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  1. IOR...as I stated earlier, if you are local and have an annual pass you are able to enter the park for day operations and queue up in the transformers queue for HHN instead of leaving the park. You go through security and have your HHN ticket scanned down there and get to head towards the backlot around 6:15PM. That queue opens at 4:30 and closes at 5:30.


    We're going on Friday and planning on taking advantage of AP First Stab. Is it important to get in the line ASAP, or can we take our time? It's just a place to line up, right? I'm guessing no services, just hang out and wait. Thanks.

  2. I visited the park yesterday on a coaster road trip. It was my first visit. While the recent infrastructure investments are obvious, so is this: the park desperately needs a quality modern steel full circuit coaster. There was nothing that would ever get me back. Nickelodeon Universe was the more appealing park. At least it has unique / hard to find flats. Valleyfair is generic.

  3. the air time on Goliath is 10x better than El Toro.


    How is that even possible? lol

    In my opinion it is haha. Just the length of airtime on Goliath was better than El Toro.

    I haven't been on Goliath and I still call shenanigans. El Toro has long, sustained airtime over all of its big hills, and an ejecting "pop" on the hill over Rolling Thunder('s area).


    I've been on both now. No way, no comparison. Goliath has one good ejector hill and the 1st drop. Anything going else is a pop. El Toro (Skyrush too) is an angry beasts that wants to throw you from the train. Goliath is the kinder, gentler RMC. There's no shame in that.

  4. We managed one afternoon ride through the single rider line. We had to wait through the extended queue until we reached the Flashpass queue. It took 40 minutes rather than 90-120.


    Someone said Goliath has more air than El Toro. No, just no. Air isn't Goliath's best trait. Phoenix has more. It is spectacular however. Taste is personal; I'd rather ride Goliath than Voyage, Ravine Flier, or Boulder Dash.

  5. Going tomorrow for opening day since my flight leaves back to California in the evening tomorrow so it's my only chance.


    I've never been to an opening day for a ride before so I'm not really sure what to expect. Would arriving 1hr 30mins before park opening to get in line be a good idea or just unnecessary?


    Think "running of the bulls" when they drop the chain. It's fine to get there early so you can be at the chain when it drops but if you don't keep up with the stampede you'll be a long ways back in line in a hurry.


    Exactly what we experienced this morning. It's a free for all. It helped to be 1st at security.


    Great news for taller riders. The shin bars are much more accommodating.

  6. We arrived around 5:45 pm for a 9:30 close and walked straight to Wildebeest, passing a crowd of people heading home. In an hour and a half we managed 7 rides between Wildebeest and Mammoth. Such great water attractions! Mammoth was more fun than we expected, and Wildebeest was as thrilling as we remembered. Our last ride of the night two of us had a raft to ourselves. The magnets threw us over every hill crest.


    Voyage in the dark - wow! The outbound section through the twists in the woods ran well. It wasn't until the return that the rattle picked up. Speaking of, The Legend was down when we arrived. It opened around 7:30 and gathered a crowd. We waited 20 minutes at 8:40. Ugh. It isn't running well. We ended with a couple pitch black laps on Raven. Great visit!


    It all depends on a number of factors, but I've managed to ride every adult coaster except Goliath at least once before 2PM on a Saturday just by getting the gold pass early entry & high-tailing it over to FT, then getting over to X2 before the main gates open. If you're getting off X2 and heading up to Tatsu before the main rush is able to make it up that hill, you're golden.


    By that point, you will have gotten FT, X2, and Tatsu, all on one of the first handful of trains out of the station with basically zero wait. At that point, head up to Ninja and then Superman, then circle back to hit Gold Rusher and Apocalypse. Here's where it gets a little more difficult if you're not a single rider. Both Riddler's Revenge and Green Lantern have single-rider lines that can drastically reduce your wait time. Depending on the length of the main queue and your desire to ride together or not, you may want to utilize the SR lines. Then hit Batman, Scream, and Colossus. LL:DoD is worth doing--same deal as RR & GL with the SR line.



    This plan works IF early entry starts on time AND FT and X2 open with the park - no sure thing. Since FP is usually available day-of, you can defer the decision.

  8. Those leg restraints look annoying, hopefully the other chance versions of this that pop up wont have them. But that ride looks amazing!


    I don't see a maximum rider height listed on the KK page, but I am concerned. Outlaw Run was almost unbearable for my 6-5 son. He's all legs. The shin restraint was like a bear trap. The coaster is a masterpiece but he couldn't enjoy it.


    I realize that he's taller than 99 percent of the population, and no manufacturer can accommodate all body types. However, since then we are wary of lap bars with shin guards.

