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  1. I'm hearing all sorts of silly rumors coming for this ride, from almost every manufacturer and or every design. I'm going to laugh my butt off if Knott's puts in a flat ride and call it a day.


    I was just thinking that. I don't keep up with this thread continuously, but when I check back, I'm always confused. It's always different talk about a different type of ride. But with them keeping the splashdown pool and bridge, I am exited to see what they do with it though.

  2. Reading all these post about how everyone's day went, is awesome. I'm glad that everyone had a good time!


    The event at WoF was nothing short of AMAZING. We started the day on Prowler. I myself got 21 rides in. I had to take a short break to grab some a beverages that were given to us complimentary by the park. The Prowler crew was great. They were very enthusiastic about the event, and over all presence in the park. It was very welcoming and much appreciated. After lunch, we did Mamba, which I got 16 rides on. That crew, as Chad said, was awesome, too. They were VERY enthusiastic about the event. The girl at the dispatch control was great with pumping up the station guest, as well as informing them on what we were doing. It seemed we were greeted by the park guest with an applause every time we rode back in to the station. Next was Patriot, and that was great! I was able to get about 26 rides on that one.


    Big thanks to World's of Fun! They were great. They had someone with us at all times, and they were very pleasant about it. Thanks to Larry, and Jessica who I interacted with the most. I, as well as my friends, had a great time. Since it was my first visit to the park, I was VERY pleased. I loved the atmosphere, and employees that always seemed to happy to be there. Great job, World's of Fun! It was also great meeting fellow TPR members from my area. During Patriot, I had a nice conversation with a few members through-out the ride. I really enjoyed myself.


    Also, a big thanks to Cedar Fair for putting this together, Robb and Elissa, as well ALL the members at TPR who helped us raise money. Great job, guys! I'm proud to be part of such a community that gives back!


  3. Over $18,500 already? Wow, that's awesome. I have enlisted a few of my friends who wanted to help and raise more money!. They are promoting themselves via social networking, around their work place, etc... If you feel like donating to them, or anyone else on the Worlds of Fun team, go right ahead! I believe there is a few participants on there that haven't met that $75 minimum. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Keep it up!

  4. I've got a a $50 donation to any rider for the best paragraph/short story discussing "Why Raptors are awesome and deadly"


    62ft long, with a 44ft wingspan, soaring through the air with precision, and deadly force. It's ready to strike at ANY given second! A Raptor is able to fly through the air at over Mach 2! The fire power is intimidating! Air to air, air to ground, and equipped with guns, the F-22 Raptor is THE deffinition of "Awesome and deadly"!!

  5. It's finally time that I introduced myself around here. The name is Alfred. I'm a 25 year old pilot in training from Southern California. I currently reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as I am finishing up my flight ratings! I've been a LONG time lurker here on TPR. I started to attended my fair share of events when I discovered a good friend was a fellow coaster geek, WCB, Texas Giant Bash..etc. They have ALL been great! I really don't know why I don't post more often, seeing as how I visit the site daily, but I hope that will change! I've been a fan of coasters for a over a decade now. It started to a trip to SFMM when Goliath was under construction. I was so intrigued. I've made several friends through this site, and others, and I am hoping to make more!


    I'm part of the team that will be doing C4K at World's of Fun! I can't even began to explain how excited I am, as I have never been there. I usually try to do a volunteer event for local charities every year. With all the things going on, I didn't think I was going to get a chance to do it. I am thankful to be part of such an amazing community that is getting out there and doing it's part. Though I don't know anyone that would benefit from this personally, I can't even imagine what this means from the kids who do benefit from Give Kids The World, not to mention their families. I have began to ask my friends and family for donations and they seemed to be on board. Lets get all the donations we can for these kids! I have also invited a friend to join me, I will post his link as soon as he signs up, as he is not a member of TPR (yet) Great job to EVERYONE who has signed up, and thanks for EVERYONE who has donated!


    Because everyone loves an old coaster picture.


    TPR's favorite Mexican and myself at SFDK

  6. Anything with a new concept has to be taken slowly, but I have a feeling that this one will be fantastic. I can't wait to see what they'll do with that design in the future, once they know for sure how all the forces and whatnot play out. We can only imagine...

    The only thing that came to mind, was Xcelerator. But I guess compared to other versions of the "rocket coaster", Intamin did take it slowly. =p


    I'm excited to see what they do with these concepts though. The theming on this one is incredible!

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