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  1. It has been my understanding that the trains were left out in the elements to rot. Not sure how true this is.


    This is true, The trains are still on the property but they are in pretty rough shape, They were stored uncovered for several years but they are at least tarped now. If you look at Bing maps they are sitting behind the south admin buildings between the employee entrance and a maintenance shop. On google earth they're on top of the adjacent hill south west of the admin building where the old green houses are.

  2. The water park has been the source of much debate in the past couple years. The cliffs notes are that it is in very bad shape and hasn't operated since at least 2006. There was much vandalism in the years the park didn't open and it has been estimated that rebuilding the whole water area from the ground up would be almost the same as getting the existing one operable. It is unlikely it will ever reopen.


    The toboggan I don't know much about except that it was supposed to be removed last season but that obviously never happened. All of the parts for the Round Up are in storage with the exception of the hydraulic clutch system which was lost in the ballroom fire. Replacements are available but are very expensive. Its on the list as money becomes available.


    The missing car of the blue streak is currently being rebuilt from the ground up and will eventually be added back on.

  3. The park is doing well, Opening weekend had a decent turnout. This weekend wasn't that great but there was a LOT of graduation parties to contend with so it was expected to be slow. That and the weather was total crap sunday forcing a early closure. Next weekend is also community weekend with $5 wristbands which will really pack in the crowds like it always does.


    The train and tilt n hurl should be up and running by next weekend. A new engine and transmission has been installed in the train at considerable cost of both $$$ and man hours.


    The bug had a minor problem saturday that was being worked on tirelessly and to my knowledge is back in action. The music express is waiting on hydraulic parts which are very expensive but it is expected to run this season.


    In short, the park is open and surviving. As of now there is no impending closure and Adams Amusements has no intention of leaving the park anytime soon. Improvements are being made as much as possible, though they may not always be visible to guests. Keep the faith, CLP is here to stay like it always has been.


    If anyone is at the park next saturday say hi to the goofball wearing the security hat. I don't bite too hard.

  4. I just think its going to put a bit of a damper on the event for those of us that try to get in the maximum number of cycles.


    While it's fun to marathon the rides, the real reason for the event is to raise money for this great charity. You're still going to get a ton of rides in, regardless of their re-ride policy.

    THIS! If you're doing the event just to click the lap counter button, you're doing it for the wrong reason. And I will echo what Thad said, you will STILL GET TONS OF RIDES IN!!!!


    If you really think it's going to put a damper on things, I would rather have you not participate than to have someone participate and complain about it all day. Just drop out of the event and the rest of us will pick up your slack as far as donations go.


    --Robb "Just being honest..." Alvey


    Now I apologize if I came off as a whiner or that I care more about the riding than raising money for the kids. I can assure everyone that is NOT the case. And there has never nor will there ever be a complaint out of me about a park policy during a event, doubly so while I am representing this board or any club. I make a serious effort to raise as much as possible for the kids every year and I look at the event as a challenge to do as much as possible for the charity. Matter of fact, Robb I was wondering if you needed more Geauga Crap to help boost donations again?


    I've told many people that I try to stay on the ride as long as possible for the sake of showing commitment to the charity. My opinion of the matter is that the kids we are fundraising for live with daily discomfort more often than not and I want to show that I can put up with some discomfort if only for a few hours while I help raise awareness. Often, I get more donations by promising people I'll torture myself by staying on the ride the whole day. To be quite honest even with the dramamine I get a tad queasy after 50-60 cycles.


    Instead of saying the new policy will detract from the event it seems I should have said it will be a unneeded minor inconvenience. As always I look forward to the event and all the good it does.

  5. I'm looking forward to my 5th year and 6th event very much but I can't help but find the new 2 cycles and take a break policy a tad silly. I understand its Cedar Fair's house and they make the rules but I have yet to see or hear of anyone getting the slightest bit sick at any of the events. I know KI has had this arrangement for the past events but I personally fail to see the need.


    Cedar Point as everyone knows rarely allows rerides for the gp but this seems like they're really doubling down on this policy. I just think its going to put a bit of a damper on the event for those of us that try to get in the maximum number of cycles. Maybe this year I'll make a point of getting a ride in every seat.

  6. Penn makes some good points about greg, I personally do not care for the guy and feel he is very prone to making poor decisions regarding the park. I would be very pleased to see him take his ball and go home. In my opinion the only things his enterprises have really brought to the table were a Brett Micheals concert which was a damn good time and brought in a lot of people, and the ballroom weddings that are taking place every weekend in the hotel and no doubt are sustaining the hotel quite nicely. Thankfully he is not involved in the operations or management of the amusement park in any way to my knowledge.


    Adams on the other hand has done much good in the park, working tirelessly to improve the place while trying to make it sustainable. Rides are getting rehabbed and properly maintained, cosmetic improvements abound, security is keeping a eye on the place and the coaster is better than ever. They are here for the long run and I have no doubt they will not let the park go without a fight. I am proud to call Mr. Adams a friend.