  9. ^LMAO - I should have said "most of us." But in reality - I do not see why people don't feel the same way I do about this amazing ride, and it's been a couple of weeks since my last fix - so I need to get over there soon


    It is a good, intense ride (I liken it to the BTR of sit-down coasters in its intensity), but since I tend to be a bit more sensitive to head rattling that wouldn't bother other people, I'm usually a one-and-done on it. If my head weren't so close to the OTSR's where it bounced around between them through basically the whole ride, I think I'd enjoy it a good bit more. And yes, I know it's not like an Arrow where it feels like the OTSR's are trying to punch you in the head because the transitions are so poorly designed, but the rattling still bothers me (and gives me a headache), and at the end of the day I'd rather ride SheiKra or Cheetah Hunt or Montu because I don't have that same problem on those other coasters.


    ^This. Every time I've visited I've felt the B&M rot. Rattle, rattle.

  10. Which is better - BG Tampa or Williamsburg, in terms of rides, landscaping and theming?





    Apollo>Kumba (probably a minority opinion)



    LNM>Sandstorm er Scorpion


    I prefer BGW, but the animal attractions are far superior at BGW - it is the strength of the park. Rides are similar enough to be a wash. And I truly believe the highly themed Verbolten is more fun than Cheetah Hunt. There's something about how that ride is operated that detracts - for me. BGW as a whole is more intensively themed.

  11. And yet there's not a giant backlash over Universal raising their prices like there was over Disney. It really feels sometimes that people just don't like whoever is on top and love to crap all over Disney. The idea that it's more money for a one day park hopper to Universal than it is for a one day park hopper for Disney is just crazy. Plus it's even MORE money if you really think about it because with only two parks you can't spend as much time at Universal and have to pay the higher prices instead of getting the multi-day tickets at Disney as low as $50/day.


    Don't get me wrong, I will happily pay these prices for all of these parks as it's still a great deal if you compare prices to sporting events, production shows, etc. but I just don't like when journalists and enthusiasts play crazy favorites.


    WDW 1-day hopper: $142.71 ($8.71 of that is tax) / UO 1-day park hopper $136. Looks functionally the same to me.


    Both are a punishingly expensive for a visitor who has limited time. The parks will get their minimum per capita tariff. I have a feeling UO will run closer to capacity once Potter II opens. Disney did them a favor by going first. A big price increase was inevitable.

  12. Is the Flaming Moe the same flavor as the Transformers Energon soda? I'm guessing since it's an orange flavor the answer is probably yes.


    My family sampled the drinks two weeks apart. Energon has a creamy orange flavor, quite delicious. The Flaming Moe we tried lacked the vanilla, tasting instead like the artificial orange of Sunny D. We much prefer Energon.


    It is strange that Universal Hollywood doesn't market the drink better. The stand is hard to see from the midway, as it directly faces the Transformers ride entrance. However it tastes, I suspect Uni Orlando Moe sales will far outpace its west coast sister park's Energon offering.

  13. Not much escapes the eye of the Internet Wayback Machine, a seriously cool archive. Here's the pertinent page of Yee's diatribe. I'm mobile at the moment, so I beg your forgiveness if it posts incorrectly. It's worth bringing up. I agree with Gregg, it is craven to pull controversial material. I've been there too. Stand behind your writing and take your lumps, or concede the mistake.



  14. Some good and bad changes out of Disney Cruise Line today...

    Boo - Shorts will now be allowed in all of the main dining rooms for dinner service...EVEN ON FORMAL NIGHTS!!!! I get that they're attracting a more 'family' crowd, but they don't need to dumb down to Carnival levels!!! What's the point of even having a formal night if you're allowed to wear freakin shorts!?!?!? Ugh.


    And the Kevin Yees of the world rejoice. Speaking of, I can't find his old 2007ish rant about the 'overly formal' DCL dining dress code. His ignorance was entertaining. As I recall, he claimed he didn't read his cruise documents, and only packed t-shirts.


    How hard can it be to pack a few dress shirts and a pair of slacks? Klassless.

  15. SFDK locals, I'll be visiting the park sometime in August. I'm having a hard time finding any passholder event info. Magic Mt offers passholder exclusive ride time about once a month. Is SFDK doing anything like that? I might change my trip to take advantage.


    Last year, my group stumbled upon a Superman passholder ERT. The same day the park opened Medusa a half hour early to celebrate World Ice Cream Day or something. Anyone could get a wristband if they knew to ask for one at a table in the entry plaza.

  16. I dont' see the value any more in Disney's parks, but that's okay. The price is an offer of services. I'll pass for now, unless my personal value proposition changes. Which it most likely will when I have grandkids some day. But for now, I'll let my family's APs lapse and skip WDW entirely the next time I'm in Orlando. It's too much money for the four attractions we enjoy or to access drinking around the world.


    Disney's product no longer has value to me, but the wider market obviously sees things differently. The Disneyland Resort seems busier than ever. The prices should be raised to maximize revenues and cause some would-be customers to balk, because we're getting close to this:


    Disneyland: Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.

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