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  1. Came to the park today (Sunday MDW) with my friend who is headed to Army training this week. He's from NYC so this was his first time--he loved it, and it helped that he got in free today with his military ID.


    Super light crowds with the rain, but many of the coasters were still running! We had such a fun ride on Magnum in the rain, and the tunnel effects were great to see working.


    I really feel like the park is cleaned up a ton this year. They really seem to be catering to EVERYBODY and wanting to provide the best day experience no matter what. Thunder Alley was cool. Frontier Town has been revived. The employees were all super lively and friendly.


    Oh, and for the record, after riding all the coasters except dragster (which is weird because he was afraid to ride it even though his first coaster ever was Kingda Ka), his top three were 1)SV 2)Gatekeeper 3)Magnum

  2. Having worked MF, I must admit that the operator controls around FL are pretty weak. Additionally, all of us had different methods with fast lane and how to dump that group into the real line. My strategy was to "zipper" people in and stay as close to a zero discrepancy as possible so that the Fast Lane line was almost close to empty--the strategy was pretty much the same as getting on to a busy highway.


    I also noticed that, surprisingly and more often than not, MF had a short line. Only during a "sweet spot" did Fast Lane make a real difference. Otherwise, people were mad they spent their money if the park was empty OR they would be mad they would have to wait in Fast Lane for 30 minutes.

  3. Looks pretty nutty. Crazy to think that a park like Cedar Point can continue to introduce coasters that people can go and ride and come off saying "this one is my favorite." When people ask me what the best ride at Cedar Point is, I already have a hard enough time figuring out what to tell them.


    As far as a name goes, I see this as a candidate to be named "Renegade". Fits in to the teasers. Although I'm not sure how the corporation would feel doubling down on that name.

  4. Ya hate to see it. I can't wait to get out of the US someday to see with my own eyes just how different other parks are in regards to "guest safety".


    I get it though...you really got to cover your tracks if you don't want to lose a lot of money. Take any measures necessary just to keep people happy and coming back. Us on here, we know it all to well...roller coasters aren't dangerous but everybody thinks that they are and it hurts to hear others say it.

  5. Also, I was a Midway Market fanboy for a while. But about 5 seasons ago the quality started to tank reaching an all time low last season(2015) to the point I didn't even bother this season(2016).


    Sounds about right.


    The buffet was always too expensive too, IMO.


    Another wildcard that I frequent and is in convenient access to the park is TGI Fridays in the Hotel Breakers. While it is a little expensive, it too is in a nice location and is a nice break from all the action in the park.

  6. My friends and I went in August 2015. I love the place. It feels like a time machine almost.


    Did they still have that whole kiddie section up and running? That thing is frozen in time. When I was there the horse riding had the longest line in the whole park.


    A few other questions:


    Did you check out mini-golf?


    Was the tunnel on Blue Streak fully enclosed? When I was there last year they were filling in new wood framing.

  7. Great improvement! As a few others have been saying, I think that Rougarou is a much better ride than Mantis. Whereas before my friends and I would always stay silent when walking by Mantis, now on our way to Millennium Force somebody always speaks up: "Rougarou?"


    Something about this makes me feel wrong inside all of a sudden though. I really need to get this off my chest. I wish my parents didn't name me Will because it is already a commonly used helping verb and so many other people on this planet are named Will. It really affects me as a person and I just wanted to tell you all because you might be the only people who would show me some support.


    Of course I'm kidding. And yeah, I think Patriot is a dope name for anything.

  8. Has phase two of Sports Force Parks been announced prior to today? That looks interesting. A nice new metroparks area with bike trails. Better yet, I can still play mini-golf at Sports Force Park!


    I think all of these decisions are great. CP is focusing more on becoming a resort destination.


    Honestly I wouldn't even be mad if CP just did a complete overhaul to park experience and make everything that already exists grander. Whether it be from fixing the arcade to cleaning up the bathrooms to enhancing work experience for employees. I love CP and it is an amazing place, but I don't feel that everything has come together. Sometimes were are so hungry for a big new attraction that we forget about the things that we complain about when we are at the park.


    Question: How much land does CP own outside of the peninsula?

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