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  1. I mean cinnamon bread is excellent and all, but if I had the choice between a free loaf and say 5 back to back rides on Lightning Rod, I'd choose Lightning Rod 100% of the time. Also I find it funny how you're making fun of people for not enjoying other aspects of Dollywood when Lightning Rod is closed. So what is it that's stopping you from making Dollywood your next trip? Probably because Lightning Rod might be closed. Ironic.
  2. After riding Lightning Rod two weeks ago, here is my new rankings of the RMCs that I have ridden: 1) Lightning Rod 2) Outlaw Run 3) New Texas Giant 4) Iron Rattler 5) Twisted Colossus 6) Joker 7) Storm Chaser 8) Wicked Cyclone 9) Goliath
  3. Lightning Rod doesn't have a magic seat, that ride is balls to the wall insane no matter where you sit. Tennessee Tornado is best in the back, Thunderhead in the front, and I'd also say Wild Eagle is a front seat ride as well.
  4. This weekend was a total blast! I still can't get over how perfect Lightning Rod was, seriously I don't think there is a better succession of elements on a coaster anywhere. And that quad down is without a doubt my favorite element anywhere, I can't even believe that amount of airtime exists. New #1 without a doubt!
  5. I find Krypton Coaster and Kraken to be far better than Dominator. Not to say Dominator is a bad ride, I just don't think it is as intense, and Zero-G rolls are my favorite element on floorless coasters, which Dominator lacks. I do like it better than Bizarro and Scream however.
  6. Dollywood, this Saturday the 22nd! I can't wait to finally ride Lightning Rod
  7. And so many people were convinced Lightning Rod wasn't going to be open at the start of the season, I love it. Absolutely can not wait to ride next month
  8. After riding Kong for the first time three years ago I told myself I would never ride that CTE inducing piece of crap again. Yet somehow I ended up riding the coaster again during my visit in December and it was actually tolerable, dare I say smooth? At least for an SLC (f**k you T3), it's honestly worth giving it another chance.
  9. I have 49 (all of my B&M credits) out of 62 operating in North America, in the top 5%! I will also be getting 5 more B&Ms in two months!
  10. ^ RCDB, coaster-count and even RMC themselves refer to Goliath as a wooden coaster, so it's a wooden coaster. I honestly have never heard the argument for Goliath as a steel coaster until now. GCIs wheels run on steel rails so are they steel coasters now too?
  11. Awesome TR!! Probably the coolest business trip ever. I enjoyed the thoroughness of the coaster reviews, looking forward to more updates, especially Universal!!
  12. What, in your 6 months of paying attention? Come talk to me in ten years. You can share frustrations with me about how the people even younger than you only have three capabilities: Getting high, gorging on fast food, and burying their hunched over drooling faces in "smart" devices. I can understand if the people ten years older than me had disgust for my age group as well, which is why I have always gotten along much better with people older than me. Dang bro maybe you could use a joint...
  13. I'd agree with that statement, I found Leviathan to be a tad short while Behemoth was filled with heavenly sustained floater.
  14. 50. Merlin's Revenge - Castle Park 100. Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 150. Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers - Six Flags Magic Mountain 200. Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America 250. Mystery Mine - Dollywood 300. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
  15. To me dueling does make it better. One side is a lot more fun to ride when another train is twisting around you and interacting with you. Plus it gives you something to do on the long mid ride lift hill lol Totally understandable, that green lift takes foreverrrrr haha.
  16. I don't really understand why people rank Twisted Colossus differently if the ride is dueling or not... it doesn't change how the coaster rides, it just changes what you're looking at, it doesn't really alter the experience of the coaster imo. But anywho, to each's own... as far as the RMCs I've ridden I'd rank them as follows: Outlaw Run New Texas Giant Iron Rattler Twisted Colossus Storm Chaser Wicked Cyclone Goliath
  17. One of my favorite parts of SDC, I feel like I laughed my whole way through!
  18. X2's train essentially acts as a giant sail in high winds and can be prone to valleying, especially towards the top of the first raven turn when the train is perpendicular to the ground. Scream has always closed in high winds since it opened, like MagicMountainMan said above me it's probably due to the ride's location, as well the openness of the floorless trains.
  19. Yeah, they're called Bernie voters. For the love of god can we please keep political jabs out of theme park discussion? Thanks.
  20. Goliath is an excellent wooden roller coaster, however it is my least favorite of the RMCs. The first drop in the back row is incredible,it has the amount of ejector airtime you'd expect from the tallest/steepest wooden coaster in the world. The first turnaround has an interesting pop in the front row, although it didn't provide the positive Gs I was hoping for. This pretty much sums up the reason why Goliath is my least favorite of the RMCs, it really is the weakest of these coasters in terms of force. I enjoyed the hang time moments in the dive loop and stall, the dive loop was especially funky. Overall I rank Goliath as my #3 wood behind Outlaw Run and El Toro, it is a very solid coaster with great airtime moments! Also...people tend to hate on Raging Bull, but in the ride's defense I actually found the ride to be really good! The airtime in the back was laughably fun and frequent, definitely not deserving of the name Sleeping Bull!
  21. ^I would disagree, personally I found the ride to be pretty uncomfortable. It does spin like a mofo though
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