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  1. Old Knotts designer Robin Hall designed this back in the 90's. Now imagine if Riptide had that theme.


    I would love it if RipTide had this theme! I wonder if the theming in this concept inspired Hammerhead (operated from 1996-2003), which was eventually replaced with RipTide? If by chance that happens to be the case, it would be cool to see RipTide get some of this theming to bring things around full circle!

  2. The X2 policy is ridiculous. Essentially, you buy a $15 cup in order to be able to buy soda for the same price that it is outside the park for one season, and then they force you to pay even more for a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo when you want to ride a ride, and refuse to let you leave it in the station.


    Such is life in a Six Flags park. TC is the only reason why I have not given up on SFMM entirely.


    I agree, but I was given an explanation why they require the lockers. One of the leads/supervisors told me that the fire marshal now requires that the pathway to the exit remains clear in case of a fire, and since bags can partially obstruct the path, the lockers are now mandatory (you used to be able to leave your things outside). Doesn't change the fact that they could at least offer them for free since it's not the guests' fault (similar to how Manta at SWSD or Revenge of the Mummy at USH offer free ones for 60-90 minutes), but it's for safety reasons from what I was told. Yes it's only $1 for an hour, but it sucks having to go to the machine, inserting $1 or a credit card, and then entering your pin and storing your stuff before choosing a row! I know we hear a lot of things from employees that just aren't true, but this sounded legit.


    Side note- I didn't own a refillable cup at Six Flags for the first couple of years I had a season pass because at the time they were doing mandatory lockers on almost all of the rides, and I didn't want to fall into that trap of paying for the cup plus refills on return visits plus lockers at each ride (this was also before they offered the all-day ones that are valid at all the major rides). I only started buying them when I found that they had stopped that policy and were allowing riders to leave things in the station!

  3. Lets switch gears here! Is anyone here excited for WCB this weekend? I know everyone is excited for Knotts, but how about SFMM? Anyone? Its funny to see how different the WCB's are since I went in 2009, 2010 when everyone was going to SFMM and hardly anyone made it to Knotts. Now its totally the opposite.


    I'll be there at both parks/days! I've attended the SFMM day of WCB every year since 2010, and this will be my 2nd year attending Knott's (first time was last year). While I appreciate the fact that SFMM still does WCB and I'm looking forward to it, it is sad that there's nowhere near as much offered now as there was in the past (examples- no backstage tours, formal Q&A session, etc), whereas Knott's has been stepping up their offerings. So that probably explains why it's shifted. The reason why I haven't been to the Knott's day of WCB as much as SFMM is because in past years I haven't been able to stay for Sunday due to school. But I enjoy both parks (have season passes at both!), and I'm looking forward to this weekend!


    I'm especially excited for ERT on Full Throttle and X2! Although I'm not counting on it, I'm hoping that maybe more details will be revealed about Twisted Colossus during lunch since there will be some Q&A. Obviously we're aware of the layout thanks to the video, but maybe we can get questions answered such as how long this was in development, and get the debate settled as to how loading will work (some think it'll be dual station loading like Tatsu, others think it'll be one station, the question of how many trains it'll have when it opens, etc).

  4. I think those Boxtrolls would fit more at Universal, but I suppose they can't be advertised there since i'm sure the film is produced by Focus films again like the last 2 movies (coraline, paranorman) the animation studio has done.


    I was going to say when I saw the TR that I thought it was odd that the Boxtrolls characters were at SFMM when I saw them at Universal a couple of weeks ago! It makes sense to reach out and market where they can, but it's still odd! To me that would be like seeing Bugs Bunny meeting guests at Knott's (which I realize would never happen under current contracts/rights)!

  5. Received a Bag of Crap in the mail the other day! I was surprised at how much was in here that I literally said, "Holy crap!" when I opened it! So thank you! Here's what was inside:


    Team TPR backpack!


    TPR merch- a Club TPR car magnet, TPR fridge magnet, TPR DVD (haven't had a chance to see what it is yet, but I'm guessing it's a volume of Coaster Expedition!), a Club TPR Christmas ornament, and the famous TPR magical pen!


    A close up of the Club TPR ornament- this is going to look great on the tree this year (and in future years)!


    I got a nice wall map of SFMM as it looked in 2006!


    A look at the map- quite a bit has changed since 2006!


    Remember when X2 was simply X?


    Remember when Deja Vu and Psyclone existed?


    Superman: The Escape before becoming Superman Escape From Krypton, Log Jammer before YOLOcoaster replaced it, and the old tree from Bugs Bunny World!


    Remember when the action theater was actually used as a theater? Though in all fairness, it's actually pretty awesome as Aftermath (Fright Fest maze).


