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  1. I've never had any experience with pet check. I would probably just call the park directly if I was in your situation. In other news, a ride on the train the other day also brought to my attention to some new theming in Boneville. I'm not sure when it was added, but I noticed something new this time. In other other news, another question mark for the park is what they will do with Challenge Golf. One course on it has been closed down for years now, and the other course got a little bit of attention a few years ago. However, even that side is starting to fall apart a bit. Recently, the water feature has been turned down to a minimum. No longer are there roaring waterfalls next to the greens. Challenge Golf is certainly something I will be keeping an eye on year after year. Same with the arcade. A lot of the old arcade games are no longer operational. I went in there a days ago with my friends and half of the machines weren't working. Challenge Golf and the Arcade are two areas that I think the park should make a decision with. It seems like they are kind of in limbo right now.
  2. A couple of buddies of mine took a trip to the park yesterday. Is it just me or is the park getting more affordable? The after 4PM ticket for $39.99? Park open until 11? Sounds like a deal to me. The starlight pass was only for after 5 when the park was open until 10. Some other obeservations when going to the park: Water tower is looking a little better. The Valravn wall got trimmed up a bit. The CP app changed up and now funpix has the watermark all over the digital photos. To me that is a huge disappointment. I've never noticed the new starlight lighting until a few visits ago, and the new lighting looks really nice. Halloweekends facades are going up.
  3. How big of a hit would the park take if it were to remove the ride? Was it a popular ride anyways? I'm sure it attracted thrill seekers but it doesn't look too enticing to the standard waterpark goer.
  4. ^Kanye is the GOAT and should always be brought up in discussion if the opportunity presents itself. Speaking of GOATs, I had a recent discussion with some of the goats taking residence next to MF at CP, they said they love the hospitality.
  5. This is great news. I've never been more hyped for a ride to come out in my life. I certainly need to make my way down to Dollywood. I'm just hoping that if I do go, the ride is reliable enough to the point that I am 90% sure I can ride it. Also, RMC is up to something special. They are a blessing.
  6. I miss the "from only 10.95" as opposed to 7 of those "easy payments". It's always so cool to look at how things change. Thanks putting that post together.
  7. I never understood how people could decide what is good and bad for the animals on an ethical level. How do people know what the snakes like and don't like? Conditions don't even correlate with happiness all of the time, even for humans, the most advanced species of animals that we can understand the most about. Look at Kanye West. Dude has everything and is still mad all of the time. I know kids who grew up with nothing and are way happier. Maybe the little snake is grateful that he/she doesn't have to search for food all of the time now. Maybe he/she is grateful that the world isn't such a big place anymore. How people could understand what is good and bad for the animals is beyond me.
  8. ^Straight up. I think he had such a good time on it because we were all laughing the whole time. It was super rough and my friends and I were screaming in pain. After that first drop we all couldn't contain ourselves. I think that made him relax, and as a result, he was able to enjoy the experience rather than brace himself for death like on all of the other ones. ^^Another good possible explanation.
  9. ^Yeah. It's a pretty basic course and not well maintained. A few years back the front nine got some new turf but all of holes became extremely boring. They took out the hole that jumps over the river and the hole that goes up a huge banking. It's a bummer, especially when 18 holes is your only option given that the entire red side is not going to open any time soon, if ever. On the bright side, Challenge golf has some fancy new scorecards AND with a Platinum Pass, it's BOGO, so only three bucks a person. I like to golf when I visit and the crowds pick up mid afternoon.
  10. The park was packed on Friday with schools and people getting a head start on their weekend. That being said, the morning was pretty dull. I got there at 9:30->Valravn (25 min)->Millennium (5 min)->Maverick (10 min)->Pipe Scream (0 Min)->Magnum (5 min)->3pt Challenge (10 min)->Rougarou(15 min)->Panda Express (10 min)->Chillin for a few hours while the lines picked up to about 45 minutes or more for every major coaster->Mini golf->Magnum (15 min)->Train I left at around 5:30. It was my longest stay at the park in some time. Thanks to the people on here who told me to get funpix. Great investment.
