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  1. ^ Yeah, I just watch that as well. I had some pretty low expectations going in, and the movie didn't even meet them. I thought Afflect was on par with Val Kilmer--just above Clooney and just as miscasted. I thought Luther was a little too psychotic and crazy, nothing like the comics and past TV shows and movies. That was also another horrible miscast. While I did like how it starts at the end of "Man of Steel" and I did like how Luther plays Batman and Superman against each other, turning it into the "Death of Superman" was pretty tasteless and pretty much ruined what could have been a salvageable movie.


    I give this melodrama (and yes, it is a melodrama) a 2 1/2 out of 5. Overall it's better than some of the movies playing right now, but it really doesn't live up to the comics at all.

  2. I seriously didn't think such a thread existed . . .


    . . . but several things came to mind:


    1. Chuck pushing the red button.


    2. Rob running the controls on G'sengte Sau at Tripsdill.


    3. Itchy pressing the red button in "The Simpsons Movie", followed by Dave Chapelle pressing the red button in "Undercover Brother".


    4. Me, with the maniacal laugh of a mad scientist, pressing as many of those buttons as possible. (What can I say, I like pushing buttons . . . )

  3. While I like raspberries and blackberries more than boysenberries, that looks SO GOOOD!!!


    Though, I'm not sure about a boysenberry BBQ sauce. Some of the fruit flavored BBQ sauces I've tried in the past have had an odd taste or were way too sweet. Still, I am curious as to how this one will taste.


    Thanks for sharing! (And running my breakfast. I'm craving boysenberries, now . . . )

  4. I've only been on a couple of Alpine Coasters, but I really like the one at Park City, Utah. I find that they are a lot more fun in the snow than in the summer. Makes it feel little like you're bobsledding. Snow or summer, some to the ski resorts offer some fantastic views from the coaster. Makes it difficult to enjoy the scenery going at full tilt!


    As for slides, my favorite is still the ones at Mount Hood Skibowl. It's rather simple layout, but you get an awesome view of Mount Hood in front of you as barrel down the track!

  5. I'm looking at the overall structure and supports, not what the tracks are attached to. To me, it looks a little too much like that annoying toothpick bridge I had to do in middle school science class. It just looks so . . . unfinished. Of course, I'm probably speaking too early about the finished product as that it's still under construction. But I'm not really caring for this particular design style.

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