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  1. This park has potential...its a good place to go for a couple of hours...It is really fun! Just could use more :/ I live in SC...I must admit there are not any good coasters in SC (Intimidator isn't open yet ) But I feel bad for them..its seems every way they turn another tough money issue is thrown at them! But lets all hope they can find a great way to get through this crap and open back up for a great new season!
  2. That looks like a great park...a little bit of everything.. Hope you had fun..and man those double pirate ships look MASSIVE!! But hey man why in the ''Looping Star'' picture..there is like a glow of some wooden coaster? Mistakke or just a ghost lol?
  3. - Favorite new coaster Wicked Twister - Favorite new ride Skyhawk - Favorite new park Freestyle Music Park/Hard Rock Park - Most memorable park moment I ran into a TPR member and met him. - Most memorable coaster moment Umm..I rode Thunderhead 27 times in one day..highest temp. 40 F. - Best ERT session Goliath Earlllyyy Morning - Least favorite coaster Mantis - Least favorite ride Any Matterhorn out there. - Least favorite park Family. Kingdom. A disgrace to Myrtle Beach, SC. - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced The X2/4th dime
  4. Really? When? I went New Years Day. Cold, rides werent open for long. Seriously, cold.
  5. Back in August. My ride on El toro and Kinda Ka was great. Back in June, Zepplin and Nightsin White Satin @ HRP was cool. Spring Fling in March, ERT on Goliath and Batman and all the othgerswas good. My fav was El Toro, Ka and HRP rides.
  6. Im sorta excited about Six Flags Mexicos Dark Knight. Im going down there for the Fall...
  7. Ok Several Things... Aquatrax looks fun!. I just got one of the DVDs for Christmas and the Aquatrax in Korea looks great, but #1, What is the point of the water? #2, Why arent their more Euro Fighters and Aquatrax in the States? This coaster looks cool.
  8. Watermania is closed. It sucks. It was ok but really not kept up. Typhoon Lagoon has Crush Gusher Water Coaster, its awesome, other than that, it is more of a kiddy place. Blizzard Beach has Slush Gusher, Summit Plummet, Teamboat Springs, Downhill Double Dipper, etc. It is great! That is my vote. Aquatica is new so it doesn't have much to offer. It is awesome but over-priced. Haven't been to Wet n Wild in 12 years. Watermania- 2/10 Typhoon- 6/10 Blizzard-10/10 Aquatica- 9/10 Wet n Wild- 0/10
  9. IMO, Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach SC is the worst amusement park ever. The rides came straight from a traveling fair and the Swamp Fox is good, but everything else sucks. Plus, it right on the middle of a nasty drainage AIDS invested stream.
  10. ... In my opinion, Maverick at CP is great. Its only 105 feet tall. And Furious Baco or w/e it called is IDK how tall but goes 80 something miles per hour.
  11. Umm. I'm the odd one out. I really liked FoF b/c when I went that one time, we had 4 hours to be there. Volcano and Hypersonic were 5 hour waits seriously. FoF had just opened. I rode it twice. I rode Fof, AnDaconda ( dude you spelled it wrong), Avalanche (was good) and Shockwave and hurler sucked. Grizzly is great @ night. So, Flight of Fear is my choice.
  12. Wow. This is wierd. I bought it also, just for curiosity. It says " First invert was BTR @ SFGAdv, but it is supposed to be SFGAme. This book does truly suck. I tried to go to the website but it didn't show a website. & on the poster it shows Wicked Twister with TTD in the back but it labels it "Wicked". Thats in Utah, not Sandusky. The book sucks. And the list is stupid. Everybodies lists are different but this one is just wrong. TTD is better than KK IMO.
  13. Oh shiz. I remember this. I love these pictures. Im going back in 2 years! By the way, this is my old username. not snoodog anymore!
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