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  1. What's this I'm hearing about new ride supports behind the batman area? Anyone got pictures? It's kinda early to be having next years ride pieces showing up already..... unless it's gonna be huge


    I believe these are slide pieces for Hurricane Harbor. Pieces were also spotted near Scream recently. I was at the park on Thursday for the grand opening of The New Revolution, and there were also slide pieces located near Twisted Colossus (on the side facing the parking lot).

  2. I'm headed to the park for the first time Monday through Wednesday next week, can anyone give any advice on food locations? Other than the butter beer (Which is clearly happening) any other food items that need to absolutely be eaten?


    We are staying at the Royal Pacific, so we are getting front of the line passes!


    I would recommend the Universal Classic Monsters Cafe in Universal Studios Florida. The atmosphere of the restaurant makes it worth it! While the food is decent, it's nothing over the top amazing in my opinion. But still, it's a very cool restaurant to see, especially if you're a horror fan! I ended up eating there twice while I was there just so I could enjoy the dining rooms! Also, it's quick service (as opposed to table service), so even if you choose not to actually eat there, you can still go in and walk around to check out the different rooms!

  3. I'd say that *IF* they wanted another coaster, you'd see something megalite in size at best thanks to the already mentioned height restrictions. San Diego takes it's coastal sightlines very seriously. Which also makes the discussion of an on-site hotel interesting as well...they will likely have to battle if they opt for a large tower to save space.


    You know, I hadn't even considered that might be an issue! That will be interesting for sure.

  4. Anybody still playing this game? I am done with it. I have yet to complete even half of the past few events, and I have played on a regular basis.


    I still play, but I agree with the opinion that TinyCo has gotten too greedy (or at least that's a strong opinion expressed on other sites). I no longer aim to complete any events, because I know that it will be near impossible without buying clams. I do have 400+ clams saved up from the free ones I've received, but I'm saving them for that one premium character that I absolutely must have! So I just complete what I can with the events, but won't put forth big efforts anymore. For example, with the WrestleMania event, I was able to get the Main Event ring, but even that I was just barely able to get before the event ended (though this was partially due to my own laziness).

  5. On a different note, one coaster I was really disappointed with was Rip Ride Rocket at Universal. This is by far the most uncomfortable coaster I have ever ridden, very rough and I felt sick after every ride. Did I catch it at a bad time?


    People seem to love it or hate it based on their rides on it. I always recommend that you're in the front car as I believe it was designed for single car trains and not the trailered ones. I've always had really enjoyable rides on it in the front and I hate rough rides. You also could have caught a train that was about to go in for maintenance.


    Throw me in the category of those who loved it. Rode it about a dozen times during my stay there.


    Same here! Got to ride it for the first time this past October during HHN. Went on it several times, and really enjoyed it! Only negative thing I have to say about it is that most of the time the music wasn't working for me (as in it was silent for the whole ride- it didn't even play the default music). But if will definitely be on my "must ride" list the next time I get to visit!

  6. Here are all the pins that SFMM has released so far along with the lanyard and special pins that only come with the lanyard. The cars on each of the roller coaster pins move which is a cool feature. I hope they don't go too crazy with these or this may end up being an expensive collection. lol


    So happy about these! On the surveys I get from Six Flags each time I visit, when it gets to the section about merchandise, I've been asking them to release an official pin collection for 3+ years! And it looks like I wasn't the only one who was asking for them! Yes, I do realize that SFMM (and Six Flags in general) has released all kinds of pins over the years, but it's been a while since there has been a big collection like the new ones they just released.


    As a major pin collector (yep, I'm one of "those" people!), I always thought it weird that Six Flags was the only major SoCal park without a real pin program since pins seem to be pretty big with locals (thanks to Disney, no doubt!). Granted, pins don't seem anywhere near as popular at Universal, Knott's, or SeaWorld as they are at Disney, but given that new designs are released at all of these parks throughout the year, there must be at least some demand for them! At the very least, the ones released for Scary Farm and HHN seem to sell out each year. And to me it seemed like Six Flags was leaving money on the table by not selling them. So I'm happy that they're at least giving it a shot! Hoping it proves popular enough for them to continue to make more!

  7. Random question. I'll be making my second trip ever to SFMM on March 5th. I was wondering if they are still selling any merch from Holiday in the Park or if there are any specific gift shops I should look in for Christmas ornaments. I decided this year I want to start collecting them from the parks I visit. Thanks!


