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  1. Thats just it though.. they had a few of the huge 'you are here' directories that looked like this around the park. Doesn't really make sense, that they just couldn't condense that and print it. I dunno, it doesn't matter now, probably better off anyway that we were left to wonder around and find things as we come to them. The park was much more 'magical' that way.


    EDIT: Added a pic of said map...


    This map is awesome. Print more plz.

  2. This is a great idea, I love Google Earth. I've been working on one for a few months which I've made available for download below. It contains (albeit not very well organized to anyone but myself)...



    Legoland Windsor

    Chessington WOA

    Coney Beach


    Alton Towers

    Drayton Manor

    Pleasureland Southport

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    South Pier

    Lightwater Valley


    Pleasurewood Hills


    Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

    Thorpe Park

    Gullivers Warrington


    Fantasy Island

    Botton's Pleasure Beach





    Farup Sommerland


    Tivoli Gardens

    Walibi World

    Walibi Belgium

    Walibi Rhone Alps

    Walibi Lorraine

    Hansa Park


    Europa Park

    Holiday Park

    Heide Park

    Movie Park Germany


    Parc Asterix


    DLR-Disney Studios



    Parque de Attraciones de Madrid

    Parque Warner Madrid

    Port Aventura

    Isla Magica

    Terra Mitica



    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Ocean Park

    Tokyo Disneyland

    Tokyo DisneySea

    Space World

    Sea Paradise





    Nagashima Spaland

    Fuji-Q Highland


    Link for Download.. REMOVED.


    I also have a Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 file with every single park in the United States and Canada as according to RCDB. Here is an overview. I can make that available for download if anyone wishes.



    EDIT:.. Hmm it appears that mine is quite different from yours, I have no rides whatsoever, just simply plotting the park and moving to the next one. Amazing work on your part.


    EDIT PART DEUX: Wow I'm really dumb.. just noticed my file only has Fantasy Island.. lets see if I can work on that.

  3. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Family Kingdom, I'm not going to say it was the best park ever or anything, but it had a certain charm to it when I was there, and Swamp Fox is a great woodie that I hope sticks around for a long time. Did you guys ride The Great Pistolero Roundup? you guys probably would have liked it as it was about as un-PC as you can get in the states, well outside of Pedroland. Hopefully your comparison to 'Fantazy Land' will draw more people there to see what all the fuss is.


    Speaking of Pedroland, did you guys even think to stop here? I would imagine it would be slightly (and by slightly I mean VERY) out of the way for you guys.. but it would have been worth it for the comedic value alone. It just cannot be explained.


    Anyway glad to see you FINALLY made it down to Myrtle, and great report overall. We should have a TPR meetup whenever the new Hard Rock Park opens.



    I saw on RCDB that there was some 'gay dolphin park' in that area. It says the coaster closed down a while ago, but does anyone know if the park still exists?


    If I recall correctly, the only part of the Gay Dolphin that still exists is the massive 3 story shopping area. http://www.gaydolphin.com/


    Gay Dolphin Gift Cove

  4. ^Hmm perhaps I am confused. Voyage is a Gravity Group creation that uses PTC's, Cheetah and Boss are made by CCI and use G-Trains. I don't understand the 'connection'. The only similarity I can see is that the main designers from CCI went on to form GG, still a slightly different company. A few CCI's with PTC's are rough too. Its not JUST the trains, its a combination of the track, trains, maintenance, design and numerous other factors.


    I've ridden 4 CCI's with G-Trains (Villain, Hurricane, Twisted Twins - Stella, and Boss) and NONE were too rough to be enjoyable. Though it does seem as if the first row in each car is MUCH smoother than than the row behind it. Didn't stop me from riding Villain 14 times in one day, Hurricane 13 times in one day, and Twisted Twins about 4 times in about 30 minutes. I probably would have ridden the Boss a ton too, but we only had about 4 hours in the park, and it was soooo crowded. So just one ride on that.


    But from my ONE ride on Boss, in the front row of the last car, June, 11 2005, I can say that is was probably the most forgettable rides I've ever had on any coaster. It wasn't rough, and it wasn't smooth. There was not much airtime, and not any 'good' laterals. I didn't like it and I didn't hate it. It was a solid 'MEH.' I wouldn't mind giving it another try, as it is a beautiful coaster and I do really WANT to like it, but that would actually require stepping foot in Six Flags St. Louis again.. but that is a story for another day.

  5. I'm surprised anyone that labels themself a 'photographer' can choose just ONE pic that is their favorite. As someone who take thousands of pictures each year, I say it just can't be done. I have too many 'attachments' to too many pics to choose just one as my favorite. I picked twenty YES TWENTY of my favorite pics. But for every one I chose there are at least 20 more I didn't..


    In no order whatsoever..


    I really think the sky makes this picture. If it would have been just a plain wonderful blue day, it would have been dare I say.. "boring". The clouds give it life.


    This is just a fun picture to look at. Not to mention the 'blurring' was totally not intended.


    Ok its not of a coaster, so shoot me. This picture pretty much encapsulates the insanity that is the Knoebels Flyers. Robert Coker (yes of www.thrillride.com fame) looks genuinely afraid for his life in this picture.


    This is Fandango at Knoebels. Originally I did not like this pic at all, since it was blurry and all you could see was the bottom of the pendulum with a few legs. I don't know what happened but now I love it...


    I know damn near everyone has this pic, but I just love this one so much I HAD to include it.


    On the opposite end of the spectrum, no one at all has this pic. Seriously how many pics do you know of that have every one of Beast's 7359 feet in it?


    I think I got the timing perfect on this one.


    I like this because you can see the entire train. The beach and the water make it look 'tropical' too..


    Its teh Force.. I dunno what else to say.


    The high res version of this is even better.. you can make out every individual molecule of water.


    Now we start to get to the good pics.. this one was my desktop for many, many months.


    I actually credit this picture with getting me 'into' photography. I remember setting it up for like 10 minutes at the park, just trying to get that perfect angle. I came home and showed all my friends and they were equally amazed.


    Got lucky with this one in line for HXLC..


    I really love how the plants 'frame' Rebel Yell.. and the fact that its racing further purpetrates the cause for 'great pic' status.


    The lighting on this pic is just amazing IMO.


    This pic is from the Sternwheeler, so I'm sure you'll never see anything like it again.


    My brother and dad's (front row) faces *MAKE* this picture.


    This picture was taken by complete accident. I Was trying to take a picture of the train before this part of the coaster, and something went wrong with my camera so I pointed up quickly and snapped a picture before the camera had time to focus. One of the best mistakes evah.


    This one is just great because of its simplicity.


    This one means a lot to me, it was the first 'great pic' I ever took with my current camera. Which was actually the first day I really 'used' it. Its also of the coaster I consider 'turned' me enthsiast. Everything about this picture is great IMO.


    Hope everyone enjoyed them and isn't pissed off I posted so many. Check out http://www.pbase.com/jamminj for more.


    -J(Who totally just looked at 3000+ pics in the last hour)

  6. I always thought they should combine the floorless and dive machine concepts, but once this is built, Sheikra won't be special anymore.


    How exactly do you mean 'special'? It was the 3rd dive machine after Oblivion and G5.. and there are plenty of coasters that go vertical (or beyond...) Busch always does amazing job with their coasters (save Gwazi) and I'm sure this will be no different.


    --J (Who can't wait for the french-themed LeMans-replacing uber-coaster.)

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