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  1. Honestly I like both hosts...but I HATE NBC!


    Not to change the subject here, but I'm a fan of the former NBC show "Las Vegas," which, as some of you may know (especially if you're a fellow fan), got cancelled on a cliffhanger. Yes, ultimately it was cut because of the Writer's Strike (supposedly episodes were costing about $1 million/episode, not to mention it had the largest soundstage set ever built for a TV show), but it really p*ssed me (and millions of other fans) off. And Jeff Zucker was one of the execs who pulled the plug on "Vegas."


    So yeah, Conan definitely got screwed, and I hope things turn out well for him. The media has done nothing but spin the news as if it's Leno's fault, which imo, it isn't. The reason why he is still at NBC is because they offered him enough money to not go to another network (as it was rumored that ABC was prepared to offer him a show to compete against Conan), and especially in Hollywood, money = power.


    Zucker the F***er is the one who needs to go! *insert Leno/Conan monologue joke here*



  2. ^^^^^ You're not the only one. I have rode GhostRider on a regular basis since it opened, and although very rough, I have not been in pain after riding it. It does bounce you around but I have found the tight fitting, well padded seats have kept me from taking any hits which were actually painful.


    Same here. Actually I was just at Knott's last week, and GhostRider, imo, was the smoothest it's been in awhile. Supposedly some of the rougher sections were rebuilt to help smooth it out.


    And just for the record, rode a few times (throughout the day, not all at once) in the very back. Had to ride in the very front at the end of the day because there were literally only 3 people on the ride and if the front doesn't have people in it, the train is unable to dispatch (at least according to the ride op who told me I had to move from the back row all the way up to the front).

  3. ^ If you have a voucher from Six Flags Magic Mountain, I believe that pass processing will be OPEN the morning of our registration. It's the out of state, or I should say "non-SFMM vouchers" than cannot be accepted or processed on that day.




    So just to clarify, if I plan on redeeming a voucher (a SFMM voucher) at the pass processing center the morning of WCB, can I go ahead and register at the $37 price? I already have a pass, but my parents don't yet. They are planning on getting season passes, I just need to know which price to register them at.


    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I read the flyer (and this thread) all the way through but still wasn't completely sure.



  4. I noticed Xcelerator is on the ERT list for Knott's...is this tentative or will Xcelerator have definitely re-opened by WCB? Just wondering since Knott's hasn't mentioned anything about it since the accident (at least that I've heard, maybe someone on here has heard something?)


    Also, just out of curiosity, how many spots are available?


    Thanks a lot! Looks like a great event...I'm planning to at least attend the first day @ SFMM!

  5. So now that Windows 7 has been out for a couple of months, would you still say it's worth upgrading?


    I can get the student discount (i.e. get it for $30), and I'm considering upgrading. I'm currently using Vista w/ SP2 on a Gateway laptop.


    So while that's not a lot of info to go by, what do you think? Is it worth the time and money to upgrade and learn a new version of Windows? Or should I just save myself from the frustration?


    Thanks for your input...I'm seeing mixed reviews here...

  6. 1. What are your initial thoughts?

    I like the idea! Definitely would make me want to participate in more TPR events!


    2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering?

    I like all the benefits, and there are certainly a lot of them. How about a TPR Bag-O-Crap with the goodie bag? Lol jk (although I wouldn't mind it!)


    3. Is this something that interests you?

    Yes. While I'm not certain that I would sign up immediately, I would at least consider it. The discounts at the parks is certainly an incentive for me! Specifically, I'd like to see discounts at Knott's, SFMM, and possibly Fiesta Texas. Of course, while I'd LOVE a merch discount at Disney, I know that's doubtful (okay, impossible!).


    4. Why would you NOT be interested in this?

    Right now it would be the price point. It is a good value, especially considering the $15 TPR store credit, but I'm not sure that it's in my budget right now. However, even at the current proposed pricepoint, I'd consider it and save up for it if necessary.


