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  1. Isn't that why they removed Wagon Wheel at Fiesta Texas? I heard that its a parts donor for Highlind Fling at SFSTL?
  2. Well I went to Fiesta Texas today (12/22/12) and Poltergeist was opened!! Its never opened during HINP!
  3. So upset on the incident that happen today... My Xmas lights will be turned off tonight and just the porch light will be on for 27 hours to remember in vigil of the 27 killed.... My family and I thoughts and prayers go out to the families effected and the state of Connecticut!
  4. From this picture SFFT has posted onto Facebook you can see the removed track along the station and supports. And according to the picture it looks like the track from the tunnel will just go to the station and not do a lower helix since it looks like it will just decline to the station from the tunnel and because the track used to never declined right there.
  5. As of November 23 this is what I saw. Orange is the new track and black is track and supports removed. So half of the lower helix is completely removed down to the footers on the ground so opposite of that first picture in the post above. So unless their completely redoing the helix with new wood I will be shock but I wouldn't put my money on it! I will get some pictures soon as I will be returning home on Thursday!
  6. Even though I did not participate this year due to several reasons, my groups of friends did a Gift Exchange like this and one of them knew how upset I was for not participating in this years TPR Gift Exhange, so she went out of her way to get me something 4 hours away at Six Flags New Orleans! One of my best gifts I ever got!
  7. For anybody going to Holiday in the Park this year, I scanned the park map!
  8. Went to the opening of Holiday in the Park yesterday (11/23/12). The park was moderate to crowded but still ended up riding 8 rides with riding twice on Scream and The Hustler. Only got to see Iron Rattler on Road Runner and it was dark so I couldn't see much. But I did see that the helix next to the station of Rattler is removed completely except for the footers and there is track from the station that goes towards Road Runner! Here are my pictures of my day! warning; Iphone Photos!! Love this picture of Goliath. Thanks Instagram!! Boomerang Whirligig Rockville Carolers Snow in Texas? SkyScreamer Entrance!
  9. Fiesta Texas had some ghost hunters investigate the park for ghost of the past. I never knew anybody that died in the park after 1992 but I guess you have to look at the years before that too. Video Link Story Link
  10. I've been to a couple more states since I last posted in this thread! I like how I went all around the states in the middle of the circle!
  11. Me and my friend was wondering the same. Even with people didn't know what was going on!
  12. I visited the park this past weekend since I moved from Texas to Mississippi for college and I didn't want to be stuck in my dorm with my mom that was visiting me for the weekend! So here is my PTR! Saturday was not crowded at all in my opinion, but when I went Sunday morning it was crowded.... Rides: (In order) Saturday: Dare Devil Dive; 40-45min It was Broke down for like 10 minuets after we enter the line... I don't like that the coaster doesn't have a single riders line cause I have seen to many open seats on the trains that single riders like me can sit and not wait. Rode in Front Seat and that drop and the barrel roll was the only parts I really like on the coaster... Six Flags needs to invest more of these to there smaller parks or their forgotten ones.. cough cough St. Louis cough cough Superman: Ultimate Flight; 5-10min Awesome Flying Coaster (My first) and thank you Flash Pass. Rode in the front seat and nothing much else to say cause I was speechless. Dodge City Bumper Cars; 5-10min I didn't see the Flash Pass line lol so I waited with the regulars... People were hating me cause I had an MSU Tshirt on. I was there target! Ninja; No wait! I know what you are saying but it is a credit for me and I thought the one in St. Louis was amazing but once I got on and sat on the backseat, I was like Jesus take the wheel! Great American Scream Machine; 00-05min I thought it was a great ride but the person I rode it with, his elbow kept hitting me in my stomach... I was making sure he couldn't do it but he kept on doing it during the whole ride and even in the breakun... =( Peachtree Square Sky Buckets; 05-10min Fun little classic ride, I was scared at first but I loved it and my mom brought back memories when she rode a similar ride at AstroWorld... RIP Astroworld! Dahlonega Mine Train; No Wait... Well it wasn't great but it was okay, I rather ride Mine Train at SFOT! Maybe I am used to it? Acrophobia; 00-05min LOVED IT alot better than Scream at Fiesta Texas... Everything from the spin to the drop was amazing! I want to ride it again! Georgia Cyclone; No wait Sat in the backseat and this wooden coaster was beasting with that airtime! IMO Best coaster in the park... I love wooden coasters! The Georgia Scorcher; 10-15min First Stand-up coaster and I loved it... Front seat is where that coaster is at. Even though I think my legs where giving up, I stuck through it! The thing that I've notice is that I saw people trying to stand in a sitting position and the ride operators let them... I though it was a stand up? Batman; 00-05min Rode in the backseat and the ride operators didn't know it was about to rain, but when they green button to let us go, it started to pour heavy... And got ride Batman in the pouring