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  1. Guys There is a trail adjacent to Luigis that could be used. It is the trail that connects bugs land to Cars land. I hardly ever see anyone use it plus it would triple the area of the ride.


    I don't see this being used for the new ride...if it were eliminated completely, it would be a pain getting from Bugs Land into Cars Land- you'd have to walk all the way through Bugs Land to enter Cars Land through the main street of the land! Plus that path is also used by Cast Members to gain access backstage (and where Mater, Lightning McQueen, and Red enter/exit backstage). It's not like backstage entryways can't be adjusted or relocated, but I don't see this happening here, at least not right now.

  2. Do they have this kind of generic mug for Six Flags parks, everywhere?


    I picked this one up in Six Flags Mexico, on the 2013 TPR Mexico Tour.


    Or, are they not connected with Warner Bros. any more? I forget. Sorry.


    But I agree, you'd think somebody in the office would notice the errors with

    matching the coasters and names in the design... Or maybe not?


    I believe so...I'm pretty sure I've seen that exact mug at SFMM (inside the Looney Tunes Superstore)! So yes, they are still connected with Warner Bros. I've always thought that Six Flags just uses stock photos on almost all their merch so that it's easy to mass produce for all their parks...so maybe they just pick whatever looks closest to what the actual ride is and change to colors hoping that no one notices? My theory is that might also be why Six Flags likes using the same ride names at multiple parks (Batman The Ride, Goliath, Scream are all used at more than one Six Flags park)...reusing names/logos across multiple parks saves money, and most guests won't notice or even care unless they've been to several of the parks in the chain.


    I've also noticed this same issue on Cedar Fair merchandise (such as Cedar Point rides on Knott's merch) and to a lesser extent at Disney (example- WDW's Cinderella Castle on a DLR shirt/mug/keychain/whatever).

  3. I wonder what the internal meetings with John Lassetter must have been like? Luigi's was his pet project.


    I'm wondering the same thing. I heard that a lot of people in TDA and WDI were well aware that this concept wasn't going to work very well, but none of them would confront Lasseter about it (plus it was already under construction). But this is just a rumor I heard. I feel like he probably agreed in the end about closing it...he seems like he really emphasizes quality and a great guest experience above everything else. I'll bet it was frustrating for him though- I'm sure he was hoping it could be improved. An example of this is from another rumor I had heard about when Racers was in its testing phases, he had the programmers slow down the cars slightly so that it would reduce downtimes (even though they're still fairly frequent). Again, could be false, but it sounds believable to me.

  4. Anyone else think this is the best year for Coasters since the Millenia-Boom?


    -New !!!Intamin Mega!!! in China

    -B&M's likely best coaster Fury325 and finally a launched as well (and 4 more coasters to boot)

    -Mack first true Megacoaster (and 2 Mack Launchers)

    -2 RMCs, including possible best Dueling Coaster in existence

    -Karnan, Gerstlauer's tallest project ever (and Wiener Prater's enclosed coaster)

    -Cannibal, the crazy twin in Utah

    -First S&S Free spin (Batman), and a compressed launcher as well

    -SIX new Gravity Group Wooden, including the Ireland project and the first modern wooden-shuttle

    -Massive new GCI (Viper) in China, and the return of the Starliner

    -Rampage is reopened after 3 years!

    -Impulse, Laugh Trakk, Tempesto, No more crotch nightmares at Cedar Point


    I just feel like this is an insane year for quality additions in comparison to the last decade and a half. I don't think any other year has had even half the amount of "yeah I should definitely make a special trip for that this year" level rides. And this doesn't include all the great flats and dark rides coming to seasonal parks or the majors. I'm pessimistic by nature and I'm still totally pumped.


    I think I would have to agree with you! Sadly I won't get to experience most of the coasters you mentioned this year...except for Twisted Colossus!

  5. So glad I got the warning about Ida...I haven't repaired the bench yet. This is what frustrates me about the game- you'd think after so many complaints from players about the lack of warnings on timed quests/characters that they would listen, and yet they still don't warn you when the character you're about to start unlocking has a time limit! I get that it all comes down to them wanting you to buy clams to complete everything on time, but they have listened to player feedback on other things (like having "premium" characters that you can buy without clams).

  6. Didn't get the Tropical Island, but when I updated I noticed that they gave everyone one each of the smaller islands that were in the store. So maybe they realized that a lot of people didn't get the last prize? I actually thought it was generous of them to give out the premium islands for free (two of the three islands had originally cost donuts)!

  7. I have something to add to the list:


    Universal Studios Hollywood- NightTime Studio Tour and Fast & Furious Supercharged (part of the Studio Tour)



    I realize all of this is just adding onto the existing tour (or in the case of the NightTime Tour, an "overlay"), but I for one am considering these to be new attractions! There's also Springfield coming, though I realize that it's just a food court.

  8. This update is annoying me. Especially the yeti. It seems like there is too much to do and there's no way to get everything done without spending actual money.


    I'm probably also annoyed that I was doing really well at the Halloween event and then I ended up needing emergency heart surgery and missed the end of it while in the hospital for two weeks and couldn't finish. I'm not sure I want to put this much effort into a game at this point...




