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  1. I'm a person who doesn't post much here, but I read a lot. I can't believe the behavior of people these days. They clearly can't see the difference between having a different opinion with a discussion about it, and the reprehensible, rude behavior they do have. I'm not sure how you deal with it Robb, but kudos to you taking on that challenge the way you do!
  2. Thank you so much for the support! Also thanks very much to Kerry & Chuck for helping me reach $500! TPR is amazing! Even though I am making the 330 mile trip on my own, I am looking forward to a great weekend and having a good time at Michigan's Adventure. It's wonderful to be able to raise more awareness for Give Kids the World. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend Coasting for Kids!
  3. I am super excited to participate again! This will be my 2nd year of Coasting for Kids. I had a blast last year at Worlds of Fun. This year I will be making the trek up to Michigan's Adventure. I look forward to meeting anyone else who will also be at Michigan's Adventure. I can't wait to see how much money TPR can raise this year!
  4. I arrived home to find a box on my porch! I decided not to wait to open it! My daughter loves the Hello Kitty! The package also included sugar babies, green tea soap, cute Christmas socks and a pretty scarf. Thanks secret Santa!
  5. I think this is so awesome and fun! I missed out last year so count me in this year! Things I enjoy: Football, especially the Chicago Bears! Beer/beer merchandise coffee mugs travel books, books about local areas, touristy books- I don't always have much of an opportunity to travel, so I like to read about different places. Right now, my 7 year old daughter and I are having fun reading through a US Atlas that was made for kids. It has a lot of fun tidbits about each state and different cities. Hello Kitty Magnets- theme park related especially. Should you want to know, shirt size is XL I'm so looking forward to having fun trying to pick out a gift for someone!
  6. I'm so excited that the event is coming so soon. I've made it half way to my goal at this point and I'm pretty happy with that. I'm looking forward to meeting fellow TPR memebers at Worlds of Fun!
  7. Thanks! I at least made it to the coliseum!
  8. ^ I'm dropping eggs off now. I'll take some if you have them. I'm about 300 away from the Coliseum.
  9. I have 600+ eggs I can drop off. Anybody still want them?
  10. I'm about 1000 eggs from the Coliseum. I've got more than 600 eggs I can donate/share. Let me know if you can leave some and I'll return the favor. SN - mush619189
  11. I've got over 250 eggs and I'd be happy to share/ trade. mush619189 Thanks!
  12. I enjoyed a Lakefront IPA last night. What's your favorite IPA?
  13. ^^I think it's safe to say many of them will go right ahead and stick with Carnival. Some of the things I've read regarding the whole Trimph mess just amaze me. I can't count how many people I have seen saying how much they love Carnival, they can't wait to get back on a Carnival ship and none of it was Carnival's fault. How can there be so many people out there who want to throw their money away?
  14. I spent a couple days home this week with my daughter who is sick and was able to read though this whole TR. And what a great TR it is! Very amusing with great photos. It was so neat to see all the crazy Chinese parks and coasters. Ocean Park looks pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing all of it!
  15. Thanks for sharing all the stories Kara. I am so looking forward to this event and seeing how much everyone can raise!
  16. Thanks for continuing to share all of these great pictures Hanno!
  17. This will be my first time participating in Coasting for Kids. I think it's an awesome event. I also work for a hotel management company and we raise money for Give Kids the World all year! Here is my page. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/CarlyCliff/WorldsofFun20131 I'm super excited for this event!
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