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  1. ^Thanks guys! Here's a little update for you guys I'll start with some added details to the waterfall. If you didn't know, there's a vertical drop behind it. At the bottom of the drop, it flies under these mill wheels and a huge water explosion is triggered. Night view of waterfall:D Thanks to everyone who has commented! ~Michael
  2. The night shots are pure eye candy! Can't wait to see more!
  3. It looks like the flying and invert have curved ties, and the mystery track, sit-down, and floorless all have straight ties... EDIT: Should have read more dang it...
  4. Thanks for the comments! Heres a screenshot of how I'm starting to theme some of the water areas: The bridge for the final brake run: Night Shot: Please comment! ~Michael
  5. Well, I couldn't figure out how to multi-quote on this forum so i guess I just have to do the @(Insert Name Here) @DBru - Thank You! @AlmereStars - Thanks! Actually, when a train is about to shoot out of the shaft, moat of the lights flicker off. Usually, it's brighter... @Terrance - Thanks! If you're a member at Atari then I think I know who you are... @Steffen - Thanks! And yes Fisherman was a huge inspiration for this project... And Finally @Fisherman - O My God *Passes out on floor* Best compliment ever - especially who it's coming from. With Ghost Mine you certainly proved that amazing work takes much time! Although I will try to take less than a year Currently I'm working on the station building, so maybe an update saturday... Thanks for all the amazing comments everyone! -~Michael
  6. The download links are finally up! Now I wish I had a really cool storyline to go along with the ride, but I don't. I promise my next ride will though! Anyway, here is the download, kindly hosted by jmainaz. -Michael Hello! Some of you who are members at Atari might know me. Fisherman's Ghost Mine has inspired me to do my own mine themed ride... Here is the story that the ride will follow: The legend of Coal Creek Mine January 13th 1969 A Large methane explosion kills 17. Their bodies never discovered. March 29th 1979 A lone miner wanders off towards the vacant shaft 13. Suddenly he sees the outline of a man run through a tunnel in front of him. He travels further in. Dead crows lie all over the ground. Then a beam of light shines on the miner from further in the shaft. It was a man. He was wearing an old carbide headlamp, which have been outdated since around 1970. Now the head lamps used are battery powered. Who was this man, or “thing”. Suddenly he hears faint whispering. “Fire in the hole”, “Fire in the hole”- Now the whispering has grown to a yell – “Fire in the hole!” Suddenly the whole Shaft 13 erupts into a fireball. A deafening explosion roars through the mine. The miner passes away, and Coal Creek Mine was condemned. The mine has been vacant ever since… or so they think. Now some of the exterior: Yes, there is a vertical drop behind that waterfall And we'll end with one of my favorite pictures of the exterior: (underwater) Hope you like it, please comment! ~Michael
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