!


    Following the random paths we ended up at High Speed Thrill Coaster [#91], man this is one insane 'kiddie coaster'. Lots of parks could really benifit from having a great family coaster like this. We were going to do the boats next, but that easily had the longest line in the park, so it was off to the Whipper we went. I thought this Whip was pretty good, as it is in excellent condition, and goes fast enough, until we rode the one at Rye later in the week..


    Another of the must ride attractions was nearby, so we 'hit up' the Bumper Cars (pun intended). The amazing weight and speed of the cars make these the best Bumper Cars on the face of the planet. My mom, brother, and myself ganged up on my dad a few times and crunched him good.


    Having ridden all of the 'must ride' attractions (well, other than the best 2) we started to ride some of the smaller rides, that I didn't have a chance to ride last year due to time and money restraints. First up the Sky Slide! Everyone sees this coming in, but it's really tucked away in an interesting conglomeration of paths so it's a little difficult to get to. We got in line and I quickly noticed something. Other than the rest of my family, I was the tallest one by at least 3 feet. When I finally got my mat and headed up the staircase, I noticed it was oh-so-tiny, so that may have been a reason for the unoffical 'height limit.' It was pretty funny seeing my mom and dad come down, they appeared to be enjoying themselves quite a bit.


    Since we were going in that directions, and I had raved about how much I loved it last year, Haunted Mansion was the next stop.


    While we were still together we made our way over to the Tilt-A-Whirl. My brother and I hopped in a car while our parents searched for another. There must have not been any open, as they surprised us and decided to join us in our car! FOUR PEOPLE, none of which weigh less than 100 pounds or shorter than 5' 7", in one Tilt-a-Whirl car. Needless to say, it was one of the most insane Tilt-a-Whirl experiences ever.


    Still making our way around the park, my brother and I hit the Super Round Up. These are always good rides, but the parks should invest in more padding for the head area! The little quarter inch piece of 'foam' doesn't cut it when you're going that fast.


    Finally it was time..


    Phoenix [#92] - This time the line was just inside the station, but due to the 1 train op, was still about a 10-15 minute wait. One thing I do have to say about Knoebels though, they have some of the fastest restraint checkers in the biz. Phoenix and Twister both were probably under 20 seconds from stop to dispatch. Anyway we all queued up for seat 1.3 as is said to be the best seat on the train. I would have really liked to ride with my parents and see their expression through the entire airtime laden course, as my dad said the best wooden coaster he had ridden up until that point was GASM at SFoG or Roar at SFA (neither make my top 20).. man I can't wait to see his face after his first ride on Thunderhead. My brother was lucky enough to get two consecutive rides as the guy that was riding in front of him was also alone, so he rode with him and myself. It also is amazing to me, that this design hasn't been copied at all, while the Coney Island Cyclone and others not worthy of duplicates, have been cloned a rediculous amount of times. The only ride that really reminds me of Phoenix is the Comet at Great Escape. Both relocated Schmeck's.. makes you wonder.


    My parents wanted to go off on their own for a while, but I begged them for a game of Facination before they left. The obliged, and played *one* game.. me and my brother played only 2 games, but my brother WON the first one.. talk about beginners luck. Facination is a game where you could drop a major wad of cash in no time at all, luckly we restrained ourselves.


    Now with the parents out of the way we went on to do some of the flats. We started off with the Power Surge, which was better than I remember, and also had a REDICULOUSLY hot ride op (sorry no pics). We then went over to Downdraft, which is still unlike any ride I've ever seen. Its lots of fun without being overly intense. We then went over to the Rockin' Tug, where we were the only 2 people on the ride, and sat on opposite ends. I had been wanting to ride a Rockin' Tug ever since I had heard about them a few years ago, and had seen a few of them at parks, but had never gotten the chance until now. They are a very fun childrens ride, and every park should have some variation of one.


    We then went over to 1001 Nachts, which is your basic flying carpet style ride. This has got to be one of the slowest flying carpets ever, you don't even get any air. I dare say even the massively tamed down Rocket Power: Airtime at Carowinds has more than this! Next was the Ferris Wheel, I would say it provided a great view of the park, but all I could see was trees, so I wouldn't know.. (this a good thing, don't take it the wrong way )


    Next up we ponied up the cash for the Skyride. After riding the one at Lake Compounce last year I felt prepared for anything. This one is heavily covered by trees, so going down you could only see one way, towards Twister. It seems to be in the most random of places going over the road and the buildings, and turning at the top of the mountain and coming back down. It was fairly relaxing, but not quite worth the extra money we paid.