    5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here.

    Overall, I LOVE the idea! All the benefits sound great. Again, the price is very reasonable, just not sure that I can afford to sign up for this immediately should it happen. But I would save up for it and join eventually. The only question I have is when this will be available should this become a reality- I'd like to use it for WCB if possible!


    Thanks for listening to our feedback and for always putting the members' interests first! I have faith that TPR will only grow and benefit from a membership program such as this one.

  7. Went yesterday. Lines weren't too bad. X2 was closed when the park opened due to "high winds," as the ops blocking the entrance were saying. So I went with my friends to Tatsu first, line was about 30 mins. Not sure what time X2 actually opened, but we went after lunch and the wait was an hour.


    Fire effects weren't turned on on X2 (I rode both in the afternoon and after dark). I didn't notice the fire on Terminator during the daytime, but they were on at night, which made the night ride that much better!


    Hit almost every coaster in the park, including Scream (though I'd mention it since the SFMM site lists it as "temporarily closed"). On average, the lines were 10-20 mins per ride, with the exception of X2. Definitely not a bad day at all!

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else think that this coaster that they are going to announce at the end of the month will be more like a kiddie coaster then a family coaster?


    I would be pretty disappointed. I think it will be something like along the lines of Sierra Sidewinder.

    You SoCal people are really hard to please. You just got Terminator this year and now, when the park is building the follow up coaster in the next year instead of waiting a few, you're already going to be unsatisfied if it isn't something big? Man, I can't imagine how you would make it here in Colorado where no new coasters have been built since 2007 (and even that was a used Python Pit kiddie coaster).


    Whatever this turns out to be, kiddie coaster or not, I'm sure it will be a good addition to the park. Especially if it means ripping out a closed dilapidated structure to replace it with a coaster that will improve the family atmosphere of the park, be a new credit for you guys, and bring SFMM back into a tie with CP for the coaster count. Can't complain about that last part, can you fanboys?


    Yeah, how about here in Arizona? The only thing close to a theme park we have here is Castles n Coasters! Lol I'm hoping for that Decades park...doubtful, but I'd love for it to happen. But anyway, I'm digressing...


    I'll be satisfied with whatever ends up getting built there, no matter how "big" or "small" it is. I'm just looking for another credit!

  9. If you look at SFMM's official twitter, they mention details about the ride closures...Scream! is scheduled to reopen this weekend.


    Goliath is scheduled to reopen on the 25th...they say it'll be orange and sky blue...


    Now I know the track's orange, but I always thought the supports were more of a teal, not sky blue. Maybe it'll look slightly different? Guess we'll have to wait and see...


    Their twitter also says that Riddler is closed Dec. 5, 6, 12, and 13; Deja Vu is closed Dec. 19-27, both for refurbishment.


    If you want to see for yourselves, here's the link to their twitter page:

    Six Flags Magic Mountain's Official Twitter Page


    Btw I'm going on Nov. 21st with a few friends! Can't wait! It'll be my first trip to the Mountain in 4 years! There's a choir competition going on that day...how do you think that'll affect the lines? It's on a Saturday.

  10. I would call or visit the website and see if you can find out about any special events. In the past those November weekends have been filled with Cheerleading and Dance competitions that have made the park much more crowded than you may be hoping for, but certainly not up to the Summer levels.


    Just get there well before opening and be prepared to by Flash Pass if you need it.


    Sweet! Thanks for the tips, Robb! Oh, and glad to see TPR is back up and running!

  11. I'll be back in LA and will make my way back up to SFMM NOV 25-28 so if anyone wants to meet up let me know

    90% sure we will be there on the 27th.


    I'm probably going there on Nov. 21st with a group from my residence hall...we only have one day though...any idea how the crowds might be? It's a Saturday, so I'm expecting crowds...can anyone give me average wait times? Is it worth forking over the cash for the Flashpass?

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