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  1. I probably posted on this thread a long time ago, but anyways, here's my list:








    South Korea


    United Arab Emirates






    I'm not counting Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan as that I didn't get off the bases there in-transit between Afghanistan and the US.


    I'd love to count Ireland and Iceland, but that was just refueling stops between Afghanistan and the States.


    I'm not counting the USA because . . . duh . . . I live here.



    EDIT: This just crossed my mind. Can I list the fictional countries I've been to?

  2. This probably goes without saying, but I should at least admit to it . . .



    I have a perverse pleasure in hurting and/or killing people I don't like in the stories that I write.



    Some would say that I'm blowing off steam. Many believe I have some anger issues. And still, there are a few that think I really intend to hurt them . . .


    I may be crazy, but at least I know the difference between fantasy and reality.

  3. ^ Even with those factors, that 415 foot ascent would still be too short, in my opinion. That car will pick up a lot of energy during its decent, and Newton's Laws of Physics says its not going to be easily stopped. Those brakes would have to be perfectly maintained. I'd hate to see a brake failure on that thing, let alone be the poor fool in the car when it happens. I would say another hundred feet would be a bit more realistic.


    Of course, I'm not really factoring in the push against gravity as the car climbs upwards, mostly because I only understand the simplest of the concepts. That's the kind of math that hurts my brain.


    Still, I can't help but wonder the kind of G-forces that car will pull once it reaches the bottom . . .

  4. ...I do like watching the occasionally bad movie, but I usually wait till they show up on Netflix or such. That way I can get hammered watching them. They are so much more fun drunk.


    Or.........................smoked up.........................


    Seriously! Sober is not the way to watch the Sharknado movies! Do you how many times I watched them solely because I couldn't remember what happened the next day?



    Well, actually I never re-watched them, and it's only the second one that I can't remember much about.



    But still.

  5. I need some advice here... has anyone here seen Gods of Egypt yet? I'm planning to see it with my buddy on Sunday, and the online reviews say it's pretty sucky. I'm actually pretty partial to bad movies (I thought Fantastic Four was OKAY), but was it actually as bad as people say?


    Wait till it comes out on Netflix. Don't pander to the stupid drivel Hollywood likes to spew out by buying a ticket. While it would be nice to see something on the big screen about the Egyptian mythology, Hollywood's treatment of all the different mythologies has been really crappy over the past number of years--which is a real crime because they are full of wonderful and interesting stories.


    I do like watching the occasionally bad movie, but I usually wait till they show up on Netflix or such. That way I can get hammered watching them. They are so much more fun drunk.

  6. ^ "Deadpool" was awesome!!!


    Stay away from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny", especially if you loved the original "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".


    The fight scenes, while decent, really lacked the acrobatic and imaginative style of the original. Characters weren't fleshed-out and lacked any kind of emotion attachment (to each other AND the audience). Sets were cheap looking and some of the backgrounds looked suspiciously painted or computer generated. The story itself was a bit generic, almost rehashing the original movie at several points.


    I really like Michelle Yoeh, but this clearly wasn't one of her good movies. And more annoying, it didn't even look as if she was trying.


    Gave this movie 1-star on Netflix.

  7. Just finished listening to Pink's "Great Hits . . . So Far" Album.


    Love the fact that Apple discontinued the iPod Classic several years ago and the darn thing won't sync with the new version of iTunes. I get to rebuild my playlists!


    (At least I'm enjoying listening to music I haven't heard in a while because they weren't attached to any playlists when my computer dies a few years ago.

  8. I must, once again, state that the news of my death has been grossly exaggerated. Just because my computer died some three and a half years ago, doesn't mean I died with it.


    And no, my computer didn't die from a demolition accident. It died laughing when I tried to delete my browser history.

  9. This was the BEST thing to happen all day!!! Story time - our guide is explaining stuff at the Forbidden City to our group. We see this random Chinese guy drawing something on a plate. We're all "WTF?" About five minutes later, random Chinese guy presets this plate to Brian... Which honestly is a pretty good drawing. He asks 100 wan ($15), and really, just look at the plate. Look at Brian. How could you say no??? What we want to figure out is... Out of all of us in the group, why did he choose Brian to draw???


    No caption needed!



    Wow. That's not what I wanted for my fifteen minutes of fame on TPR.


    I certainly won't find a better souvenir on this trip than this plate.

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