    We then made our way over towards Galleon. I love these swinging ship rides, and this one is no different. In fact we rode it 2 times in a row, once on each end. Man I wish Carowinds would get a non-looping ship.. I'd probably ride it at least 10 times each time I wentx. We then meandered till we found the Pioneer Train. I had seen this litte train going through Twister, but I had no idea where it started. Despite being rediculously small, it was a nice fun jaunt through the waterpark, Twister, campground, and finally the woods before turning around and taking the same trip back.


    After taking another rhythem-less Flyer ride we found Cosmotron. From the outside, Cosmotron is fairly non-descript, White building, electronic lettering of "Cosmotron" that flash in random sequences. Inside, its a 'Himalaya' style ride with loud music and flashing lights, not as good as some indoor rides I have ridden, but they tried and thats more than most can say when it comes to dark rides.


    I wanted to get another spin on Fandango before it was too late, so we headed over towards that direction. The line was extrememly short, just as it had been in the morning. After getting off we went back around to find another non-existant line. We figured what the hell and rode again. This continued for quite a while and before too long our parents had met back up with us and we had logged 7 consecutive rides! I remember each time, telling my brother, "ok this is the last time" but apparently that was not the case.


    After my parents had arrived went back towards Phoenix and took a last seat ride. It could have just been me, but I detected a *hint* of roughness in some places. The airtime was still rediculous, so I am not complaining by any means.


    On our way to the Carosuel we passed the Facination building where they announced a game of 'cover-all' was starting in 2 minutes. For those who have never played Facination, cover-all is where you have 2 balls, and attempt to cover up the entire playing field which is 25 cirlces. I plunked down the 75 cents and began at the bell. Believe it or not, I got 24 covered before someone the final buzzer rang signifing a winner. You know what they say, 2nd place is the first loser.


    After the most excellent Carosuel ride (every park needs a brass ring model.. come on, some company step to the plate and make one..), my mom wanted to try the Downdraft while my dad went out to the car. She said she liked it but it wasn't something she could ride for a large chunk of time. I was pretty dehydrated so I bought a bottle of water, pretty cheap at $1.50. My family decided to ride the wheel, I was going to join them, but the operator told me I couldn't bring my water. No big deal, I would sit on the bench and sip away, while my family rotates helplessly in the air.


    My dad then wanted to try Downdraft, and he had the same reaction as my mom. Man I come from a family of pansies. My dad then reluctantly agreed to try the Power Surge, while my mom sat and watched, even after much prodding from the gallery. I rode facing my dad and brother, and much of the time, my dad looked as if he was about to blow pretty much the entire cycle. After we got off he looked straight at my mom, with the most stoic expression ever and said "You wouldn't like it." Needless to say I died laughing.


    Since the Merry Mixer was the only flat in the area we had yet to ride, so we took a spin on that. The Merry Mixer is like your average Eli Bridge Scrambler, except a little smaller and a tiny bit faster. Overall it was fun, and I really enjoy riding these park staples.


    By this time I was absolutely famished, and we had noticed a great deal on crabcakes at the eating area near Phoenix. So that is where we headed. In typical Knoebels style they were awesome, and lasted only about 30 seconds before dissapearing completely. Highly reccomended. Sadly it was time to go, but I would not leave without one final ride on Fandango. I can not stress enough what a great ride this is, and the fact that all parks should have this or something similar. So ends a trip to my favorite park in the country. Hopefully the next trip won't be too far away. I think in order to 'earn' enthusiast status, everyone should have to make a trip to Knoebels. It is simply one of the most unique and magical places there is.[/url]


    It wouldn't be a trip to Knoebels.. well.. you know..


    Random blurry shot that looks cool


    Photo courtesy of my dad, the pansy


    Fandango is AWESOME!


    Woo! Flyer Action!


    But then you turn around and the view of Twister is breathtaking


    Heres the look up the skylift.. note the 'evacuation routes'..


    The new ride hasn't progressed very far..


    My brother likes the butter...


    Can I have one of these in my room?


    Yes this flyer is still bent from last year

  2. How many people are you looking at going on this trip? I am extremely interested and could send a deposit as early as Thursday. :shock:


    If I am looking at this correctly, the only thing we would have to pay for outside of the 1600-1800 bucks is a flight over to England, food and any souveneirs we may buy?


