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  1. I'm confused, is the new coaster for the San Diego park or another park?


    Hmmm.. what thread are we in?


    According to Screamscape, the coaster is going in at San Antonio. San Diego will get a rescue-themed dark ride instead, and Orlando will get the dark ride as well (but different from San Diego's). Details are scarce though, so it's possible that the info is mixed-up. I'm also given to understand that one version of the ride (either San Diego's or Orlando's) will feature mostly screen/media-based "aquariums" whereas the other park's version will pass through actual exhibits with live animals.


    According to Screamscape, this is the attraction that will be coming to San Diego.


    The coaster shown in the press release will actually be going to San Antonio (again, this is according to Screamscape).


    This is the dark ride for Orlando. Similar concept to San Diego's, but with different vehicles.

  2. Also, Hollywood Rip Rid Rockit was TERRIBLE. I wasn't expecting too much out of it, but it was SO rough and uncomfortable. Really disappointing, because like we're talking about, the parks feel a little lacking in the 'real rides' side of things, and a good, smooth coaster would add so much to the line up.


    I just went to UOR for the very first time ever last week, and I actually loved Rockit! I've heard all the complaints about it being rough, and while I'll admit that it's not glass smooth, I didn't think it was a bad coaster by any means! But then again, SFMM is one of my "home" parks, and I'm part of the minority there that actually enjoys Viper...

  3. My son and I will be stopping by SFMM on our way home from Disneyland and want to maximize our time.


    We will be there on Wednesday, November 11th and have never been on Twisted Colossus. How long of a line can we expect?


    If this is the wrong place to ask such a question, please point me to right area.




    I agree with Guy- it will probably be fairly crowded. But just as a guideline, in my experience (and I've been on TC more than 20 times), even when the line is backed up to the entrance (the covered part of the queue), it's still at most only a 40-minute wait. Not bad in my opinion for such a great ride! So don't let the line discourage you!

  4. Should have been a Sharknado ride.

    I was jut coming here to post this. People would have gone nuts over a Sharknado ride. You failed, Universal.

    Not even joking, with some upgrades and new scenery this seems like it would've been a no-brainer. People love Sharknado way more than Jimmy Fallon, or at least I hope they do.



    I like Jimmy Fallon, but I definitely would have preferred a Sharknado attraction! I feel like it could've been a good way to fill the void for fans of both the Twister and Jaws attractions!

  5. I'm going to be visiting on Thursday as part of a LA/Vegas trip from the UK. I have a cedar fair platinum pass from an earlier US trip, does anyone know if you can use it for parking during scary farm? I'l be visiting the park during the daytime to do most of the coasters and iron reef etc, does anyone have any suggestions of what to do in the local area in the time the park is closed before scary farm opens?

    Oh, and if anyone would like to join me on Thursday you would be more than welcome!


    If you arrive in the day it will work. If you park at night it will be a separate fee.


    This year they changed the policy...if you have parking on a regular season pass (and in your case, the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass does), then you can get free parking at Scary Farm as well! Used my own regular KBF season pass that had parking added to it to park for KSF a couple weeks ago, and I showed up well after regular park hours (about 20 minutes before Scary Farm opened)! But the separate fee at night is how it worked in all the previous years before this one.


    From the Knott's season pass page: "Season Long parking is also valid for Knott's Scary Farm parking." It's in small print near the bottom of the page.


    Source: https://www.knotts.com/ticket-category/Season-Passes

  6. And, as an aside, it was weird seeing Ghostrider partly dismantled. Even though I found it to be just as brutal as everyone else, I've always loved the layout so much that I'm willing to take some of the pain. I rode it when it first opened (before the covered drop and the aggressive braking), and even in its worst states, the layout and overall design have always made it a must-ride. If they re-profile anything, I'd hope that they manipulate a few of the turns. Laterals are fun, but some of them (the turn that leads up toward the mid-course brake section; the helix) feel like they would benefit from additional banking. It's the turn at the bottom of the "hidden" drop that feels the most aggressive to me, though. I'm glad they're not making any dramatic changes to the design as the current layout is so great. Even just looking at the structure last night, it's clear that whoever designed it knew how to pack all the best coaster elements into a small space.


    I agree about the turns! I've always found those to be the worst parts of the ride (the turn at the bottom of the first drop, the one before the MCBR, and the one immediately after that drop)! Wouldn't mind if they redesigned those a bit to make the transition between elements a bit smoother, though hopefully the simple act of the reprofiling will take care of it!