    I completely agree. I didn't finish the Halloween event (though I got most of what I wanted), though it was mainly because I lost a week due to not being able to load the game (had to wait for an update to come out that fixed the problem before I could play). I have lost some time on this event because I was out of town last week, and therefore not playing as regularly as I normally do, but even if I had played as much as usual during all of last week, I still don't think I would be on track to finish.


    On a side note, I'm sorry to hear about your emergency surgery! Hope you've recovered okay!

  9. It's here! Actually it's been here awhile- I was just out of town all last week and then I was busy over this past weekend. But anyway, onto the photos!



    Hmm...I don't remember ordering anything from Australia...let's see what's inside!


    Looks like a lot of interesting stuff!


    Thank you, Aaron! Much appreciated!


    A POP! Vinyl Rocket Raccoon! I don't have this one, so I'm really happy about this!


    Snacks from Australia! You must have seen the part of my post where I said I liked Australian licorice! And I'm going to enjoy the other snacks too!


    Park maps! There's Universal Studios Singapore, Dreamworld, Sea World, and Wet 'n' Wild! Thank you so much- some new maps for my Universal collection as well as maps from Australian parks!


    A Batman magnet from Warner Bros. Movie World and a mystery Disney pin! I seriously LOVE this magnet- I really want to go to Warner Bros. Movie World sometime, and Batman is my favorite DC Comics hero! And of course, I'm an avid pin collector as well!


    Here's the pin I got- it's Donald wearing a beret! Awesome!




    Thanks Aaron (aka azza29)! You really hit it out of the park with these gifts! I can see that you really put some thought into everything, and I am so grateful and appreciative of what you did for me. Merry/Happy ChrisHanKwanSivus, everyone!

  10. My gifts arrived! Well, actually, they arrive earlier this week and I finally stopped by the apartment office to pick up the packages, hahaha. Rocket Raccoon Bobblehead, a Baymax pin, and an Olaf "ICEA" Instructional Poster were the main gifts. There were also a bunch of park maps and guides thrown in for good measure. Thanks a ton, Tyler (disney4me2001)!!!


    You're welcome! I'm glad you liked them!

  11. Yes, please, please let us know when you've received something!


    I've gone through the thread and my list and here's where we stand:


    13 people have not posted that they've received a gift.

    9 of those 13 senders posted when they mailed their gifts so we know at least that many are in transit.

    7 of those 13 were either coming from or going to international folks so they could be taking a little longer.


    There's a chance that I've received my gift, but I'm out of town until this Friday (I left home last Thursday). But I'll go ahead and open it and post about it here when I get back, assuming that it has arrived! Sorry I didn't post this earlier- this is the first time I've checked TPR since I left town!

  12. What's with the CIA agents snooping around my town? And how do you find out who is sending them?


    Wait, what? Did you mix up the Simpsons and Family Guy threads? CIA agents show up in Family Guy (they generate every so often, and tapping them yields coins), but I haven't seen any in Simpsons...but then again, if I can't see them then it must mean that they're doing their jobs right!

  13. Anyone else having problems with shipping this year?


    Yep- ordered my giftee something from a site (it's a popular and generally reliable site, though it's not Amazon), and the order is still processing! While it probably doesn't help that I ordered it right before Thanksgiving, it should have shipped by now! When I've ordered from this site before, it's been fast to process and ship.


    But everything else is ready to send out, and I'll be sending those items tomorrow!



    EDIT: I've PM'd Brandy about this so that she'll be aware (though I know she'll also see this post).

  14. I'm not usually one to ask these questions since I actually do get to go to SFMM a lot, but should I be worried about this?


    Sharp Cheer & Dance Competition- Western Regionals


    It's being held on Sunday Dec. 14th, which is when I'm planning on going next. Normally I'll go on Sundays because it's usually less busy than Saturdays in my experience, but Sundays also normally work in my favor since events seem to happen on Saturdays most of the time. So, any thoughts? Should I maybe consider going on Sat. the 13th instead? My current plan is to hit USH on that day, but I could easily switch them to SFMM on Sat. and USH on Sun.

  15. Just a head's up- if you haven't already unlocked all the Smiths, you can continue unlocking them after the event ends- as long as you've placed whatever vehicle they came with (Francine with the Smith Mobile, Roger with his ship), you can still earn the items even after the update comes out. So it's not necessary to spend clams to finish them unless you just want to have them done before the Christmas event starts, or if you were one of the lucky ones who didn't start the Klaus task right away and you still are trying to unlock him.

  16. Think they will continue the tradition during Halloween of turning colossus backwards? How cool would that be! Iron Colossus backwards.


    I agree that it would be a cool idea, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. I feel like it won't happen for the same reason why Superman isn't currently running forward- guests want to experience the "new" version of the ride, so it doesn't make sense to change the ride experience right now. Plus I would imagine that the trains for TC aren't designed to run backwards.

  17. Did anyone buy Bitch Brian? Just curious. I chose to to pass on this since there will probably be a Christmas Quest coming up.


    I'm choosing to pass on it as well. While I love the Bitch Stewie/Brian episode, I don't want to spend clams on either of them since I just spent a lot for Halloween, not to mention that I went ahead and got the Smith home for 100 clams. So I'm saving mine in case I need them to finish the American Dad characters- if I end up needing to spend anything, it'll most likely be on Francine or Roger (assuming both are non-premium to begin with).

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