    --Jay (who says if its as half as good as the Rideworld trips, then its worth it..)

  3. Of my 73 wood:


    1. Thunderhead - Dollywood

    2. Phoenix - Knoebels

    3. Hades - Mt. Olympus

    4. Legend - Holiday World

    5. Cornball Express - Indiana Beach

    6. Avalanche - Timber Falls

    7. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce

    8. Villain - Geauga Lake

    9. Cyclops - Mt. Olympus

    10. J2 - Clementon


    And Of my 176 steel:


    1. Superman: Ride Of Steel - Six Flags New England

    2. Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    3. Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure

    4. Superman: Ride Of Steel - Six Flags America

    5. Millennium Force - Cedar Point

    6. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa

    7. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster - Paramount's Carowinds

    8. Raptor - Cedar Point

    9. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point

    10. Storm Runner - Hersheypark

  4. Dorney Park

    Sunday, July 24, 2005

    2005 Dorney Park Pictures


    Since our Condo doesn't have any alarm clocks I had to set my phone which sounds like some leaves rustling when it goes off, so I ended up waking up at 1:30. My mom wanted to walk along the river (like theres some big trail there or something *sigh*) we found a better place to take pictures, along with some fishermen, but thats about it. I had expressed interest in going to Pocono Play Park and Dorney Park, and I told the rest of my family that as long as we left around 3:00 it would be ok. Since it was only 2:30 at this time they went swimming and I told them to be back in 30 minutes. 30 minutes pass and no family, so I give them a call on their cell. They finally get back to the condo at 3:20. They take their time getting dressed and then decide to eat some leftovers. By this time it's 3:45 and I'm really getting pissed. Why is it whenever you are in a hurry, your accomplices don't seem to notice or even care. We FINALLY leave around 4:00 and obviously by this time, Pocono Play Park is out of the question (for today at least), and we get to Dorney shortly before 5 to take advantage of their half-off starlight admssion.


    After a rather lengthy line to get tickets, me and my brother (my parents headed back to the Condo, for what reason, I'll never understand) get into the park and make a beeline for Hydra. As usual Dorney did a great job with the landscaping on the ride. It is also a sharp contrast to the huge dirt pile that was there last year during my first visit.


    Hydra (#243) [#82] - We hopped in the back seat in what was an abnormally short line, and were quickly on our way. Whoever invented the Jo-Jo roll is a sick-sick individual as it is one of the more crazy inversions I have experienced. The first drop is fairly Nitro-esque (no flat part before drop) with some substantial *surprising* airtime. You then immediately fly into an extremely modified dive loop which produces some odd forces. You are then hit hard by a flatspin over the queue and a corkscrew. By this point in case you still weren't confused as to where you were going, you dive into the Cobra Roll which has an 'Alpengiestian' *snap* to it. Coming out of the Cobra you slide across the station, go up and have another nice airtime hill and slam into the final corkscrew. One last helix and you gracefully slide into the brakes.


    I must say that I was expecting a rather forceless and boring ride, but what I got was an interesting ride with some surprising forces and some mild airtime. Not a top 10 ride by any means, but it is a nice ride for Dorney and fairly rerideable, not to mention currently my 2nd favorite floorless after Medusa, but better than Dominator and BTDK. Unfortunately I never got a chance to ride Hercules so I don't know if it was worth the 13 million dollar 'upgrade.' I did find it amuseing that you can still see the footers for Hercules in the lake, and it gives you an idea how big Herc really was. The only negative I could find was the horrible vibration throughout the duration of the ride. It wasn't rough, but it was uncomfortable. Since I had the only credit I needed, my brother led me to the rides that he wanted to ride. Talon being first.



    Talon [#83] - I thoroughly enjoyed Talon last year, and this year was no different. This probably had the longest line all day at around 20 or so minutes which was amazing becuase the park was PACKED. While in line I pointed out to my brother how quiet Talon is, as they filled the spine with sand to keep the roar down. He and I agreed that this made the ride seem less intimidating. Maybe its just me but that trench before the tunnel could really use some mist to liven up that section of track. Maybe thats just me as I'm a mist whore. We passed up Wild Mouse and Woodstock's Express on the way to the back of the park.


