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  1. PNE's Coaster's trains or any B&M trains really. Especially love the Inverts because of the wheel cover designs. Worst: The standard Arrow boxes.
  2. "Malaria lake" and "malaria fountain" still looks as "infested" and neglected as it's always been. Is the same water being used for the flume as it looks like it? Also, I notice the ride signs being used are still the old "Six Flags" signs. No love for Timberhawk?
  3. Which would you say has the better games available for it? Although a lot of games made for Xbox are also made for PS3.
  4. Used to play a lot of first person shooting games like Half Life, Team Fortress, Quake III, Counter Strike, Ghost Recon etc but the 3D graphics as well as the simulated motion in those types of games made me dizzy so I had to stop. Just a part of having motion sickness I guess (as I can't stand simulator rides either). Now, I just play mostly RTS games like the Command and Conquer series (finished both Allied and Soviet missions for RA2 awhile ago, just play Skirmish games now), Age of Empires, Civilization etc and havn't had problems with motion sickness. Just wondering, does anyone here not own any gaming console other than a PC? Because I know I'm one of them. Although I'm thinking about getting a Wii.
  5. Back in 2008, I met Dream Theater and Opeth at their concert. I only got my picure taken with Mike Portnoy of DT because he was having an autograph session at a nearby music store. Didn't get to talk to him much as there was a huge line of people waiting for autographs/photo ops. I also met Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth as he was just standing outside the theater next to the tourbus signing stuff and chatting with fans. Got to talk with him more than I did with Portnoy. Seen but not met, too many. Me and Portnoy. Me and Akerfeldt.
  6. Fried candy/chocolate bars. Mmmmmm... Made one myself afew days ago. Turned out very well. I didn't have Mars bars so I used Kit Kat and Snickers bars.
  7. 35. There was abit of a delay because they had to let the train rest for a bit so it doesn't wear out the wheels and station brake.
  8. As you may have heard from another post of mine, I have an "unofficial" coaster club at school. Tracks For Wishes is a fundraising event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Give Kids The World. To fundraise, members of the club collected pledges and rode Coaster at Playland for as many times as possible in 2 hours with only short breaks for washroom, food, and water. We have raised a total of $564.70 (CAD) from this event which was be split between Make-A-Wish Foundation and Give Kids The World. That's why it's called "tracks" for wishes. The group. We had to share the train with everyone else because this was not an official Playland/Make-A-Wish/GKTW event. Despite the full train, Coaster is a walk-on most of the time. Lunch time. Train on transfer track. After 2 hours and 35 laps around, we made a finger star. Group high five.
  9. The closest I have done is starting a coaster club this school year. It wasn't a very successful club and we only ended up with about 5 members. It was mostly just a social group for people who have an interest in theme parks. We actually managed to organize one successful club "event", which was a coaster marathon for charity. (will post the TR of that) About comming across as a total geek, another thing you will likely encounter is your members being just GP people who think "roller coasters are fun". Atleast that's what I ended up with. And lots of ignorant questions that come with that. Because I graduated this year and nobody wanted to take over or keep it going, theme park club is no more.
  10. Enchanted Forest in Salem, Oregon I hear is pretty good for outside of Florida and California in terms of theming.
  11. What about the outline of a coaster as an armband? One of the ride operator co-workers at Playland has it. That way it's something more generic rather than a particular coaster or manufacturer. As for trying it out, maybe you should try getting a henna or jagua (the juice of a fruit from South America) version of it (which you can do yourself for cheaper than at a theme park). That way you can see how it looks before deciding to commit.
  12. About the cost of scrapping one, it probably would cost as much or more as buying a new one. If it was to the point where it was falling apart, beyond repair and no longer safe to operate, the park would have no other choice really. Knowing Six Flags' finanacial situation though, I think they'll leave Iron Wolf running even after they put up Chang.
  13. Looks like a great school trip with a nice hotel view too. Fahrenheit is such a photogenic coaster...
  14. Some assembly required. chinesepretzel.bmp Me and my cousin made this few years ago. That was my avatar awhile ago if any of you remember.
  15. Both Universal Studios in Singapore and Japan both have New York/Hollywood themed areas. That's not really European or Australian but still overseas. As for the space shuttle, I think it's probably a replica.
  16. I found another pic of it on Wikipedia. Not sure if it's the same wheel though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Drive-in_Wheel.jpg A drive on roller coaster...That sounds interesting. You'd have to find a way to secure the car onto the "train" though. Drive in theatres, banking, restaurants what next, drive in shopping malls? Water slides?
  17. I never even though of that! Even though I'm a girl and I don't really find standups that bad, but still sounds like a good idea. I have one (the girl kind) for Tae Kwon Do and I'm probably going to be wearing it on Mantis. Some kind of coaster dude, the lap bar for the cage would probably have to be height adjustable, just like a regular "stand" on a standup coaster. That's the problem with the standing position, people are of different heights. On the other hand in a sitting position, height isn't much of a factor.
  18. As for the trains, would a lasso/zero gravity style cage (with some modifications) work instead of the typical "stands"/seats? As without an actual seat that needs to be adjusted for each person, the loading process can be a lot more efficient. Not to mention a more comfortable ride than a regular standup. Another thing to consider is how megacoasters like Titan or Goliath (both SFOG and SFMM) pull very strong G's in the infamous helix. Seeing what it can do to you while sitting down I cannot imagine how that'd feel standing up. It would put too much strain on your legs. The reason standups hurt your legs is because your legs take all the force. For example, I'm 145 lbs under normal gravity (normal gravitational force). That means when I'm under say 4.5 G of force, I'd weigh 652.5 lbs therefore making it painful to stay standing. When you're sitting, your bottom takes the weight, which is a lot easier than your legs taking the force. With the right type of "passenger accomodation" (aka "seating"), and G force levels carefully calculated out, I think it can be done. With B&M's traditional values though, I don't think they'd push it this far. Maybe Intamin could give it a go?
  19. I know RCT released a series of "pick your path" type books awhile ago. I have 3 of them myself. They were more just "pick your path" stories centred around theme parks. Maybe the movies could have some tie ins to those? But you can't have a pick your path movie in theatres, can you?
  20. My prom is this friday, and I've already decided on what to wear long ago. I personally think that girls spend too much time on what to wear for prom. Another pet peeve of mine is the "pre-prom dieting". Meaning when someone makes and follows this really strict diet plan so they can fit into their "2 sizes too small" dresses. We don't vote for "prom queen/king" here so there's not much competition. My hair is too short to really style it much, so I won't bother with the styling. I can't stand having makeup on, so I won't get any done. I'm going to wear something like this, with dress shoes rather than heels: Edit: Here's the picture. (that's actually a girl next to me).
  21. A ball coaster would fit there, making it the first of a kind in North America. But because of the low capacity and slow loading times, it may not be that good of an idea. Or I was thinking a Screamin' Squirrel would probably fit, but it's not an Intamin ride.
  22. I'm pretty sure the whole track is going to be the "Flashback red" steel. The only thing that's going to remain wooden is the supports (therefore making it a hybird coaster like Gemini) and the trains.
  23. Doesn't look like they're getting new trains. It looks like the same ones from the days at Astroworld.
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