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  1. Here's a first test. No textures and geometry isn't finished. DasMatze
  2. So it really started where I saw it the last time: Bobbejaanland: http://www.themeparkreview.com/europe2005/bobbejaanland/bobbejaanland2.htm I thought I read it somewhere else before but I don't know where. I think I'm going to model that car because it would be way more useful than something with random, absurd jokes. DasMatze
  3. Ok, I guess Omnimovers are never ending chains of cars. Am I right? That's not possible. So if Bench: The Ride are shooting galleries shall I create a shooting gallery ride? I thought it was something else. I could do something totally different too. Like an Elissa-Boat-Ride (those white spinning boats). ^^ @terrancew_hod: No, I don't have GermanTacos Ride Events. I think his website is down. DasMatze
  4. Hi! I'm DasMatze from Germany. I create Custom Scenery Objects and Custom Tracked Rides for RCT3. Now it's possible to create custom tracked rides and I want to create "Bench - The Ride" exclusive for TPR. I didn't start working on it because I want your ideas for the ride first (which track, insider jokes on the texture, etc. ...). I can't promise you that I will be able to implement all of your ideas but I'll give my best! I hope you like the idea. DasMatze Edit: I'll collect ideas until the end of the month, then I'll start creating something.
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