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  1. In Minnesota, we still know snoopy a lot more then a place like California. Snoopy was born here. We have statues and all sorts of things spread around the cities and state. So I think it will be really special having our beloved beagle come back from his horrible break off of Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America. I can understand your point though when Snoopy isn't as big on the West Coast than it is here.
  2. I'll give it a try...It's not as good as the others, but I would like to work on it a little more. (don't get me wrong, I know it's not that fun or professional and would need a lot of work.) And a card. Here is a logo
  3. ^ I'm no printing expert, but I thought White ink doesn't work all that well. Correct me if I'm wrong?
  4. I don't know... To me, I don't see this as a bad thing. We have the individual parks, and then cedar fair. We have no problem with that right? no. So now take Cedar fair, AMC, And casinos, then we have Apollo. So it shouldn't be bad IMO.
  5. This looks very strange. From the Golden ticket report. "World of Wonderland" in Texas.
  6. Yeah. My guess is for sure some sort of water attraction. I think the only thing they are really lacking... is another water ride. The only other thing is a newer family coaster. haha. Who am I kidding "NEED. LACKING"
  7. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found something somewhat interesting. If you go to "http://www.whytelightning.com/stats" You get asked for a username and password.....???
  8. Wow! There are a lot of 12-15 year olds. I will be 16 in one month exactly! My First coaster was Mild thing at Valleyfair. My first "big kid" coaster was High Roller
  9. If he was locked to the track, then it might not be so bad. I'm not saying its easy, but easier then the description. I though he was going to do it ON roller blades. Yeah he is on them but its not the only thing he is on.
  10. Make sure you take a look at #57. Its the only indoor photo!
  11. I think this is just a case of sour grapes thinking its not fair for them to get a Hyper when their "Sister" park is getting a Giga. "But why does Amy get a 20 oz pop (cola, soda, whatever you say) when I only get a 12 oz.?!?!?!"
  12. I will be in Orlando the 22nd though the 29th. I hope that 22nd date comes true!!! Who is the manufacturer for this ride?
  13. Why would a company put a ride into storage? I would think they would either want to install it somewhere or just sell it to a smaller park? Is there a reason I'm not aware of?
  14. My prediction for Valleyfair (assuming we don't get sold) 2010: Water park expansion with new slides and kiddy area. 2011: Record breaking (or at least in the top 5) Inverted B&M. Yeah its kinda random, but it seems a coaster wars could be starting again, and VF did participate when Excalibur opened.
  15. Tom: I have been very disappointed in their announcement too. As far as attendance, All I can say is it has been rising. What it was before? I have no clue. Someone (another VF Fan) told me it was up 2% in 2008, and I would think it was up the year before with Renegade. We didn't even have Dick Kinzel there for the grand opening of Breakers Bay It was very sad to see.
  16. I guess I can't say at all. I have NO Idea. (btw, we share the same name!)
  17. Oh yeah...I'm about 15 Mins from Valleyfair, and 25 to Nick Park.
  18. My home park is Valleyfair. I have only been to Nickelodeon Universe Once...But I do go to the Mall every now and then.
  19. VF recently got renegade a few years ago & that's not a bad ride in itself....remember that,unlike SFI which plays favorites with it's parks at the expense of the rest of the chain CF bases their cap ex projects around the potential ROI of a new attraction. Yes. I'm very grateful for Renegade. But we didn't get anything last year, and now this year we get a wavepool and get told we are for sale. I think that's why I feel particularly bitter because there are two parks with possible MAJOR expansions, and we might be sold to a different company to pay for these new expansions at other parks. That's why it seems rather agitating. Imagine your home park being sold to an unknown company, and then see a fellow park get $$Million expansions. (yes I know you were sold to CF, but it is one of the best companies out there, where as we could be downgraded)
  20. Please don't backseat moderate. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't like reading random posts and videos that have nothing to with this. Yeah, I'm sure someone is just going to say "don't read it then". I know this topic isn't very serious, but it doesn't have to get completely out if hand. At least we can talk about the topic, even if it isn't really serious.
  21. HI five!!! I agree with you 100% AWWW!!!! Either you cut the spam, or lock the topic. OR, open your own Youtube topic.
  22. Because 1. The track is not invert track. 2. VF JUST recieved a major coaster not too long ago, which eliminates the chances of it getting a coaster. Well, I don't understand I guess...all the CF parks will now have a new coaster from 2007-2009. I would think the cycle would start all over again. and Cp got a new coaster the same year we got ours. I KNOW VF is not the "star" park of CF, but I don't think its at the bottom of the chain.
  23. Now here's the list of CF parks that recently received new major coasters... KI - Diamondback KD - Dominator CW - Behemoth VF - Renegade WOF - Prowler MIA - Thunderhawk That leaves Carowinds, which has long since been rumored to get a hyper, CGA, which is rumored to get a GCI, KBF, and CP. Now KD has been getting new additions every year since, I believe 2001, and CF could consider keeping this trend. If this WERE for KD, it would either be a prototype or a sit-down. Now lets see SF's pattern with building coasters... MM - getting a coaster next year (possibly a major coaster) on top of X upgrade GAdv - got two major coasters in 2005-2006 + DK and Medusa upgrade GAm - could receive two major coasters in the near future NE - Superman upgrade SFOG - Goliath in 2006 + Monster Plantation upgrade this year SFSTl - Evel Knievel last year various additions this year SFOT - Only original SF park to not receive anything major recently + TG upgrade KK - ?? America - Nothing (Thomas Town next year) FT - Goliath last year DK - ?? GE - ?? The question marks stand for unannounced new additions Right now there are a number of CF/SF parks that might be getting a new, yellow B&M next year. Since Carowinds has long been rumored to get a hyper and almost all the former Paramount Parks received new B&M's within the past few years, Carowinds seems to be the most likely candidate for a new B&M Hyper. CGA is probably getting a GCI if it isn't sold. That leaves KBF and CP, which is already clearing land. [/long-winded post ] Why would VF be eliminated? It doesn't even have an invert/floorless. Now assuming the track is a hyper, Of coarse KD and carowinds would be a good guess. But if it isn't, its the only park that hasn't received a B&M. plus Renegade was only 7 mil. a whole million dollars more then Xtreamswing we got the year before. I know VF is my home park, and of coarse everyone ALLways wants the new coaster, but not even having an invert tends to point to VF. (at least a little) I mean MAdV has an invert!!!
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