    Thunderhawk [#84] - This is your typical Cedar Fair woodie, which is to say, it isn't that good, or at least, not anymore. The laterals on the far turn(s) are insane, and the ride is in a really beautiful setting, but the one trim on the return run absolutely KILLS the ride. As we were close we went over to:


    Steel Force [#85] - I remember this being a fairly slow and boring ride last year, but this year some of the hills had slight airtime. I wanted to ride again near the front, by brother didn't seem to enthused about it. Still pales in comparison to every other hyper I've ever ridden..


    Before moving on to Laser I wanted to take a spin on Revolution (pun very much intended). This felt like most other 'inverted frisbees' I've ridden which is to say not very intense, but pretty fun. We sat on the right side of the ride, and that seemed that that was the 'low' side each time the ride got to one of the high points. Overall I was pretty dissapointed with it.


    Laser [#86] - I was shocked as this ride had NO LINE, and when we tried to get in the backseat (with no line except for maybe the first 2 rows mind you) we got a tounge-lashing from the ride op and quickly moved to the middle. Got to love classic Schwartzkopf, every seat is a great one. The two loops pin you to your seat, and the helix immediately puts you in the other person's seat. *Sigh* I just wish it was longer.


    As my brother got the credits on the 2 kiddie coasters Dragon Coaster [#87] and Woodstock's Express [#88] I walked around and took some pics and took it easy for a while. After he finished up Woodstock we made our way over to Wild Mouse to get the last credit for my brother. An odd thing happened about 5 minutes after we got in line, the ride stopped suddenly on the lift and first brake after the top half. It was really odd as it stopped so hard the entire structure shook vigorously. Being the crehos we are we waited it out. It looked as if at least 80% of the were leaving, so we eventually got up to the station with undoubtedly a much shorter line. After about 10 more minutes of waiting it out, the Wild Mouse ops made everyone in the station leave. DRAT!


    So we headed over to the nearby arcade to see if there was anything that piqued my interest. As usual there was and I escaped before I spent too much money. I gave my brother all my tickets and told him to get whatever he wanted. Minutes later he came back smiling and said "JAY LOOK WHAT I GOT!" He opened his hand to about 20 or so Tootsie Rolls. Ah, a man after my own heart. Since it was nearby we took a ride on the oh-so lame Hang Time, which I am convinced runs the tamest program ever. More oddness occured as apparently some kid wanted off halfway through the ride, so the ops stop it, release the restraints, let them off, and then let us go again. I'm pretty sure we would have wasted less time just finishing out the ride. I'll never understand people who want off. I mean I love having my time wasted don't you? Just close your damn eyes or something and let everyone else enjoy.


    As our Hang Time ride ended we could see that the Wild Mouse was now up and running. My brother literally SPRINTED over to the ride and got in line, and I did my best to keep up. It was not yet too bad around maybe 15-20 minutes or so. If there is one that that Cedar Fair can't do, it's run a Wild Mouse. The one at Michigan's Adventure stacked about 7 or 8 cars, and this one has a rule where it is only 2 adults per car. As a result I don't think I saw a full car go out the entire time.


    Wild Mouse [#89] - This is standard fare as far as Wild Mice go, I was surprised as the top half was brakeless, but they were on hard the rest of the way. But the most important thing is my brother got all the available credits in a bit under 3 hours.


    After the Mouse we made our way to Hydra, this time we decided to wait for the front seat. I was still amazed that this ride had very little line other than the front seat of course. The front seat didn't quite have the intensity of the back (HA me using intensity and floorless in the same sentence) but it was a very nice ride. My brother had been wanting to do Meteor and since it was close, we hopped in line. I like how this ride has the unique 3 across seats that sit 'face-offish.' Instead of sitting next to each other we faced each other which was an odd experience to say the least. Me and my brother thought this was the best of the few flats we had ridden that day, and it is unfortnuate that more parks don't have them. Since it for some reason STILL had no line, we took 2 more excellent rides on Hydra, as well as another ride on Meteor, with a final ride on Hydra in the front seat.


    Overall we had an excellent 5 hours at Dorney, quite a bit more enjoyable than my visit all day last year. Too bad it's not closer, the park has some good coasters and some good flats and I wouldn't mind visiting a lot more often.


    My brother seems to have found a trashcan at Dorney. Crazy stuff!


    The Jo-Jo is innnn-sane!!!


    Settle down, I have a few more Hydra pics..


    ..except the Skycraper.


    Looks like all of the Skycraper stuff is still there..


    Could someone tell me the name of this ride?


    Hershey? At Dorney? Does anyone else find this odd?


    The only reason I came to Dorney


    And looking to the north.. pretty area eh?