  7. This whole situation reminds me of the King of Queens episode where "...Deacon, Arthur and Spence have a wonderful day at the amusement park, when they learn they can skip waiting in the long lines by putting Arthur in a wheelchair."


    I know this is off-topic, but that episode was shot at SFMM! Just think it's a funny coincidence that the episode's about the exact thing SFMM (and all the other SF parks) are trying to get rid of with this new policy!

  8. Do they clear out the day crowd before doing haunt (CGA does)? I also forgot does skeleton key get early entry, or is that only for boofet?


    Yes, the day crowd is cleared out since Haunt is a separate ticket event. You do get early entry with Boo-fet, but not Skeleton Key. I believe that for Boo-fet they'll let you in during normal park hours, towards the end of the day (starting at 3 or 4PM if I heard right?), and then since the Boo-fet is in the park, you get to stay during the switchover from regular park hours to Haunt, which means after your meal you'll get a headstart on mazes, rides, and getting a return time for Special Ops (if you want one)!


    I personally have never done Boo-fet though, so I may not be completely or even remotely correct- I'm going based solely off of what I've heard from those who have done Boo-fet before!

  9. Thought this was interesting- beginning Nov. 7th, SFMM will be implementing a new policy for guests with disabilities. It will be called an Attraction Access Pass, and replaces the current Equal Access Pass. It doesn't seem much different than the current system in that you get a return time based on the current wait, but it will require a doctor's note. But it is clearly noted that the note must NOT describe or indicate the nature of the disability/condition.


    I don't have much experience or knowledge of these systems since I don't have a disability (and neither do the family and friends I go to parks with), but this is the first time I've heard of a park requiring a doctor's note to obtain a pass.


    Not trying to start any arguments or a flame war about disabilities or park policies, just saw it on SFMM's site and found it interesting. But I guess this can serve as an FYI in case anyone is going to the park on Nov. 7th or later and needs this service!


    Link: https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/plan-your-visit/guests-with-disabilities?utm_source=park-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SFMM&utm_content=2015-10-07

  10. It's not about the weather. It's about the cycles and constant stress placed on the track.


    This exactly. One example is the loop on California Screamin'- the top half of the loop had to be replaced a few years ago due to stress fractures (pictures of the loop's removal/replacement can be found on other sites, and I'm sure there are some here on TPR). That's what happens when the ride is open nearly 365 days a year (accounting for extended downtimes/refurbishments), and when they're consistently running 4 or 5 trains! The loop was replaced in 2011 if I'm not mistaken- only 10 years after it had first opened! So this whole Hulk refurbishment makes a lot of sense considering it follows a similar operating pattern to Screamin', and it's only a couple years older than it.


    What is most interesting to me is wondering what other rides at other parks are going to get the "Incredible Hulk" treatment.

    As far as B&M goes, I'd put my money on The Riddler's Revenge at SFMM, though it doesn't operate as heavily as Hulk (meaning that the park isn't open every day of the year, but at the same time they don't have a true offseason since they're opens on weekends at a minimum). Maybe Kumba at BGT or even IOA's own Dragon Challenge? Just guessing based on B&Ms that operate with a comparable cycling/operating schedule as Hulk that are around the same age.

  11. I can't imagine that the UAE Hulk track would've been manufactured, they hardly did any work on the park before it was cancelled, so surely would've been a way off even thinking of installing any track. So to have the track already manufactured, it would've meant storing it for quite a while, which doesn't make much sense.


    I thought I read somewhere that some of the track for UAE's Revenge of the Mummy was actually manufactured and delivered to the construction site before the project stalled. So I feel like it's possible that some of the Hulk track for UAE could have been made already. Of course, they're different coasters and manufacturers though, so who knows? I don't even know if the story about Mummy is true- just read about it on another theme park site.

  12. Are you a pass holder? If not then you should "shush" as this doesn't really concern you does it? The minute you are shelling out over $700/year to go to Disneyland you can kindly contribute to the conversation


    Since by your standards I'm qualified, I'll ask you to shush. In fact, I'll encourage you to STOP. This is EXACTLY the kind of whiny entitled attitude that gives Californians like me a bad name. Disney doesn't owe you a darn thing besides letting you through the turnstiles for 12 months. If you don't want to pay what Disney's asking you to pay in return for the product they deliver, don't go. Real simple.


    And with that attitude, nobody will miss you.


  13. Sorry if this has been discussed, but any word on when New Revolution is expected to reopen to the public?


    The banners outside the park say "Summer 2015". I'd put my money on May or June based on when Twisted Colossus and YOLOcoaster opened (May and June, respectively). Though I feel like it could potentially open sooner given that New Revolution seems to be mostly new trains and painting the track as opposed to full track replacement like the Colossus/Twisted Colossus conversion, but only time will tell!


