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  1. Check em out here... not the entire album or anything but 25 to life and Heart Shaped Guitar are on here and in my opinion they are the two best songs on the album. maskedintruder.bandcamp.com/album/masked-intruder Give em a listen and remember... support local music/your scene.


    I'll give them a listen for sure. It's been a long while since I have listened to some good punk rock music. Oi Polloi, Antischism, Aus-Rotten, and Toy Dolls; all really good 80's punk that I used to love. I even liked some punk from the 90's; Leftover Crack, and even some Anti-Flag. You just brought back a flood of memories. I may have evolved my punk rock taste, but you're right, Punk NEVER dies.


    Now a days, I find myself listening to much softer music. I'm listening to The Avett Brothers, Famous Flower of Manhattan.

  2. ^^ Nice set. My first set was a Pearl that I bought off a friend. It was probably the set, but I got rid of it for a Tama.


    This is a picture of me piloting some friends around. Not that that there is much to see here in Oklahoma, I was giving them a bird eye view of "Green Country".


  3. I might have done an introduction at one point, but I'm sure that was long ago. I'm Alfred. Yes, like Batman's butler. I've been a member here since 05. Wow, has it really been that long? Yeah, quite a while. I was just out of high school, as you can tell with the ridiculous cap lock/non-cap lock username. It's quite the pet-peeve of mine now. Anyway, I've been to a number of TPR events, I just never got in to posting around here. Recently, I figured I would start. There's nothing like going to an event and actually knowing people before hand.


    I am 26 years old now. I recently (two years ago) moved from Southern California to Tulsa, Oklahoma. As random as the move sounds, I had good purpose behind it. After college, I decided that I completed a major that would no longer interest me for the rest of my life. I moved out to Oklahoma to peruse a career in aviation. As you can tell from my avatar, I'm a pilot now. It's an amazing experience every time. I am currently working on the rest of my ratings to be a commercial airline pilot over at Oklahoma State University, GO COWBOYS!


    Living in the part of the country does have its perks. I've been able to visit, and plan on visiting, most of the parks in this area. SFOT, SFFT, Silver Dollar City, SFStL, and perhaps some parks over in Illinois. I love to travel. I guess this has been long enough. Good to meet you all!

  4. In my opinion, the "Iron Horse" treatment, or whatever you want to call it, takes away the aspects of the wooden coaster, minus the support structure. It's really not too much different than riding a completely steel coaster. With that being said, it is an awesome ride experience. I never got to experience the original Texas Giant, but new NTAG is AMAZING. I was really excited to see The Rattler getting this treatment. It's going to be a beast of a ride...or serpent, Whichever.

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