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  1. I'm pretty excited about the park selling pins. It's about time more Cedar Fair parks jumped on the pin trading bandwagon. - Holding out for new flats and Christmas event next year in the coming announcement.
  2. "X"mas actually does mean Christmas. "X" is (I believe) the Roman symbol for Christ. That's why you see that PX symbol on a lot of religious imagery. Something that really bugs me is people starting Christmas celebration before Thanksgiving. I hate seeing Christmas decorations before it's Halloween and I actually went out of my way to avoid Christmas music until Black Friday this year.
  3. El Toro was only $12M while the Texas Giant conversion cost $10M. The price isn't really THAT much higher compared to... say a B&M coaster.
  4. Something I've been wondering lately. Where is the park's PR firm in all this? Normally most companies will pull out some press release putting the company in a positive light. So far, I've only seen one press release that was put out to SWO employees shortly after the movie was announced. Even Six Flags went out of their way to post a few press statements after the Texas Giant incident. Is Sea World waiting for the documentary hype to blow over before releasing anything or is there something going on behind the scenes that we're not aware of?
  5. Fiesta Texas planned to build a Giovanola drve machine over the cliff face in the early 2000s. The plan actually went far enough that they began construction by blasting off small segments of the cliff face. The plans fell through and the coaster moved to Dallas where it became Titan. - Fiesta Texas would be a great candidate for a dive machine/eurofighter off the side of the cliff.
  6. This seems like a perfect opportunity to expand on the Bud & BBQ concept to a full on Food & Wine festival-type event with the live music as a side offering. The park could hire local BBQ joints to serve up samplings of their popular dishes and local breweries can serve up the drinks. There will be less emphasis on live music - any bands that choose to stay can do so. Not only would this be a good way to bring people to the parks despite the controversy, it would also be great advertising for local restaurants and breweries. Food and Wine was a big hit in Williamsburg. Might as well expand it to other parks.
  7. Until POVs can make you feel the forces of a ride, they'll never be able to fully indicate how a ride will be. POVs are essentially like the movie trailer or book cover to a ride. You can get an estimate of how the ride will be, but never the full experience.
  8. The pirate stuff was there for Howl O Scream. Since pirates was the new thing this year, the park decided to place emphasis on that. Glad you liked Busch. The coasters here are pretty amazing. Eurpoe in the Air on the other hand... I'm glad that's gone.
  9. Yes, the factory was in the process of demolition when I went up to the park over the summer. The new mixed use area will go on the factory's old site.
  10. In case you didn't know - Six Flags Great Adventure is the largest regional theme park in the world in terms of amount of land owned. If you look at the original plans, the park was supposed to be a full-on destination resort with multiple parks and shopping areas. The plans were downsized to the current park we see now. - The park was originally planned to receive a Tatsu-style flyer, but the water table underneath the proposed site wouldn't allow for deep supports. - One of the main reasons the park builds on the parking lot/site of former rides is because the township doesn't like the park removing trees. The park had to fight to make exceptions to the rule (Nitro). This actually may be one of the reasons Rolling Thunder and GASM were removed. - Both Great American Scream Machines were built as the tallest fastest roller coaster in the world.
  11. We got freezing rain all last weekend. No snow I'm supposed to be getting a birthday Bag O Crap IAAPA gift bag tomorrow. I can't wait
  12. Cedar Fair should reconsider bringing Winterfest back. Not just at CGA, but the other parks. Christmas events are pretty big now. No point in losing potential guests and money to rival parks during November-December.
  13. New video for my birthday yesterday? I'll take it. The coaster looks fantastic, but I've heard the park isn't the best with capacity. I was told the ops would clean the seats before loading the station/train every time. Can anyone actually confirm this? - Spanish themed park in Japan sounds awesome nevertheless.
  14. I've noticed a lot more places are building mixed residential/comercial areas to draw more residents. They seem to be very successful too. Hopefully Hershey can pull this off well. - I was still hoping Hershey Resorts would buy this and expand Hersheypark back there. Then again, they bought part of the golf course so I guess they have more than enough room to expand.
  15. I say whatever I want on a ride. Depends on the ride really. It usually ranges from woos, screams, laughter, expletives, and random funny words for good/scary stuff. Expletives, screams of pain, and the occasional ow for painful or particularly bad coasters.
  16. If the park really does consider a new dark ride, I hear the old Kingdom of Dinosaurs building is still unused. If they can gut out the entire interior, another full sized dark ride can fit in that spot. No need to continue removing rides. Windseeker spot can fit something else. I hear the park had some murals/models sitting around that were removed when Silver Bullet was built. Maybe bring those back in a new sitting/relaxation area. - Or better yet. Parachute Jump: the Sequel
  17. At this point Sea World is better off just cutting bands out of the equation and put more emphasis on the beer and food (with more focus on beer). The bands that choose to stay can play during the event if they want. Or they could try their luck with a Food & Wine event. Williamsburg's did pretty well last year with a good chance the event will be expanded into summer.
  18. Another cool fact. Actually the ride is connected to the internet. It's the main way Zierer can monitor the ride. If there's a major problem with the ride, Zierer can diagnose it all the way from Germany without having to travel here. - Technology is pretty amazing sometimes.
  19. Wow, the play structure has a bowl slide included too? The park itself has a very impressive collection of rides and slides.
  20. That doesn't seem to make much sense. Isn't the ride MORE uncomfortable now that the seats don't flip anymore?
  21. From what I've been told by a few locals, the ops are told to keep the cars balanced as much as possibly to minimize excessive flipping. Apparently cars coming back to the station upside down have to get flipped back up by maintenance or something. It happened often so they had to stop.
  22. Verbolten runs on Windows. Last year the system that controlled the ride actually ran on WinXP. The park upgraded to Win7 not too long after though. Oh and the generators that power the launches can only kick on one at a time. It's impossible to have two trains in both launches a the same time.
  23. Robb probably doesn't have that kind of taste in music. The local rock/classic rock station around here plays a ton of Heart. Losing a few concert acts doesn't seem like a huge hit to Sea World. And even with this apparent controversy, the parks still get publicity.
  24. Last soda I had was cranberry ginger ale. It was pretty good. Had a Cherry Coke before that.
  25. Bump. With the Christmas season in full swing, why not bring this thread back from the dead? 2013 x1 Six Flags Great America map x1 Six Flags St. Louis map x1 Six Flags Over Texas map x7 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure x4 La Ronde brochure x1 Cedar Point map x1 Camelbeach brochure x1 Knoebel's brochure x1 Knoebel's map x2 Hersheypark map x6 Hersheypark brochure x4 Great Escape brochure x1 Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival map x5 Busch Gardens Williamsburg map (regular season) x3 BGW Howl O Scream map x5 BGW Christmas Town map x1 Sea World San Antonio map x1 Kennywood map x1 Waldameer map 2012 x3 Cedar Point brochure x5 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure x2 Splish Splash Long Island brochure x1 Six Flags Great America map x1 KIngs Dominion map x6 Busch Gardens Williamsburg map x2 BGW summer map x2 Busch Gardens Tampa map x1 LEGOLAND Billund brochure (make me an offer) 2011 x6 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure x2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg map (summer) 2009 x1 Busch Gardens Williamsburg brochure (make me an offer) You know the drill. PM me if you're interested in anything. I have a few random BGW press releases around if you're interested in that stuff too. Stuff I'm looking for Anything LEGOLAND Malaysia 2013 California's Great America brochure/map 2012 Thorpe Park brochure/map Anything I don't have
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