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  1. I just now notice that it doesn't work, but I walked in the park a couple of days ago, when it was working!
  2. Six Flags Great America has street view also! CLICK HERE
  3. I went to Fiesta Texas with a church group one summer and we got there around lunch time. So once we enter the park we headed towards Pete's Eats so we can eat and then ride Scream after, and once we entered the restaurant I puked all over in the middle of the restaurant .
  4. I just entered new states Louisiana and Mississippi yesterday. I am still in Mississippi and heading back to Texas tomorrow! So 2 new state credits for me; Louisiana and Mississippi!!
  5. Screamscape is Reporting that if you take this picture with the next, they are simular! Yep, the park is getting it!!!
  6. A best location for this ride to me would be either this location or the other! or I wouldn't like it in the field behind Frisbee and next to THBS, that area is for the parks future wooden coaster!
  7. On the teaser on the main website, they have a man in black, maybe to promote the new movie coming out next year! You never know with Six Flags advertising! Men in Black III (2012 movie)
  8. Facebook The first comment on the photo say Bizzaro and I truly stand by that 100%
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