    And yes, I realize this is SFMM...it could very well open later than expected too!

  14. kind of a dumb question for anyone who frequents USH. i bought a sports bottle last i went. i know it was 99 cent refills for the first day. does the sports bottle basically become useless after that first day? or is there some kind of discount after?


    Supposedly it's 99-cent refills day of purchase only, but from what I was told when I bought mine at Krusty Burger, you can get it refilled on return visits for $3.19 or $3.49 or whatever the price of a regular drink is currently. Funny enough, the first time I tried using mine after that first visit, they still gave me the refill for $0.99...but maybe the cashier was just being nice (I went back to Krusty Burger). I wasn't asked for a receipt- I just said that I'd like to order a refill, showed the cup, and I was only charged $0.97 (this was the price after applying the 10% AP discount). So I'm not counting on being able to get $0.99 refills in the future, because I figured I just got lucky that day. But yes, according to the Team Member at Krusty Burger who I bought the bottle from, you can do refills for the price of a regular drink on return visits. Of course, sometimes you get false info from the front lines though, so I'll take this with a grain of salt for now.


    On the subject, I hate that they got rid of the normal $0.99 refills! I bought my first souvenir bottle in 2011, and was able to use it for $0.99 refills when they were still offered regularly (meaning you could get them anytime on all future visits without a day-of proof of purchase) without any issues up until Springfield opened. I can understand why they did this though- the lines at all the food venues already got crazy long before Springfield, so I'm sure guests waiting in line for only refills didn't help. I was told that this is also why the all-you-can-eat wristband was discontinued a few years back. Before Transformers opened, they used to offer this deal where you could dine all-day at select locations, and it was great! But it was discontinued right before Transformers opened because they were expecting larger crowds, and so they needed tables to turnover faster for the influx of crowds they were about to receive. Again, this is what I was told from a front line team member at the time, but it makes sense. I miss these cheap food and drink deals, but I guess it's the price we're paying for a bigger and better USH!


    I'm sure Joey (Jew) might be able to give more insight though!

  15. Surprised no one has mentioned Catwoman Whip versus Catwoman's Whip?


    Catwoman Whip just sounds really odd to me, but I will be interested to see what the ride itself is all about.


    PS - Yay for more Frisbees!!!!!


    For me, the odd one is "The Riddler Revenge". My "home" Six Flags park is SFMM, so of course I'm used to hearing "The Riddler's Revenge," as in the stand-up coaster that's there. The omission of the "s" in the names kind of remind me of the transition between "Disney's California Adventure" to "Disney California Adventure"!

  16. I like the new update but this endless tapping is really starting to become annoying. There should be an option for longer tasks, even if their payout is relatively small.


    But the game is called "Tapped Out"! I thought endless tapping was the whole point!



    In all seriousness, I completely agree though. Hopefully longer tasks come later!

  17. OK. I'm really liking this "Springfield Heights" addition so far.


    It appears to be an ongoing addition, that you DON'T have to do, as much as it's something you CAN do. Each building and upgrade can take quite a bit of time, but the buildings and building upgrades, give a much more fun objective (IMO). The prizes seem descent as well. Granted, I have today off, and spent quite some time playing this portion. So I've got some wealth established. That'll stop once I get back to work.


    It's also a great way to pass time, in-between real events.


    So, yeah. I like it, so far.


    I agree- to me this feels like the Pawtucket Brewery from Family Guy. Something you do on your own time (after/between events), or you can choose not to do it at all without it affecting future gameplay. I'm also liking all the new land that came with it!

  18. Another one- I went to SFMM on Saturday and went on Viper...while I was waiting for the next train, a guest waiting a couple of rows down from me says to the rest of his party, "See how the headrests are designed? They did this so that if you barf on the loops it won't hit anyone."


    But I will give credit where it's due- went back to SFMM last night, and on Scream I heard a guest say to his group (in a sarcastic tone), "You know what I like most about this ride? That it was built over a parking lot!" So maybe some of the GP are catching on...or maybe not and who I actually overheard was a TPR member!

  19. Pretty much this whole article/list is cringe-worthy to me...yeah, I understand that not every state is going to have something amazing to show parks-wise (trust me, I'm from Arizona), but some of these choices are awful! Pretty obvious that some of them were chosen just because they're new rides too. In all fairness, some of the choices actually aren't bad...in fact, I agree with a few of them! But the one for Delaware cracked me up!


    50 States, 50 Thrill Rides Across America (PHOTOS)

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