    I had been of the understanding some taxes had been paid almost up to date on the amusement area parcels. I guess I will have to check my sources in that regard. I really have no opinion about the board either way, the few I've met seem to care about the park and are always around making improvements were they can. They made some good points in their press releases, We'll just have to wait and see what the state says about their books this summer.


    AJ is right about Mid America getting the lions share of gate admission for ghost lake. I take no issue with that as they put on a outstanding event and deserve a well earned profit, The huge crowds still provide a tidy income for the park not only through the park's cut of the gate but all food, games and merchandise profits go directly to the park. They also remind a lot of people that the park is open for business.


    The $5 community days were a huge success, people came in droves and the park did very well. I'm no economist but the $5 days are a great thing that will continue on, $5 wristbands will get people in the door who will then spend even more on concessions, games and merchandise. I spoke with many people those days who said that they could not otherwise afford to come to the park, to me that makes it worth it also. Regular summer days had some slow moments but the park had a very good year with a lot more good days than bad.


    It was also a very positive thing to see the donations being made by park attendees. The 5 gallon donation jugs at the parking lot and ticket booth were getting stuffed with bills most days especially on ones with large turnouts. All of this money went directly to the tax bill and while it isn't much in the grand scheme of things every little bit helps and it shows that people want the park to live on.


    The debt is staggering but that $600,000 insurance payout is still up in the air, Its going to be a interesting summer but its going to be one filled with the sounds of the carousel organ, kids laughing and the blue streak hauling ass through the woods.

  7. Firstly the park WILL be open for the 2014 Season.


    The recent news really doesn't mean a whole lot, A law firm was hired to organize the sale, standard practice I imagine for any complicated legal matter such as this. Don't forget that the majority of parcels that are delinquent and subject to this sale are not part of the amusement park or hotel land. I imagine the park lessees and many other interested parties will more than likely seek injuctions to protect their investments and keep the park operating long past 2014.


    While I really have no ear for instruments being out of tune, The nice old couple who maintain the carousel organ are there almost every day and keep it in tip top shape, I can't imagine they'd allow it to ever be out of tune. The Blue Streak was kicking serious ass and taking names this year, Anyone who rode after June will agree.


    As far as attendance it depended on the day, Pumpkinfest was wall to wall people for the whole weekend with traffic backed up almost to Rt 6. Every night during Ghost Lake was packed, Lines for the haunted houses stretched all over especially on friday and saturdays. The park had a really good year and the various events and community days had huge turn outs. Things are slowly getting better and last season saw many cosmetic improvements. As I sit here and type this there is security on site ensuring no vandalism takes place and several maintenance staff working away rehabbing rides.


    Keep the faith, there are good people making things happen at the park.

  8. Since this topic is on the front page, Its high time I brought some attention to the idora museum that is opening in April 2014. This is the real deal and the gentleman running the show has an impressive collection! I was so moved by his collection that I sold him my Idora Wildcat car so that it could be enjoyed by many instead of gathering dust in my garage and I will be loaning the rest of my idora collection for display as well . https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Idora-Park-Experience/444280122354734

  9. It would be a complete waste of money in both infrastructure and manpower, If someone wanted to get weaponry into the park it would be as easy as passing a bag containing same through any section of the publicly accessible part of the perimeter fence. The park has the benefit of having on site police which act as a major deterrent to any appreciable violent crime up to a active shooter situation.

  10. I remember holiday sands! Only got to go there once but I still remember that even as a pre teen I knew the attractions had major potential to maim. I remember hitting ludicrous speed off the slide into the lake and hitting the water so hard I didn't want to ride it again, I swear that thing was a easy 70ft tall and resembled a mutated old school playground slide. I remember my cousin nicknaming the basket swing "the g machine" after winding it all the way up and then holding on at all costs. I distinctly remember thinking that if I stuck any part of my body near it as it was unwinding and going mindnumbingly fast that I would draw back a bloody broken stump.


    Not to mention the fact that all this was in murky lake water not clear pool water and I think one lifeguard in a rowboat for the whole place.

  11. Am I the only one that thought the family in the commercial was cheesy as all hell? I found that almost painful to watch and I found their last name to be quite telling. Breakers? meh especially for $174.99 a night without park tickets, If I stay at a hotel in sandusky its the Maples. Call me cheap but $200 to just sleep is insane, I'll sleep in my car and take a shower at soak city for that kind of cash. I'm happy to see some much needed new flats going in especially the flying skooters!


    I will go so far as to say moving and retheming the frog hopper is all well and good as is the removal of the pretty sub par arcade but the renaming of Jr Gemini is tantamount to blasphemy. Also I saw no mention of the kiddie bumper boats, are they being relocated or just removed as well?

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