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  1. I was in Sydney for a few days recently and naturally had to visit Luna Park to get my first southern hemisphere credit. The place was extremely empty, maybe due to the only soso weather and high winds.


    View from the ferry-Its quite small


    Very nice views


    Coney Island lives on down under? I apparently its an area with your typical kids crazy house-style stuff. Cost extra though, so I didnt go


    Crazy flat-Aw hell no. I think that guy was the only person on the ride


    There it is-Wild mouse. 10AUD for a single ride, unlimited ride passes are available (but given the size, probably not a good value)


    View from the lift hill-It runs noticeably faster than your typical Arrow Mouse so this was the only on-ride picture I took for fear of my camera


    Empty Boardwalk-Did I mention the amazing views?


    What you wont see in your typical US boardwalk park-a trendy bar. There was even another one. This is something I wouldnt complain seeing in the US although parks would inevitably make it crazy expensive


    All in all a tiny park that can be completely covered in under an hour. But given free entry and the fact that its a good excuse to walk the harbor bridge (which any Sydney visitor should do) there really isnt a good reason not to go.

  2. This has been asked numerous times. Unfortunately, there really isn't a good way on the forums to do such a thing.


    On the forums, sure. But it seems like one could write a relatively simple php app where people can indicate their availability for certain parks on certain days, and then others could search by parks/dates and see which members are available...I would do it myself if I had more time (maybe this summer?)

  3. And at that "point in time" the US and the UK were uncivilized.


    I don't think the uncivilized comment was only regarding the "foreign workers" but also lack of rights for some groups of people.


    A bit old, but countries like the US and UK are still like that today with workers exploiting illegal immigrants and companies outsourcing.


    Illegal immigrants are a bit of a different matter. The US spends a LOT of money trying to keep them out. Are they probably taken advantage of inside of the US? Sure. But its entirely different from the mideast, where the workers are in contracts with their employer that make switching to another job impossible and leaving the country without the employers permission illegal...

    Outsourcing is too a different matter. Its not like the workers in other countries are being forced to do jobs at less wages than they were promised..


    This thread should probably be headed towards the Random forum at this point..

  4. Not to mention how women are not allowed to walk around freely in Dubai and have to be covered at all times. I've heard some horror stories about this place too. Don't know why anyone would ever consider going there. Yes it looks pretty, but until their human rights join the rest of the world (mostly), I will never go there.


    No, thats not Dubai. Your thinking Saudi..Dubai is fairly liberal in THAT regard.


    Now if the government would only let us drill for our own oil, and at the same time adjust our infastructure to start creating hydrogen fueling stations, places like Dubai will be ghostowns in a decade or so!


    Dubai has next to no oil at this point. They were pretty smart to transition their economy to tourism and business like they have. Also, the majority of investment money is coming from foreign sources at this point..

    That article is pretty sensationalist but not very far from the truth, at least from what Ive seen (I was only in Dubai for 3 days, but I spent 5 months in Qatar, which is pretty similar with respect to worker treatment)


    What pisses me off even more is that these same papers were just months ago talking about how Dubai is the world's next big thing. But, at soon as the economy tanks and Dubai loses its luster, they go after all the worker-treatment stories they were all too happy to ignore for years (yea, im mad at both the media and the goverment). Dubai is a big mirage IMO...the demand for their ridiculous projects has never really existed.

  5. We shot some video today and thought we would share it with you. Hope you like it. For all of you who are going to cry about not seeing a POV...this is strict orders from our customer. You'll just have to come to Plohn and ride the REAL EL TORO for yourself!


    By the way, the vid is available in High Quality for those of you that can handle it! You'll get a great view of Chris's nose hair!


    Jeff & Chris



    I knew it would run fast, but that thing just flies. Looks good

  6. This one was all too easy to figure out once it was determined you were in Minneapolis. There are basically two ways to get to Edmonton on SkyTeam flights - through Salt Lake City on some Sky West crap or whatever, and Minneapolis.. not that I've ever looked at (and once booked only to have Elissa cancel!!) flights up there


    Wow "Skywest" crap.... I guess I'll take that to work with me on thursday when I start my 4 day trip!!!!


    Whoever thinks skywest is crap hasnt flown nearly enough RJ flights. Skywest is godlike compared to Mesa......

  7. Im in the middle of doing internship interviews.. Ive been lucky to get a lot of responses this year, since it seems a lot of companies have cut back the number of students they take. Ive interviewed and gotten denied from 3, interviewed and waiting on 2, scheduled interviews with 2 more, and waiting on an offer (thank god) from another. So definitely pretty good so far...

  8. Well, after having read through this freakin long thread...


    I don't really believe in this too much considering the logical arguments made against Alton earlier, but the idea I had since the beginning was...


    There is a website for Xworks I found through google that which has a description stating that it is for an investment company. The website has a 2009 copyright, so it is relatively new. The site claims to have its office in the UK, but most of the site wasn't working when I checked, and the office address didn't come up with that company when searched on google maps. Sounds like a fishy thing, or perhaps a front for Alton Towers to start a viral marketing campaign!

    Ecxept I believe they chose a Dark Forest theme, and the track color doesn't fit.


    Well Rob, getting warmer?


    I have to say that this is pretty much totally it.




    Just look at the site. It is something that looks like it was just thrown together. The stock ticker on the left has random information on it, and I bet it won't even change over the next couple of days. It has the 2009 copyright on it. which is a pretty good giveaway. Plus, the address is in the UK. I mean, I think that all signs have to point at Alton Towers here. Just another viral marketing campaign.


    it was asking me for username/password?

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