    A look at the Delaware River to the south..

  5. First off this series of TR's is from when I went on vacation in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with my family 2 weeks ago, I will post one TR each day, usually with multiple pictures accompaning them. Being the credit whore I am, I plan to drag my mom, dad, and brother to numerous parks. Here what you can look forward to hearing from each day:


    Saturday: Drive from NC to Pocono, hitting Williams Grove on the way

    Sunday: Dorney Park

    Monday: Knoebels

    Tuesday: Sightsee Philly and Clementon Park

    Wednesday: NOTHING DAY

    Thursday: Coney Island, Rye Playland

    Friday: Sightsee NYC

    Saturday: Visit with family in Baltimore

    Sunday: Head back home to NC


    Also since my birthday was coming up, the one thing I wanted more than anything was for my brother to get to 100 coasters in his track record, I don't even particularly like him, but the more credits for me the better. Also I will signify new coasters ridden for my brother in [brackets], and for me (parinthesis), example, at the beginning of the trip my brother lies at [#79] coasters, and I am at (#242).


    On to the first TR..


    Williams Grove

    Saturday, July 23, 2005

    2005 Williams Grove Pictures



    After hitting my snooze a rediculous amount of times I awoke at 6, a full hour later than I would have liked to (hmmm.. I notice a pattern here...) after much procrastination we finally hit the road at 6:40. A not so quick 7 hours later we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere cornfield known as Williams Grove. I visted for the first time last year with my buds Jonathan and Dave, and we loved it. I loved it so much I had to drag the rest of my family there. It was quite unexpectedly busy as the track across the street was hosting a World of Outlaws event that night. We paid our 2 buck admission price to the park and found the ticket selling mushroom in the 'midway.' I only bought 10 tickets as I knew I only wanted to do the coasters, and some of the more 'eccentric' flat rides.


    As we were right next to it we decided to do Dante's Inferno. The 'stunts' here aren't that scary, but what is scary is the incredibly musty smell of the room, and the feeling that you could derail and die instantly at any moment. Who needs Sally when you have the original stuff? After our terrifying ride on Dante, we headed over to an even scarier ride:


    Cyclone [#80] - I said it before and I'll say it again, you have not been afraid by a coaster until you ride the Williams Grove Cyclone. I somehow coaxed my brother to ride in the back, which got us many 'unusual' looks as well as a few "I wouldn't do that's.." I didn't think the ride was too bad, though it was rougher than last year. My brother said it was 'rough as hell' but also said he loved the 'unintentional' airtime moments.


    Going up around the park we passed the shooting gallery, which is always a fave of mine as I can go by, take a picture, and scare the bejesus out of any people who are actually 'playing' the game. Since the Allotria funhouse was close by, and I LOVED it last year, I decided to do it again forcing my brother to go along. Some people have said that some of the stunts like the jumping bridges don't work well. Both times I have been on it everything has worked to perfection. I have never been drunk, but I imagine this is similar to the feeling. On the hamster wheel I was able to get nearly upside down before busting my ass. Unfortunately I don't have a pic, but my mom does, so as soon as she gets those developed I will post them.




    Heading over to the other side of the park we passed the Kiddie Coaster. I really really wanted this credit as it had eluded me last time, but we didn't even get to the ramp before the fat ride op lady shook her head vigorously. BLAH! No new credit for us... We continued to the far side of the park to ride...


    Wildcat [#81] - The only bad part about this was the abnormally large line, but the ride was incredibly smooth, and quite intense. Heck even my brother said it was smoother than he expected after the 'rough as hell' Cyclone. I just say it's unfortunate that there are not more of these, as they are REALLY fun without being overly intense or scary.


    Since we had 2 tickets left we went back over to the Spider which is one of the more crazy models. The thing spins so fast that the individual cars don't even spin. We had a nice long INTENSE cycle. Man if only more parks would take notice.. probably one of my favorite flats. As usual my brother complained about the pain.. to his neck from the insane forces. What a pansy. Since it was around 3:30 and we were out of tickets we decided to head on out and get to the condo a little early.


    After a small nap on the way up, We arrived around 6:00ish. The condo looked awesome from the outside, but inside it was a bit cramped. Ah well, still better than every other hotel I've ever been in. We were going to go swimming, but the nearest swimming pool was locked and chained, so no swimming to be had today. We did do some exploring around the Delaware River, I knew it was close, but not *THAT* close.. pretty crazy to see Jersey on the other side. We also played on the playground some and met some of the neighbors. Needless to say it should be a *very* interesting week..


