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  1. I presume this is me, begging the question "Why the hell am I smiling?" That was the Tarzan jump and it took me a long time just to get myself to do it -- and it was only the baby one on the green course!!! I should be looking like I'm pissing my pants.




    Oh, and awesome pics, Hanno.


    I love this picture!!!


    I was not having fun on the Tarzan jump.

  2. Big Mike,


    Thanks for all the mug shots of me, especially on Troy!


    Turn about's fair play, so here's a few I have of you.


    Big Mike's Seal of Approval for TPR's 2008 Mainland Europe Trip


    Big Mike's grouppies


    Behind the scenes of Big Mike's Road Show (AKA, the crew did not want to get up early to do Disney)


    Big Mike + little boat = BIG SPLASH!!!


    Posing on the boat jump


    Without the shag red hat


    With the shag red hat

  3. ^^ That ended up being a good pic of you.



    I thought so, too, considering how every other picture Lou took of me, I look completely retarded. Well, maybe not Chris Retarded, but just as bad.




    Lou, I'm heading to the airport in a few hours. Hope you can finish off this massive TR before we meet up in Paris.

  4. The next morning, outside Everland, Brian and I had a can of much-needed Confidence!! The description on the can was classic. Apparently it's an energy drink, though it didn't taste much like the ones I'm used to. Was pretty good though!


    Out of all the weird names for energy drinks, I still love the simplicity of "Confidence". It was sad that the vending machines were cleaned out when we left Everland. I wanted another one!!!

  5. If you don't hate Star Trek, I'd suggest you check out the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. The preshows to the motion ride and 4D movie are a lot of fun. Quark's Bar can also be entertaining, especially on busy nights when a few Star Trek characters are roaming around.


    Shark Reef at Mantillian Bay is also worth seeing.


    Luxor has a decent motion ride with a so-so pre-show, but I recommend watching the IMAX movies -- especially any of the 3D ones.

  6. I can't believe I missed this.



    Oh where shall I begin.




    Dragonball (screw Z and GT)

    Kino's Journey

    Full Metal Alchemist

    Gunslinger Girl

    Naruto (don't know why, but I like it)


    Excell Saga (the most whacked anime I've ever seen)

    Record of Lodoss War (both OAVs and TV series)

    Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

    Irresponsible Captian Tylor

    Ranma 1/2

    Yu Yu Hakushu

    Cowboy Bebop The Movie (I have yet to see the series)

    Spirited Away

    Castle in the Sky

    My Neighbor Tortoro


    Escaflowne (both TV and Movie)

    Happy Lesson

    Intial D



    I know I missing some other anime but can't think of them right now. All have graced my video shelf, though sadly most of them are gone now. I had to sell off most of them several years ago to survive school.


    One Piece and Yu-Gi-O, while I like the manga, the English dubbed anime is thoroughly crap. Intial D is another anime grossly hurt by the English dubbed (Americanizing the Japanese lingo for cars was a very bad idea).


    Evangeleon is overrated and the last two episodes were utterly garbage. The two OAVs replacing the last two episodes were certainly better if no less confusing.


    Akira I wanted to like, but was grossly disappointed by the adaptation. The movie hardly follows the manga.


    Bobo Bobo-Bobobo, or whatever the hell it's called, is the worst manga I have ever seen and a complete waste of the paper it's printed on. Why anyone would bother to take the time to make it into a TV series is beyond me.

  7. Fun Fact: Part of the movie Star Trek: First Contact was filmed in the missle silo. The missle doubles as the first warp drive vehicle built by Zephyr Cochran in the movie.



    That's why it looked so familliar!!! I've been whacking my brain trying to figure out where I had seen the pic of the missile silo before.

  8. Next up... What IS this?! A furry Gloria Gaynor!???!



    Gloria was accompanied by a fantastically talented singer with the best fake afro I've ever seen, and some other completely random dancing characters. They actually danced REALLY well considering those costumes!



    The funniest thing about this part was that they were doing a song from Disney's Hercules, "Zero to Hero" I think is the name. It just wasn't that they were doing a Disney song, but the fact that they were doing it like Sister Act. I did get some video clips of the entire show.

  9. In or Out, for those of alternative lifestyles. Up or Down, for those who just can't decide which way they are going. Red or Blue, where the rides you can go on are determine which way you voted. Black or White, a land devoted to Michael Jackson songs ("Thriller" would be a fun ride). And last, but not least . . .

  10. ^ According to Bill Cosby, is not a real parent (watch "Bill Cosby Himself")



    < Middle child of five kids (and all the messed up problems that come with it)



    v Please someone other than EBL post something (it's kind of boring when only two people are playing)

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