  11. I asked my girlfriend to my HS prom last year via Diamondback on-ride photo. It was a terrible day weather wise and rained all day but we had to go. The first time we rode, I executed the ask properly, but the cameras didn't work. It sucked. So we went on again, but in the front this time. So brutal. But at least the photos worked this time. It ended up raining all day. My GF and my buddy rode front on the The Beast in the rain. That wasn't a good time for them up front.
  12. Great read right there fam. Thanks for sharing. I didn't even know that a Mack Hyper was a thing that existed.
  13. I never question a park's ability to find room...or make room, for that matter. It will be interesting to see how they might fit another coaster on top of everything.
  14. My friend tagged along with me and a few others to Cedar Point last year so he could experience it for the first time. He's never been on a roller coaster before so we worked him up from the bottom. I can't remember exactly all that we rode, but for sure we went on Blue Streak, Magnum, Gemini, Mine Ride, Wicked Twister, Mean Streak, and Maverick. He was terrified on every ride. He said that he didn't like the roller coasters because he felt his body was not supposed to move 'that way' and that he didn't feel safe. I asked him, out of all of the rides we went on, which one he enjoyed the most, if even a little. He said his favorite was Mean Streak. No, he didn't mistake Mean Streak for another ride. He knew which ride was which. And his favorite was Mean Streak. I would have never guessed.
  15. I hit the park yesterday from 9:15-1:30. Crowds were not bad at all during the day. The physics week crowd picked up just a little bit before we left (Noon). Valravn (25 min), Millennium x2 (5 min), Pipe Scream (0 min), Lake Erie Eagles (0 min), Monster (0 min), Magnum (0 min), Wicked Twister (0 min), Gatekeeper (15 min). I also hit up Sweet Spot for some fudge and a caramel apple. You can get a discount at a lot of places with a Platinum Pass, so always be sure to check. We played mini-golf at noon as well. Only course is open...still. However, 5 bucks using the BOGO for mini golf is almost always a must on the crowded day at CP. I'll be bummed if that gets removed...and I don't think the future is looking too bright. Right before we left I bought some merchandise at the main store. They have a full wall of new merchandise that is really nice. I ended up buying two awesome shirts. Simple, retro style with "Cedar Point" across the chest. The short sleeve I bought also has Ohio on it. Very nice looking shirts. I'm still up in the air if I want to get Funpix. I love photos so I think I will do it. The On-ride photo TVs now are pretty brutal given that not all the photos show up and the Funpix watermark covers everybody's face. If anybody has Funpix, I'd like to know what you think of it. Finally, this thing.
  16. Great TR man. That new section looks really nice. Every time I see parks themed like this I can't help but think, "what if..." for concepts like Dinosaurs Alive and other attractions that COULD HAVE had awesome theming.
  17. I went early to the park again yesterday and had a great visit. I arrived around 9:15, got a front row parking spot, and left around 3:15. First we hit Valravn (25 minutes) for early entry. Then, even after the park opened, hit up Millennium Twice (5 Minutes). We walked over to Frontier Town and went on Antique Cars (0 Minutes), Mine Ride (10 Minutes--wasn't running at full capacity), Maverick (60 minutes--broke down for a lil bit). We took the train back to the Wildcat Midway and had our lunch at Famous Dave's. Finally we waited 1 cycle for Cedar Downs and about 10 minutes for Blue Streak. A few takeaways: -All of the employees were very friendly and talkative. Maybe because it's just day 1 but I was really impressed and they definitely added more fun to our day. -Cedar Downs replaced its old audio with a new sound clip from an announcer of the Belmont Stakes. -That big wall in front of Valravn with the 2 windows has a bunch of flowers in it now. Looks like that if the flowers grow out it may look really nice. -Overall, a beautiful day with decent crowds. It's a little hard to see. But there are flowers in those pots.
