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  1. Don't know if it's just me but I really don't like when girls wear sneakers with skirts! It annoys me when I see it. (sorry if anyone reading does this)
  2. I got a bowl of dry noodles for lunch and on the package it says "failure to add water to the fill line may cause product to ignite and burn". Then there was another reminder at the bottom! That's a little scarey... But it makes me want to try to see if it really does burn
  3. my newest cat, already a year and a half.. one of his many pictures in a box, he always has to try and fit
  4. I've watched Flash Forward from the beginning, I like it and think it's getting better, hope they don't cancel it. I also watch Fringe, Lost, V... all those types of shows, my DVR gets full so fast
  5. Mine is riding the mouse ride in Tokyo at LaQua
  6. I think it's funny when people use umbrellas for the sun. Today I saw a lady using an umbrella to walk into Target...really... just a minute of sun is going to hurt?
  7. Just saw Kick A$$, I thought it was really good. Most people say it's good, but it was better than I was expecting it to be. Had funny parts and lots of good action
  8. it was fun watching the movie and reading all the comments at the same time. the movie was better with added chatting!
  9. I'll sit out with Dan for the water rides. I don't like to get wet and be walking around soggy all day. (unless it's super hot outside)
  10. Having a nice Easter. Hanging out with family and eating a lot. I'm so stuffed
  11. The last movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland. I saw it in 3d, and liked it so much so I saw it in IMAX 3d. But I really like everything by Tim Burton. Next thing I'll probably go see is How To Train Your Dragon or Clash Of The Titans, in 3d. I like to keep up with movies but I'm behind right now...
  12. I'm a proud member of club TPR, my husband signed us up the first day, and picked up my card last week at WCB. I can't wait to try out all the discounts that are available...
  13. I'll be going, it was fun last year. Kinda be nice if we lived in LA area just to ride the party bus, sounds like lots of fun...see everyone there!
  14. The last thing I was listening to on my iPod was Muse, the Resistance
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