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  1. go hear and listen for your self psc rocks http://www.pscmusic.com/Default.aspx
  2. thor god of somthing but he carrys a large hammer. he is a norge god too
  3. wow not one seams to like vegas are the coasters bad or somthing?
  4. if you mean before the trims and retracking of the first drop from its formaer glory then i agree 10 fold. it has less violent rough ness now. not saying its smooth but it no longer creats softball sized bruses from a back seat ride hands up. psyclone has to rank up their with the existing rides viper would be the worst coast i rode though, only time i was ever pleased to see one dismatled and taken down, for some odd reason the last time i was their i was compelled to ride it again, much to my own regerts later on after the headache it made.
  5. i am headed for los vegas in january wanted to kow if any tpr people lived near by?
  6. if you added pine trees and rockyness to the ride you could call it rock crawler, or cliffslide
  7. yup they did not let me use the camrea for an onride their, then go to lc and no prob. disneyland saw me puting my camera away and he asked if i was wanting to film the ride. i told him i would love too but i know it must be agenst the rules so i won't. he told me its not so have at it and enjoy , and keep everything inside the car with you too. i had 2 stuffed animals with my wife and the video camera and bag on matterhorn. they let me take on ride of every ride i cam to with no if ands or buts about it. amazing how disney could care less if i did and good old sfne says leave it here or their you can't take it with you.
  8. it can be laggy at times but no issues here. i need more ram it seams to be a ram hog.
  9. Best: Xcelerator Worst: Psyclone i found x to be awasome but liked Xcelerator better. i only hit so cal. i think goliath was a bit of a let down due to all the hype it got, found superman ros sfne to be ten times a better ride.
  10. great video, too bad i never made it to this park. i hope that most rides will be saved and many parks will have a piece of astroworld.
  11. i was there james till about 330 400 if it wasn't 40 out you could have spoted me in the ghost rider shirt. i went to lc for haunted graveyard. boulderdash in the dark sounded like too much fun to pass up and it was. around a 20 minute wait with the line back past the sign.
  12. i have not ridden a powered coaster, your talking like the mack mine trains right? cloest i have ridden is mummy and it definatly is a launch coaster. the superman issue seams to be deamed a coaster and left alone too. i say it is a coaster.
  13. i just want to figure what my non coaster counter number is. so far if i count raceing and dueling tracks as two and mobus loops as one i still have 120 coasters.
  14. don't forget superman ros at sfne is high up on most peoples liked coaster list. stormrunner looks like a great ride. remeber most of the big parks like cp hershey sfgadv and sfne will have long lines in mid summer on saturdays and some sundays. parks like kennywood, lake compunce, knobels and maybe dorney would have better lines. what eles are you palning on seeing, you could get a second park if you go to wildwood beach for a day. you would be able to enjoy moreys piers and still be able to play in the ocean as well.
  15. how does everyone count twin track coasters? here is a small list rolling thunder sfgadv rebel yell pkd chiller sfgadv dragons ioa matterhorn disneyland space moutin wdw ect these are just examples, should twin tracks count as one or two, mobus loop coasters such as racer at kennywood twin tracks conected together do they count once twice, and if they count once witch is my feeling on it if you ride one side only is that a half credit since you rode 1/2 the ride?
  16. i say sfmm ties cp, an sbno coaster doesn't count when a its walled off and hidden from public. 2 hasn't attempted to run in years. and 3 i could see no signs of trains on track or anything that would make me belive it would ever operate again. the only agument you may have is that it's on the map still. and on property. i don't see cp doing a scream, there not into parking spaces as theming, heck they could make the ride a little more intresting if they still used the spaces under the ride.
  17. for a lift chain i have to say superman ros is up and over quick at sfne. the whole lift moves very quickly though. mf looks to be even faster over the top. i am not sure how much it would effect speed on a coaster to have the change i speed at top. as for no chain lift hill coasters hulks up and over is breath taking but it is on wheels not chains so.
  18. i would extend the first part of goliath and or remover the trims. i would remove the uncomfortible leg retraints on superman ride of steal sfne, (modified intmin t bar with wrap around your legs un padded restraints the force your legs back.) superman uf would be more like air or just simply longer. extend x give exclibur at funtown the tunnel it was supposed to get (cci ran out of time cause they ran off to build ghost rider) and remove th otsr's on revulution. sfmm should build a new coaster caled meltdown and for the grand opening they could melt down flashback since it's about useless now.
  19. sfne has a cursed rollercoaster, flashback was vampire, and before that came from Nanhu in china. it if i am corect is one of the boomerangs to strand in the boomerang elment with front and rear cars upturnd. the story is that in china people belived the ride was cursed so the park dumped it off and then it went to sfkk, where the year before it moved it had the famous upside down insident and then was moved to sfne.
  20. still waiting i orderd mine but got no comformation and was in process of moving. i wounder if it went through of i messed up the simple form.
  21. it just seams as more arrow coasters have that issue. whitch arrow loopers are you refering to after df??
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