rain!! Now I can say I rode a coaster in the pouring rain and a coaster in the snow (Mine Train at SFOT). Mindbender; 30-40min even though I had a Flash Pass I had to wait tell the ride operators had an all clear to operate again. Even though I thought Shockwave at SFOT was alot better, Mindbender will have a special place in my heart for being my 50th coaster credit! Goliath 2X; 00-05min What an amazing coaster with the airtime, but is just gets a close second after Georgia Cyclone! It was a great ride but Titan defeats it big time... Rode in second row and back row! Monster Mansion; No wait This ride was freaking amazing imo I would much rather have this type of attraction than Scooby Doo at Fiesta Texas... There is alot of stuff inside this ride I was least expecting! Six Flags other parks would love to have this type of attraction! Wheelie; No wait This made me think all the good times I had on Wagon Wheel at Fiesta Texas! RIP Wagon Wheel, you will be forever missed in my family!! Ninja; No wait Yes I rode it again this time front and never again!! Great American Scream Machine; 00-05min Alot better experience this time since I was riding alone but not a fan of it! Goliath; 00-05min Mind Bender; No wait Had to give my 50th coaster credit another ride for the day!! Acrophobia; No wait Had to get my last ride on it, since I didn't know when the next time I will ride it! =( It was still better than Scream! Georgia Cyclone 3X; No wait I had to get my last ride in before the park closed for the night on my favorite coaster in the park!! Rode in the front, middle, and then back! Sunday (No Flash Pass): Dare Devil Dive; 30-45min Rode in the back this time and that drop was amazing! But this ride needs a single rider line for people like me! Mind Bender; 00-05min Last ride of my experience at the park =(... I had to get my 50th a good goodbye! Shows: I didn't see any... Food: Slurpee on Saturday and Sunday Shopping: Yes I bought a Tshirt for momentum and Flash Pass! Notes: I freakin loved the Flash Pass... Worth every penny!! The only ride closed was Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster... That was the only thing that made me upset of my experience... Great Friendly employees and alot better active then the ones I experience in Texas... And another thing that made me upset is that non of the employees I talked to knew about SkyScreamer. I know it was just announced last week, but I think they should know about it when a guest ask about it like me, even though I ridden the one at SFFT... Most of them thought I was talking about the Sky Coaster. Now for PICTURES!! (The instagram photos are taken by me and the regular are taken my mom!) Saturday Welcome to SFOG!! First credit of the day, Dare Devil Dive! First Flying coaster! Here is proof I was at the park! Haters going to Hate! Don't let Ninja make wanna ride! Acrophobia Best coaster in the park, In my Opinion! This coaster was scorhen! Another proof, that I was at the park! Batman in pouring rain! 50th COASTER CREDIT!!! Goliath Dominates!! Whistle Stop park disappointed me the whole time... SkyScreamer please replace it!! Ninja intimidates you walking in Lickskillet! Crying right now... I want SFFT to bring back Wagon Wheel! Ninja was being Sexy today, you guys! Lift Hill of GASM! Goliath dominates all over! Mi Gusta! A city is a plus in my book if they have a Hard Rock!! Now only if I visited Hard Rock Park! See I thought my hometown Austin was weird but Atlanta surely did beat it this past weekend! Sunday! Walking from our hotel! WIN One last ride on Dare Devil Dive!! Dare Devil Dive also dominates its own area, but if you turn around its a different new story! See... The only shot you can get on Mind Bender if you don't go to Deep South Bash with TPR!! It shocked my how many employees didn't know about SkyScreamer even though there were signs everywhere and ads playing! Advertising for Fright Fest! I spy with my little eye Fright Fest construction! Goodbye Six Flags Over Georgia!! Can't wait to visit again... Our hotel is kinda late on the Go Big Go Six Flags slogan! Goliath Me and my mom visiting World of Coke.... Beverly wasn't nasty to me but something in the Asia section like destroyed my stomach the whole day... Thanks for reading!
  13. Okay, I guess I am going to the park on Saturday September 1st (aka Saturday of Labor Day) since I just moved to Mississippi from Texas for college... I know it is going to be horrible day there with the crowds, but it will be my first time at the park! What is recommended for me and my other person that I am bringing to do there when we arrive? Do we get a Flash Pass or what order of rides should we do? Any great places to eat, watch shows, shop? But we are hoping that Hurricane Issac will scare most people...
  14. Of the video they posted about the 2013 attraction... It seems to me that the Star Flyer is still coming! Why would they twirl around in circles to fine a spot for the latter and then have the camera down low so it looks like he is climbing a tall ladder... From what I seen and rode (SFFT), a Star Flyer twirls in a circle and climbs a tall tower!
  15. In this order! Great America Great Adventure Over Georgia Over Texas St. Louis La Ronde
  16. Can you tell me what park bought it since I don't know any park in our solar system that features the same terrain as Fiesta Texas to support this coaster? Thats why I always tell people they couldn't sell Superman, Rattler, and Road Runner because it uses the terrain of the quarry wall...
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