    Remember Flashback? I don't...never got to ride it, but from what I've been told I should be thankful for that!


    And of course, Colossus (soon to become Twisted Colossus).


    Maps from international theme parks! Got quite a few from the Happy Valley parks!


    Cedar Fair maps- 2013 Cedar Point and Kings Island maps!


    Six Flags maps- SFGA and SFNE! So happy to have these Six Flags parks in my collection now!


    Disney stuff- Maps from Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Hong Kong Disneyland, and a promotional button from the Disneynature Chimpanzee film!


    Maps from different U.S. parks- Legoland Florida, Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels), Holiday World, Silverwood, Waldameer, and Lake Compounce! This is a seriously awesome Bag of Crap. Thank you, Robb and Elissa! I really appreciate your generosity!

  6. So did anyone get all of the prizes from this event without spending money on clams? Just wondering. I myself got up to only the silver statue, though I chose not to spend any money on this update, and I didn't have as much time as I normally would to constantly check and play the game.

  7. On another note, does anyone know if YOLOcoaster Sports Bar is offering items on the menu for the Season Dining Pass yet? I believe the park map shows that there are options there, but I haven't seen any confirmation of this since it opened. It would be nice to be able to use it at an indoor location (besides Food Etc.) this summer!


    Found out yesterday that they are "not" offering items yet. They said that it will be a few weeks before they start. (Also menu did not list any on it either)


    Ah, gotcha. Well, at least they said they're going to be offering meals there in the near future! Thanks for the info!

  8. I don't think it has anything to do with cutting corners and has everything to do with encouraging the purchase of a refillable bottle.


    Many places are downsizing their soda portents lately to appease the whole 'soda is terrible for you' crowd. So, maybe a little of that, but probably more likely a way of making the 15 dollar bottle look like a better deal.


    I think you're right about them trying to encourage guests to buy the souvenir bottles. As far as cost goes, if the deal they have with Coke is like Disney's, then they get all their Coke products for free, so drink sales are pure profit for the park. From what I've been told, Coke also supplies the cups (at Disney anyway), so there's no cost to the park in those terms either. The smaller cups would still make sense in order to stretch the product stock further and add onto the already high profits (in fact, Disney downsized their cups too about a year ago- I have proof!), but I think your theory is more correct. It certainly works- I've had a souvenir bottle each year for the past 3 years! The all-day wristbands they offer for purchase on return visits is a great value too- unlimited drinks for about the same price as one regular-size drink!

  9. I have just updated my lists. If you have looked at my list before, you already know that there are some maps that I will only trade in exchange for something off of my want list (which can be found on the 2nd tab of the spreadsheet). This is due to limited supplies and/or high demand (such as with Halloween event maps). The rest of the maps are generally fair game- I'll do a map for map trade, so feel free to offer up anything for those! I will be in Southern California all summer, so you can expect that I will be picking up plenty of updated maps from all of the major parks- I have passes to all of them!


    If you are interested in making a trade, please PM me. I will reply when I have time (I'm pretty busy with school right now, and finals are right around the corner). I will let you know what new maps come in over the summer as I pick them up. Thanks!


    Check out my list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuBVggYaFgNkdF9aUTg0bUczcFYtNFpQSTBEd0pmTnc#gid=0

  10. It's a fun game but I feel like it has way too many things going on.


    I agree, though it is unique that you have character levels in addition to game levels. Adds something to it. The major complaint I have about the game so far is that there is no "tracker" like in Tapped Out, so you have to locate each character individually to put him/her on a task. But then again, Tapped Out was like this up until a few months ago, so it just made me appreciate that feature a bit more. I do like that they have the arrows to scroll through each neighbor's town already though, even if I only have 2 friends playing the game so far (not including Ollieland).


    With that said, on Homer's "Raid Random Fridges" task, has anyone else had their Homer raid Flander's fridge each time? Maybe it's just with mine, but I think it's hilarious that the "random choice" just happens to be Flander's house each time! It's definitely something he would do!

  11. This is how it is at my home park, Lagoon. I always take it as they close the lines early to get people out of the park at the time the park closes. Why keep rides running when the rest of the place is closed?


    While that makes sense, in my experience with SFMM (I've had a season pass since 2010 and visit several times a year), they typically have kept the lines open until park closing, just like the other SoCal parks. The only time I can think of offhand where this hasn't been the case was with the original version of X, where they did close the line early, but they had plenty of signage out to warn guests about it (this was around 2004/2005), and the rest of the rides kept their lines open until closing. Just seems odd to me that they'd suddenly change this, especially since they stand to possibly p*ss off a bunch of people (locals and tourists alike) who are used to the policy of being able to get in line up until the minute the park officially closes at other parks like USH or DLR. Not trying to say that closing the lines early isn't practical, but it's unusual compared to my previous experiences.

