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  1. How can a vending machine have NO Dt Coke or Coke Zero. Other than that there was nothing in there with no calories!
  2. So many things I kinda forgot about till I see the pictures again. This day was so fun even though leaving Europa Park was sad but there was more good things to come. The German fair was great with Olympia Looping, I don't know how they can take it apart and put together, pretty amazing. And the non-alcoholic beer was pretty good, had to try it since we were in Germany at a beer festival. The sausages were a little scary, I couldn't eat more than a bite of each. The crazy spinning ride before we left was my first time riding something like that, and it was great. And of course watching Piers win prizes was great.
  3. ^ I saw that movie on tv recently, it was pretty cheesy but that's how those types of movies were then. But I kinda liked it. The parks have changed so much in 30 years- I barely recognized Magic Moutain. I like the ending how he tries to cross the tracks...
  4. I burned my tongue on my cup-o-noodles today, now my taste buds are bumpy
  5. I loved all the haunted houses/dark rides, so twisted and scarier than what we're used to... wish they could be like that in America.
  6. I want/need to, I've been eating alot this summer and being lazy
  7. We had a small Thanksgiving dinner with six people. And hopefully get some snowboarding in this winter for some excitement! Other than that, just going to work and save money till the next TPR trip
  8. I work at Target so I always get stuck waking up to work around 3AM, I hate it...But if I didn't work I'd never wake up that early or camp out all night, I'd rather pay a little more!
  9. I ate so much today, I probably won't be hungry for a few days!
  10. I saw a commercial for the Yogi Bear movie and he said Razzle Dazzle in a sentence, then I started laughing cause I thought of Leslie Hall... Yay for Mid-America trip, fun times!
  11. This park was my favorite park of the trip...and I would want to go on a Europe trip again just for this park. And they had Mezzo Mix, the best drink, I got it any time it was available...And how can anyone resist dancing going up the rave party lift hill on Euromir, it's great!
  12. It was a great update... Wisconsin has never looked so fun Can't wait till I go back there
  13. I just have to finish work today then I get to be off for two days
  14. ^ I just saw a preview for that, I'll probably go see it, it looks pretty good
  15. ^ I'm happy for the extra hour of sleep, especially because I work early tomorrow
  16. The trip looked like so much fun, can't wait till I can go visit Wisconsin again
  17. At work today I saw a lady in full camo clothes...hat, shirt, pants, and even socks...the funny thing was it was all mismatching camo
  18. I miss everyone, can't wait for the next trip so we can all get together again
  19. Wisconsin looks like lots of fun so far...
  20. It's great to see all these pictures, sometimes I can't remember all the little things happen once the trip is over...helps to refresh my memory!
  21. And for most people, that was only the beginning of the drinks for the Europe trip!
  22. ^Her feet touching me was so gross, then she'd wiggle her toes. But then I didn't want to bang her with my elbow because that would mean me having to touch her toes again... Ahhg, gives me the chills
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