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  1. Excellent photo TR. Those benches KICK ASS. If only more parks were that creative..


    FEC's are really the backbone of the amusement industry, but often get overlooked by enthusiasts because of their small size and usually limited ride selection. Its good to see that they have not been completely forgotten.


    -J (Who is off to make www.FECReview.com ..)


    Edit: I wanted to go to Space Camp all throughout my childhood (damn you Nickelodeon commercials) but never could, its good to get a look at this too.

  2. This is a giant pet peeve of mine. If you get into the other lane miles before you have to there is (theoretically) a less likely chance of there being a lengthy traffic jam when you actually get to the merge.


    I always hate the ignorant people who pass me while I am in the correct lane, only to realize the other lane ends in about fifty feet and then suddenly jerk in front of me.


    Ugh. I hate driving.

  3. I hate threads like this but can't resist..


    1. Florida

    2. Georgia

    3. South Carolina

    4. North Carolina (live here)

    5. Virginia

    6. West Virginia

    7. Maryland

    # Washington DC

    8. Pennsylvania

    9. Kentucky

    10. Ohio

    11. Missouri

    12. Texas

    13. Delaware

    14. New Jersey

    15. New York

    16. Connecticut

    17. Massachusetts

    18. Tennessee

    19. Indiana

    20. Michigan

    21. Illinois

    22. Wisconsin

    23. Arkansas


    Dumb/Interesting fact: I've ridden a coaster in 20 of the 23 states (Texas, Delaware, Arkansas are missing)


    Be getting Alabama in a few weeks.. how exciting..


  4. Time for me to nerd out.



    Flying Unicorn at IoA

    Superman at SFA



    Hypersonic XLC at PKD



    Ricochet at PKD

    SUF at SFoG



    Cheetah Chase at BG'A'

    Storm Runner at Hershey

    Thunderhead at Dollywood

    Speedway Draft at Nascar Speedpark



    Italian Job at PKI

    Hades at Mt. Olympus

    Orient Express at Riverview

    Powderkeg at Silver Dollar City

    Hydra at Dorney

    VeggieTales at Dollywood



    Italian Job at PKD

    Speed at Oakwood

    Kumali at Flamingoland

    Stealth at Thorpe Park

    Speed Monster at TusenFryd

    Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend

    Voyage at Holiday World

    Goliath at SFoG



    Mystery Mine at Dollywood

    Griffon at BG'E'

    Python Pit at Go-Karts Plus


    As for my Home Park (Carowinds)

    1999 - Top Gun

    2002 - Ricochet

    2003 - Runaway Reptar

    2004 - BorgAss

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