  12. By the time I had completed the ride and exited, they had shut the queue off, so no last minute re-ride. It turned out all the queues were being shut off, I didn't even get to go on Viper!


    So does anyone know if it's a new park policy to close the lines before the park actually closes? Reason why I ask is because I had a similar experience on my last visit (Sunday 3/16). My dad and I were heading over to Goliath to get in line before the park closed, only to find an employee out front blocking the entrance, saying that her supervisor told her to close the line. And the park was definitely still open- the official closing announcement didn't play until 60-90 seconds after we were told that the ride was closed.


    I understand that ride availability can change at anytime for any reason (especially since I work in Attractions at Disney), but it seemed odd to me that a supervisor would have made the decision to close a line before the rest of the park if there was nothing "wrong" with the ride. And as far as I could tell, there was no problem- they were still cycling full trains with guests on them as I got back to the parking lot!


    EDIT: On a sidenote, this was very frustrating after having been at USH the day before, where the rides stayed open for an additional 30 minutes after park closing due to technical difficulties experienced earlier in the day on Transformers. Initially the Studio Directory boards showed that Transformers would remain open until 7:30 (the park closed at 7PM), and was later changed to all rides remaining open until 7:30 (meaning Jurassic Park, Mummy, and Simpsons in addition to Transformers). Just goes to show how different the two parks can be! Hope SFMM can take a page out of USH's book...but I doubt they will.

  13. So has anyone ever been the only person on Flight Deck/Top Gun before? And, does anyone know what the deal is with this new policy of not letting people wait for the front of flight deck? I understood it for Gold Striker last season because it was brand new and so crowded, but now Flight Deck too? And with the front row empty??? Lame. I should send an email to management, along with my regular complaint of "Rue le Dodge" being turned into a lame, boring, worthless, one-way non-bumping bumper car ride...


    Not on Flight Deck (I've never even been to CGA), but I got to do it on Batman at SFMM once. It was during ERT at WCB 2010, and they were running two trains. I got to the station as they were sending out the first train empty (because no one was there, and I got to the gates after they were closed already), and then the people on the 2nd train all got off! And on top of that, it was my birthday haha! So that was my most memorable ride on Batman...cool to hear that you got to do the same thing on Flight Deck!


    As for the weird policy, I'd send an email.

  14. How many of us are also going to play Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff when it becomes available on April 10 for iOS and Android?


    I didn't even know that was a thing! So yeah, I'll probably check it out. But I won't be abandoning my Springfield anytime soon! This will just give me another game to play.

  15. Does anyone know if they've ever tried it here? I suspect we wouldn't get all the great flavors they have in Japan.


    If I remember correctly, Disneyland sold honey-flavored (stylized as "hunny") popcorn near the Pooh attraction around the time it opened (in 2003). Obviously it didn't last, and I don't know of anything similar being tried since then. But that's only as far as I know.

  16. Viper is on borrowed time for sure. How much time? Only the park knows. They have a decent amount of parts for the trains so once that supply dries up and maintaining it becomes expensive, then it will be removed. This is exactly why I ride 2 or 3 times every time I visit as Viper is a pinnacle of engineering for its time.


    Aren't there other companies that make parts for Arrow coasters? If so then as long as it does not demolish itself the park could keep it going for a long time.


    If I remember correctly, during Q&A at WCB 2011 (it may have been 2010), someone asked if Viper would be removed anytime soon. Their answer ("their" referring to Jay Thomas, Tim Burkhart, and Neil Thurman) was no. But then again, things can always change. I personally don't want to see it removed in the near future, but if/when it does get replaced, I just hope that whatever replaces it can load and operate as efficiently as Viper has.

  17. ^And the second one of those kids gets as much as a paper cut, they'll sue the park for billions. People are stupid and terrible.


    On a different topic, that is indeed a nice looking Starbucks. I was sort of surprised to not see a gathering of assholders outside protesting, since Walt never drank at Starbucks or whatever. Perhaps they all wore themselves out looking for paint chips earlier that day...




    I lost it when I read "assholders"!

  18. See I personally love viper. I've ridden it a few times over the years and I've loved every single ride. I also didn't find the ride to have as much head banging as I thought it would. It was one of my favorites at the park.


    'Same here! Viper's actually one of my favorites at SFMM. I always go for the second to last row, and I almost never get headbanging in that row. It's a fun ride in my opinion, especially at night! I've also appreciated how efficiently this one appears to operate compared to other SFMM rides- whenever I'm there, Viper runs 2 trains, and there's minimal stacking. The other advantage being that there's almost never a line for it, so I can usually stay on for as many rides as I want!

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