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  1. Oh man, Playlands Whip is AMAZING.. I thought Knoebels was the best a Whip could get.. man I was so wrong when Playlands cranked up to at least double the speed of Knoebels. Rye is an amazing park, that certainly doesn't get enough credit in enthusiast circles.

  2. Did someone say Camden Mack Hyper?



    Ahh man good times..


    Borg Island construction started probably in tiny bits and pieces in May or June, with full scale construction going on in July and August.. this gallery documents the majority of Borg construction from around April to October.. and also Carowinds Connectionhad a nice long construction diary on it.. when it was up.. *cough*..


    Anyway, here's something no one thought of yet (I think).. What if all the 'construction' is for a path that goes under Thunder Road, for an attraction in the Parking lot behind it.. has anyone inspected the parking lot for clues?


    -J (Not expecting anything at this point.. but I'm juss sayin..)

  3. AHAHAHA... Great TR Wes, good to see that coaster hasn't moved an inch in 2 years.. I remember me and Jonathan asking various employees what the status of the coaster was, and the only answer we ever got was "We don't run that anymore" which more or less translates to "We don't have the funding and/or intelligence to fix it."






    I wouldn't call it the worst park in the world, but it does have a twisted sort of charm there, it was nice just walking around looking at all the crazy unusual stuff. Hope I can pay another visit this year on the way to Myrtle.

  4. ..l potential. It's called Great America, not Carrowinds (whatever that means). Maybe they should change their name from Great America if they can't live up to it.


    Yeah hi.


    The name Carowinds was formed from the Winds that flow across the Carolinas, as the park straddles both North and South Carolina. I think its a rather inventive name as it doesn't have the words "King", "Great", "World", "Land", "America", "Adventure", "Island", or "Fun" which of at least one you will find in probably about 50% of all amusement names in America.


    -J (The more you know...)

  5. PKD's coaster selection is okay but lacking a good woodie,


    Uhh Grizzly?.. its not like Thunderhead or even Cornball Express good, but its probably best in the chain. And at night its everything the Beast SHOULD be, but of course isn't since the Beast sucks.


    Ok anyway, I've only been to Carowinds, PKD, and PKI..


    1. Carowinds (All the fanboys say HAAAAY, no really, Top Gun and the Flyers ALONE make this the best park)

    2. Kings Dominion (It's Kings Island except with good rides and service)

    3. Canadas Wonderland (This park intriques me, hope I can visit soon..)

    4. Great America (Looks like they have some decent rides..)

    5. Kings Island (Eww)

  6. Pretty much Wes. At the one at Lakemont I just spun the wheel like we were in some Teacups or something, it was the most crazy, intense, maddening, insane, flat ride ever. I'll have to get some video (maybe even POV) in a few weeks. I think Skydivers and Zippers are probably 1-2 in my 'favorite flat' category.


    -J (Mmmm Old School Chance..)

  7. More bird themed coasters? Man now I'm really confused..


    Saw this on another coaster related website..

    Was at BGE today and they are now handing out a brand new (much more realistic) map that in addition to having Le Mans gone (with a bubble anouncing that area will have a new attraction in 2007) also has changed the bumper cars' name from Dur Autobahn to Bumper Cars. Combine that change with the surverors I saw there last night in the old DF field leads me to believe that Le Mans is not going away but will become "Dur Autobahn."


    Know anything about this Chuck?


    Between BGW and Dollywood alone 2007 is shaping up to be a great year.. I'm smack dab in the middle of the two parks. Just hope Carowinds and PKD get some noteworthy attractions...


    -J (Goes to search for famous French birds..)

  8. Great TR Wes, one question though.. is the Skydiver still there? Thats probably the thing I'm looking forward to most when I go in a few weeks. Here is a pic of the one at Lakemont if you aren't sure...



    The most insane flat ride ever.


    Once again thanks for the TR and now I'm REALLY looking forward to my visit later in the month!


    EDIT: Durr a look in your pics reveals all..


    Why didn't you ride? Was it down? Or did you just chicken out..

  9. LOL Jay. I had so much fun with you and Paul in London. But what was up with not saying goodbye to me at the airport??? You just kind of wandered away and I was like "Where did he go?!?!" hehe


    LOL. I could have SWORE yall were right behind me on that long ass moving walkway. Next thing I know, I turned around and I was all alone... and I was scared. Gatwick was a scary and quite depressing place...


    Next time I see you I'll have to start out with a 'goodbye' to make up for it!

  10. I am not 100% on this, but I'm sure Dollywood's old Flooded Mine used to be where the Daredevil Falls log flume is now. Take a look at this map from 1994. What those pictures show is one of the many museums in the park, and the now defunct gift shop under it. I think the popular rumor was that is where the new Euro Fighter is going to be, if of course its not back by Thunderhead/Timber Tower. Sad they ever removed it, I also thought SDC's was amazing, seemed like a perfect ride for Dollywood.

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