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  1. ^Wants to stop people posting about being confused vIs now totally baffled!
  2. ^Confused me even more vCan get more confused than me
  3. ^Thinks that people foaming at the mouth live at home vIs bemused at my posting style
  4. ^Likes making comics with fat people in them vLikes the "Comic Book Guy" from the Simpsons
  5. ^Press crtl+s, the go into "name" folder with documents, pictures etc. then AppData, Local, Virtual Store, Program Files, Infogrames Interactive or Atari. You can use 8 cars and go into "park" then "open/close" park.
  6. ^One person in a long line of people who post in this thread too much V
  7. Have you seen a funeral bill! What do you consider "fun"?
  8. Look at a clock! Why are there 24 hours in a day, and not 23 or 25?
  9. Using the letters in the word "blind" How is blue-ray better than DVD?
  10. Is that an invisible coaster I see in the background... Looks great, I love your work JK especially the tiny details you add.
  11. Looks very similar to that coaster you made in your park a while ago... Could you please post a download of the coaster trains.
  12. ^You can post pics in the actual thread you know. Anyway, looks really good, and I am looking forward to seeing how you build the rest of your park. From a personal opinion, I would increase the train size to 3 or 4 cars per train, BUT, I'm not a coaster expert so if a eurofighter is only supposed to have 2 cars per train, so be it.
  13. ^No. I'd love to say yes, but I think I've already bent the rules enough. Sorry.
  14. I've begun work on the park, which will be themed to an underwater city from "The Little Mermaid". So far I have built the park's first, and probably only, coaster: The Little Mermaid. In the park, both the entrance plaza and the coaster's station have been constructed. Entrance Plaza. Footpaths are not functional as of yet. Rides station. Unfinished!
  15. ^Doesn't know England VDoesn't know anything
  16. ^LOOKS AWESOME!!! Great supports and layout looks very exciting from what I can see.
  17. I think you should use A, although the other ones are great, I think that the first one has more of a family appeal to it. And is perfect for Charleston Gardens which IS a family theme park.
  18. Is it just me, or is BelgianGuy always making GREAT pretzel loops The shops look really realistic, great work! NOTE: You might want to check the supports on the MCBR...
  19. I'm not very good as 'disney' themes, but with holidays coming up, I'll give it a crack! Can we post pics?
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