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  1. I just thought I'd give a taste of my home park. I have to admit that I saw a heck of a lot of improvements around the park since my last visit, and a lot of the complaints I was going to make here can't be made anymore! It's good to see the park actually doing something for once. Oh well. Enjoy, and try to ignore my not-so-amazing camera skills. And to conclude my shoddy report: A shoddy photo of the acid trip log flume. OMG. This looks disgusting. Is that a hole cut out of the sign? The mini golf course is just sad. That water looks horrible A quick shot of the park's weird-ass mascots. We left the kiddy area to watch the "Bird Show". This was it. A guy in a bird suit. Oh. My. God. "Hello, I'm the dragon ride's theming!" Speaking of theming, I heard this conversation between a cute kid on the ride and the ride op (about the mannequins inside the ride) Kid: "They're not real people!!" Ride Op: "They are too. They're just well trained!" Kid: "They're not! Why aren't they breathing?" Ride Op: "They're VERY well trained." Kid: "They're just dolls." Ride Op: "Very well trained dolls!" *dispatches ride* UH OH! Yeah, the kiddie area is really just a bunch of fairground rides surrounded by a dragon coaster. It gets really hot in here. Some shade would be nice. No, this ride is not cleverly themed around a shabby, fading plastic dragon. That really IS a shoddy, fading plastic dragon!! I wonder who sponsors the kiddie area in this park? Rainbow-coloured cars!! Another corkscrew shot! The rollercoaster!! OMG! Let me sum it up.. It goes up the lift hill, down a drop, through a vertical loop, a banked turn and then a corkscrew over the midway. Does this sound familiar to any Sandusky regulars or is it just me? The power surge... 40 steps to go!! I wish I was a better cameraman because I really wanted to share some photos of the interior. It is freaking TERRIBLE. It's dirty, most of the models are coming apart. It looks like a piss-poor imitation of Splash Mountain if it was designed and maintained by people with no hands. I was actually embarrassed to be in there. However in the photo it just looks like I'm on acid. OH CRAP I'M GONNA GO THROUGH THIS WATERFALL. The effect would be way better if you didn't see the log in front of you go through first :/ Through some pretty trees... Speaking of the log flume, it goes right underneath the Goldrusher here. The park is really pretty here, around the entrance to the log flume. This boarded up shop looks horrible! The park needs to do something about this!! ( ) The coolest part is walking up the ride and seeing it fly right past you. This nicely themed ride! I would have taken some pictures inside, but it's against the park's rules and I'm just such a good citizen. (Actually I just got caught trying to take my camera on) This nicely themed area leads to... The place was deserted for about an hour, so we had the park to ourselves. It's kind of creepy really. But now there's some nice new paving, some fountains, the dinosaur has been moved, and the simulator next to it has been rethemed to "Dino Island 3D". It's actually really good! This place used to be old, and had a dirty pool with, for some reason, a dinosaur in it. :/ It is! So of course that was our first stop. This thing is INTENSE. I swear other drop towers must be braked or something, because this thing totally caught me off guard. Is that a rainbow-coloured Intamin drop tower I see? What you see when you walk into the park. The colourful entrance to the park (with the biggest crowd ever waiting to get in)
  2. I went on Scream when I was a lot younger and thought it was the best ride ever, but now looking at videos and pictures I think "holy shit!" when I look at the ground under it. I mean, is grass really that expensive? I love the way my park map shows Scream with trees and shrubbery surrounding it
  3. Something that really gets me: If I'm standing in line, and I don't notice for some reason that the line has moved forward two feet, please do not push yourself into my back obnoxiously. Yes, you are two feet further back than you could be. You're still going to get on the ride in the same time as if you were two feet forward.
  4. Possessed is definitely a stupid name, but was Voodoo really much better? It makes me imagine being stuck with pins D:
  5. Superman Escape at Movieworld. I urge anyone to ride this if they get a chance! The beginning is like a little dark ride before the coaster.
  6. - I'm dying to see what X2 is like with the new trains and FIRE! - Deja Vu, because it's always freaking closed when I go. - Want to visit Cedar Point and ride the coasters there.
  7. Ah, sweet, sweet construction. I'm excited to see how the ride turns out.
  8. I love the idea of an Australia trip. When you say Australia do you mean the typical Gold Coast kind of thing or would you include Luna Park in Sydney etc?
  9. My home park is full of gum-chewing employees who mutter the safety spiel so that no one can hear it and are so rude I just feel like they don't want to be there. It really annoys me. Then in the same park there are awesome employees who joke and clearly love their job (or are at least very good at acting it). But I guess you get that at all parks.
  10. I didn't ride anything from 2003 - 2008. Back in '03 I was less of an enthusiast and more of a kid who got forced onto Goliath by his sadistic father Then in 2008 I hit the Gold Coast and Superman Escape got me into it.
  11. It sounds like the kind of idea I'd sketch in my school books in primary school. "Two hundred feet over WATER! Then nine loops! Wooo! Reeeow!" I'd still love to see something like this built, but it really does seem a bit far-fetched. Saying that, I'm not exactly a rollercoaster engineer so I'm probably completely wrong. :/
  12. I think X has to be my favourite. It's just so... different.
  13. It's a shame Fuji-Q is so bad. I remember being a bit younger and reading the Guinness World Records and thinking Dodonpa looked awesome. I always liked the sound of the haunted hospital, too. Four hour wait, though? That's pretty shocking. Genius, pure genius.
  14. As a huge fan of BTTF, this has got to be the greatest update ever. I had no idea they were still fixing and selling DeLoreans. My life goal is now to own one
  15. I saw Reel Big Fish in Auckland quite a while ago. It was pretty intimidating being the only underage person there (it was held in a pub) and pretty much everyone was staring me down
  16. I think that deep blue would look great if it wasn't for the purple. It clashes! :/
  17. Don't you think you may be posting in the wrong thread for the fun and games? That's like posting for postings sake, in my opinion. Terry Fair enough, sorry.
  18. The only looping rollercoaster in my country. Hooray
  19. I wouldn't believe being under 18 makes so many people incapable of human speech, but this thread is like living proof. See I use big words like 'incapable' to make myself seem smart.
  20. I just saw Yes Man. It was typical Jim Carrey comedy, so if that's what you're into then you'll love it. Rhys Darby was the highlight for me.
  21. My worst experience would have to be one of those inverted Reptar coasters made for little kids. I rode it just so I could add it to my list and then found out ten minutes later I was about a centimetre away from being too tall. It kinda freaked me out that the ride ops didn't even check :/ There's also the Corkscrew here in New Zealand, which is pretty much a minute and a half of headbanging. I never thought it was possible to headbang on a lift hill.
  22. Hey! I'm Stuart from New Zealand... I'm 16 (sudden influx of Southern Hemisphere teenagers?) and that's about it. I totally think you guys should come to New Zealand for a coaster trip. I mean, our single head-banging Arrow coaster will just blow your mind.
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