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  1. Glenwood Caverns has announced that Cliffhanger will open on my birthday, June 15, 2012!!! Off-Ride Footage of Cliffhanger! LINK
  2. Superman Ultimate Flights opens Friday June 22, 2012!!! and Thursday June 21, 2012 for season pass holders! http://www.sixflags.com/discoveryKingdom/events/SeasonPassPreviewJune2012.aspx
  3. ^ Going past the cliffs is one reason I enjoyed this tall ride! Can't wait to go back and ride some more!!
  4. Here are some of my pictures of SkyScreamer! Go to Amusement Park Authority to see more pictures! SkyScreamer on May 26, 2012! And here is an Off Ride video of SkyScreamer shot by me! Also SkyScreamer has this song playing all round this ride all the time!
  5. In this Article about Goliath, it states from John Winkler (SFNE park president) that they hope to get a minimum of two years out of Goliath. Click Here What do you think?
  6. Look at what I just found!! Can't wait to ride it next Saturday!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5UGilrkbrg
  7. Vol Ultime had a soft opening day today before the ride officially opens Saturday May 19!
  8. Here is another video that I just uploaded! Sorry for the weird angles!
  9. Here are some of my pictures! To go back to I-30 from the employee parking lot we went on the road that goes under Titan that buses goes on until we saw the exit was closed so we had to turn around exit the way we came into the lot. But while turning around, I saw the other Mr. Freeze train still be refurbish... More pictures and videos are posted at Amusement Park Authority!
  10. Here is a video of the launch of Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast! More pictures and videos will come along the day and Yes that is me!
  11. From the construction page on main website! Looking up inside the tower...
  12. Now this looks 150'... Vol Ultime on April 19, 2012
  13. There is now a official construction page for the construction of LLDOD!! http://www.sixflags.com/magicMountain/rides/LexLuthorDropOfDoomConstruction.aspx
  14. Yes the GP from Houston is bad... On April 1 I walking past these people that were saying lets go ride Bamboo Chute over there! Talking about Bugs' White Water Rapids!
  15. I guess it will have a lighting system like the other 2... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfKz4AHDmy8
  16. Screamscape Reports: I knew the park had a height limit, since they never had anything that tall before... So I guess you have it, SkyScreamer is bigger than Scream!
  17. Here are the opening dates for the new attractions! Click here
  18. It looks like Six Flags Mexico has announce a new attraction for the park! But wait... It's not a new attraction it is just a retheme and rename of the Van Helsing Live! Experience attraction! http://www.sixflags.com.mx/index.asp -------------------------------------- Could this be the "Big Announcement" that Jim Anderson has promised for the park? I hope not and hopes it's Pandemonium!
  19. It looks like Six Flags St. Louis will be testing out the Season Dining Pass just for the park this year! Click here to buy your pass and more information!
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