  18. Go Buckeyes. The Buckeyes weren't too happy either. I lot of my friends who went from OSU, who usually only go to CP once or twice a year, were bummed by the mass amounts of people. In years passed, if I recall from stories, OSU used to have fairly light crowds.
  19. Valleyfair is looking nice! I have never been, but it looks like this park and CF parks across the board are getting some really nice improvements. One question. Is the amphitheater completed? It sort of looks like a skeleton.
  20. But they scan passes for parking... Every CF park I've gone to does this. Except for that they don't always scan passes for parking. I'd say that, this is a rough estimate of course, about half of the time I have my platinum pass for parking, I either have to flash it up or give it to them to merely look at.
  21. ^I didn't pay attention to the prices but I did notice that depending on the worker, you could just come through with something that mildly resembles a pass and get by for free. I swear I flashed the back of my prehistoric platinum pass up for about 2 milliseconds and the dude at the booth waved me in with such confidence. You pretty easily get the benefits of a Platinum Pass by flashing up an old pass or something that resembles one. Of course, that is as long as the action doesn't warrant scanning.
  22. I went out to the park on Friday from 1-4 and Saturday from 9:30-2. On Friday I went up with a few friends using the OSU tickets. Valravn had a pretty long line so we skipped out and went on Gatekeeper (line up to the steps), Windseeker (1 cycle wait), Magnum (1 cycle wait), Skyhawk (1 cycle wait), and Rougarou (30 minute wait). Most of the rides were up and running while we were there. I'll mirror the other people on here in saying that traffic was mad backed up getting into the park. The main causeway didn't look bad at all around noon, but that "back entrance" was backed up 2 miles and we ended up sitting on there for an hour. People were straight up getting out of their cars and walking 2 miles to the entrance. That back entrance isn't bad to get stuck an though. Some highlights of chillin there for an hour were the manatee mailbox, the front lawn putting green, and the curvy pillar. Highly recommend getting stuck in that location next time you get into a traffic jam. We also tried out that new fries stand near where Attitudes used to be. It has that nice new RCT fa├žade and (I think) some new fries options. The Garlic parmesan fries are choice. On Saturday I came through early to get my Platinum Pass processed. I haven't gotten a pass since I was in 6th grade, so I was still strapped up with the classic skyline art and a young me in the system. The new passes look clean. They have that nice new CF logo on there and one of those cool little square code things on the back. The line for getting passes processed was pretty long, but we only waited like 10 minutes; about one of those minutes was the dude laughing at my picture. Waited in line for Valravn for about 3.5 hours (9:40-1:15) and got put in the back row. The ride was great. You already know the story. However, that wait... In line I checked out the new CP app. So cool. You can upload your pass on there, check wait times (which Tony still says is a WIP per twitter), set waypoints rides and facilities, check showtimes, get notifications on offers, check out the FunPix, and most importantly, set a marker where you parked. Great app. The WiFi there was pretty good, but sometimes throughout the day my buddy and I had touble connecting. After Valravn I ate some of that New Valravn dippin dot ice cream. 10/10 must eat. Great blend of flavors. After that we decided to bounce. CP is looking really nice (except for that nasty concrete cylinder in the middle of everything).
  23. The whole STR story seems a little shady to me. I must admit I'm a little skeptical. Tony Clark always likes to stir the pot so I'm not taking that for anything yet. Challenge park certainly is outdated. One half of the Challenge Golf isn't open. The other course had half of greens "recarpeted" (hopefully you get the message). Personally I don't think the refurbished greens and holes are nearly as fun. Usually Challenge gold has a decent crowd. I make it a point to play it every time given the great deals for platinum pass holders. Challenge park also is open after the park closes, which is nice for guests who want to make the most out of the stay. I'm not sure how that looks in the park's perspective though.
  24. Definitely in favor over here for the names Centurion and White Lightning over Valravn. Not a chance I pronounce that correctly. I'm not going to look too far into the fonts and everything. I'll never forget the Whyte Lightning tease in 2010...bogus.
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