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  1. ^^Wow I came here to do just that.. Track. Platforms and such. The all important Label. Unpainted supports. To see a lot more go to my post at Carowinds Connection here.
  2. Thank you for once again stealing content from Carowinds Connection. You may view the exact same post as above at www.carowindsconnection.com/viewtopic.php?p=28695#p28695.
  3. Afterburn is also my favorite coaster at my home park as well. And I am saying there is no possible way it is 144 feet tall. The last thing I would trust in facts and figures are stats from a parks official website. They are FAMOUS for being wrong.
  4. In the past I would have said right on, but this year it is being speculated because the construction area thus far resembles the layout for a very large coaster. As posted on www.carowindsconnection.com
  5. Afterburn is 113 feet tall, not 144. As far as info on the park, it usually isn't that bad except on weekends, and even then its fairly light compared to most parks weekends. The only advice is do Nighthawk first thing in the day. It WILL get a long line and it WILL move very slowly.
  6. This is perhaps a silly question, but over at Carowinds our Ham On Rye "Cyber Says" thing was removed for a shop. Did this also happen at KD? April 2002: May 2006: Yesterday:
  7. I think you are missing one thing. There is ONE GCI in the top ten. There are SIX in the top twenty. No notches need to be stepped up. PS-If you look at the head to head numbers Thunderhead BEAT Troy, giving Thunderhead its rightful crown of best GCI. (should point out that Thunderbird beat Thunderhead.. but lost to Ozcat, Troy, Rumbler, Renegade, and both Lightning Racers...)
  8. Looks like you missed the "hidden treasure" of the "hidden treasure" of Iowa! Imagine Vekoma Haunted Swing.. for 5 people instead of 50...
  9. Step 1 Add some coasters. Step 2 Step 3 Profit.
  10. Smell Yo Dick is ok but when I'm off riding coasters I much prefer .
  11. I take it you did not ride the Flyers then? As for Thunder Road, the backwards (or ex backwards side.. whatever) is getting completely rebuilt and won't be open for a few weeks. And Hurler! Thank goodness someone agrees with me. Its awesome and easily the second best coaster at the park any day of the week. Anyway glad you enjoyed the park, everyone always seems pretty down on it these days. -J (Loyal Carowinds Anti-Fanboy) P.S. ^Holy Balls. Just read your last post. Prepare to be astounded and amazed by Dollywood. SFoG has a few nice coasters but Dollywood owns the park as a whole in so many ways.
  12. There is a difference between being 'mean' and being unrealistic. You're just unrealistic. Also.
  13. I usually try for 2nd row as it is more ejector. The back has awesome floater though. Today I lined up for the 2nd row but some hos in the 3rd row wanted me to cut them so they could line up with their buddies. The roughness everyone is talking about is completely non existent. -J (Who says NOT EVERY WOODIE IS SUPPOSED TO BE GCI SMOOTH!)
  14. Larry with sleeves? Get the hell out of here! Great TR Big Mike.. I know a certain 'emoboy' who will be very jealous.
  15. You should ask "What do you mean you're kicking me out of the park?" www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17014
  16. Did you miss the part where its JUST the parks he visited in 2007? FYI he went to Sylvan in 2005 and LOVED it.
  17. Why don't you just contribute to an already established website (ala TPR) instead of wasting your time with some rinky dink website no one will ever visit.
  18. The Alex Smith Experience, where riders are attacked by five, 300 pound linemen, you narrowly avoid the sack and make a pass, but the ball goes through the hands of one of your terrible receivers. The ride ends when you are put on the IR and are out 4-6 weeks.. the ride is temporarily closed for a re-theme to The Trent Dilfer Experience.
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