    We'll end with the awesomeness that is my brother swinging on the 'playground'


    The ghettofied pool that closed at 6PM


    Instead of the traditional hot tub, we get the 'Whirling Well'.. it was like a bathtub, just 4 feet tall!


    The OMGZTINY kitchen.. needless to say, only one person was allowed back there at the time


    Here we are at the Condo at last, this will be Home Sweet Home for the next 7 days


    This was one of the oddest things we saw on the way from Williams Grove, instead of the haybales placed randomly about the field, they are stacked to form a wall


    High speed Corn!


    Hey are we in Indiana?


    Apparently they are painting one car at a time on the Monster, one car is a nice bright yellow while the rest are faded Volcano-style


    My dad samples some of the water, straight from the lake


    First new credit of the trip for my brother, the infamous Cyclone!


    The mini-sized trash cans fit for a mini-size park


    They want tips, I thought this was deplorable, until we got to Coney later in the week..


    Yay finally at 'The Grove'!


    We pass through the beautiful city of Roanoke shortly after 8, here is the Star that the 'Star City' is named for


    Finally wake up Matthew with a little silly string


    Sugar wants to go too :-/


    Van is packed and ready to go


    Look who is still alseep


    Late as usual

  6. Excellent TR and pics so far Erik.. I should have warned you about Hurler's backseat as it is strangely brutal this year while the front car is running the best it has in years.



    This is a stupid question but why is the top part of Top Guns trains painted to look like a shark. What does sharks have to do with Top Gun?


    Yes, sharks have nothing to do with Navy fighter planes.

  7. Hmm.. interestingly enough my photo has already been posted here..


    In the 2nd row, on the right side of the train.


    Enjoying a Steak 'n Shake lunch on Carowinds Opening Day 2003.


    I'm not gay.. I swear.. (NTTAWWT)


    And the coup de grace

    Waiting in line for Scorpion at BGT.


    Might post some more later..

  8. ^Actually, the former Viper at SFoG (a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop) kicked butt.. I was actually sad when they took it out for the oh-so-boring Superman. At least it's found a nice home at SFKK.


    Also the current Viper at SFGAm (In house wood coaster) is a VERY underrated machine. There is lots of airtime to be had and rated as one of the top Cyclone-clones.


    And while I've not ridden it Viper at SFAW (Schwarzkopf Looping Star) looks to be another great compact design from Anton that you hear nothing but good things from.



    It sucks that we have more old shows even after Discovery Channel said the last one was new.. maybe they need a lesson on what the word "new" means. It was fun however seeing some old shows and just critiquing them on how terrible they were. Not to mention seeing the short-lived Axis at Knoebels..


    --Jay (who says it's just the Arrow Vipers that suck! )

  9. I loved Williams Grove last year, was originally going to spend 30 minutes and get the credits, ended up staying 2 hours and closing the park..


    Did you do any of the flats? (Particularly Dante's Inferno, the Allotria funhouse, or the Spider thats faster than hell) Definitely some of the best flats I've ever had the pleasure of riding.


    Anyway great TR & pics.. The Cyclone should be required riding for any self-respecting enthusiast.

  10. This is Jay from the trip reports...


    Legend and Raven were both running one train each, Raven was a walk on till about the end of the day, and Legend had a 20-30 minute wait the entire time,


    As for Rebellion, being the procrastinators we are we saved that for just before the park closed. As our luck they closed the ride for the night with the majority of us being next in line. First time I've ever seen anything like that at a park... I mean if you don't want people riding at least put a trashcan in the queue entrance or something.


    Jonathan is going to post his Indiana Beach TR in an hour or so, but I can sum it up pretty easy. AWESOME PARK. I had the pleasure of taking 43 rides on Cornball Express today (and still rode most of the other things a significant amout of times) and it is no doubt a Top 5 wood, definitely recommended that anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of visiting yet.


    --Jay (Who is off to play some poker... )

  11. Great pics, I love seeing pics from parks that are rarely visited. I rode that coaster while it was still at DelGrosso's in 2003, it seemed to be one of the 'peppiest' Zyklon's I'd ever ridden, probably due to it having two cars, instead of just one like all the others.


    Is that a Skydiver I see in the first photo? I love those things.. probably one of my top 3 favorite flats I've ever ridden. Definitely need to go there sometime.

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