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  1. My nano (4GB black) arrived yesterday and I love it! Though there are a few cosmetic issues... so far it's only been in my pocket and on a table (resting on the nano manual) and the back of it is full of little scratches.


  2. I agree - I was very lucky to get on it since they advertised that the ride would not open that day, but sure enough it did and it was GREAT!


    Just would like to add that operations at Thorpe Park were fantastic. I was amazed at the rate of people the crew managed to pump through, particularly the Nemesis: Inferno & Colossus crew and their absolute zero tolerance for queue jumping. Love it!

  3. Hi guys,


    My parents just surprised me with the announcement of a week long trip to London for their 25th anniversary. I'm thinking of visiting Thore Park, as I've heard it's "near" London but I don't exactly know how accessible it is from London. Could anyone help me with this?


    Also would like to know if there are any other parks/rides around London that I'm not yet aware of



    Liam S

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