    Unfortunately I don't think there's any holiday merchandise left. I checked a few days after Holiday in the Park ended and didn't see anything. Of course, it probably doesn't help that Flags (the largest store in the park, and in fact, according the Six Flags, the largest store in the Six Flags chain) has been gutted and is being converted into Six Flags Emporium. As it is, the ornament that they did release for 2015, which was a Twisted Colossus bulb ornament, was very hard to find towards the end of the run. I went on one of the last days, and the only shop I found the ornament at was in the Cartoon Candy Kitchen, located near Apocalypse. Your best bet is probably to look in the Looney Tunes Super Store near the main gate- they might have some sort of ornament with Looney Tunes or DC Comics characters and the Six Flags logo, but finding something park-specific might be impossible outside of Holiday in the Park.


    Hope this helps! Maybe there's a possibility of an ornament being released early this year- SFMM is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, and I've heard that Six Flags Emporium will feature all-new merchandise when it reopens (though I don't know if it will reopen before March 5th).

  8. It's funny to me that this was announced today...literally just yesterday I was thinking about Epcot's Food & Wine, and it made me remember DCA's version, and I started thinking how it would be great for them to bring it back, especially given that other SoCal parks have similar events (Knott's with the Boysenberry Festival and SeaWorld San Diego with the Seven Seas Food Festival). So it was a huge coincidence that Disney had been planning its return and announced it! Really excited for this!

  9. The REASON you go to USH is the backlot tour. You can't get that experience at USO. The rides though? I concur.


    This exactly! I often have to remind friends that this is why USH has so few attractions compared to UOR- USH is a working film studio and was not initially built to have a theme park attached to it, so as a result you're getting a tour of the studio (just as Warner Bros., Paramount, etc. offer tours of their lots- though Universal's is unique), plus a few theme park attractions. It's absolutely the crown jewel of USH, and a special experience that isn't offered at any other Universal properties! Though to be fair, USF did have a (short-lived) Studio Tour of their own when the park first opened.

  10. Yes, downtime caused the crazy fastpass times on Saturday. I know this because I was given a readmission pass (issued from Space) by someone who was leaving the park and giving it away. Every readmission pass is for up to 6 people...

    This does happen every so often and it annoys me when people complain about it. I've seen Space Mountain down a good portion of the day, and when it comes back up standby will be two hours and FP will be 30-40 minutes. My feeling is "well, first of all you should be happy that it re-opened and whatever problem it was having didn't mean it was down for the whole day, and at least you have a FP so your wait it line is still less then half of the stand-by, so QUIT YOUR BITCHING!!!!"


    But most idiot people don't see things this way...


    Exactly! Having worked a DL attraction with Fastpass (Splash), it was frustrating having to explain to guests that the purpose of Fastpass is simply to reduce your wait in line (which is how Disney phrases it to guests in publications, online, etc). No where in any of Disney's material does it say that a Fastpass is an automatic "skip the line" pass. Yes, I get that it sucks to still wait 30+ minutes even with a FP, but it's WAY better than waiting standby! And as long as you got on the ride in a shorter amount of time than what you would have waited in the standby line, then the FP still served its intended purpose!

  11. But the real question will be, since it is sponsored by and based of an EA game, will there be an upcharge for the full simulator, or does admission only get the video screen


    Is that a DLC joke? If so, I approve. Maybe they'll also make us download an installer/launcher thing to ride, even though no other rides will require it...

    And they'll probably have to connect to the ride to the internet as well, so that means if the internet is down the ride is down too!


    Based on my experience with EA, I'm going to guess that there will be issues with crashing...and then they'll release an untested update that will only make the problem worse!

  12. I really liked that! It would be fun to see one of these every once in a while- maybe as an April Fool's Day prank or even make one look/sound like a creepy "found footage" or "haunted/possessed" (along the lines of "The Ring") type of video for Halloween? I think it would be cool to see a reverse POV backwards of something like X2, Top Thrill Dragster, or even Twisted Colossus!

  13. Universal Studios Hollywood


    2016- WWOHP (because duh ); construction starts for new dark ride

    2017- Off year/minor improvements throughout park ("plussing" or repairing things that need to be refreshed); construction starts for Diagon Alley

    2018- New family dark ride located in former Stage 28 location; construction starts for Nintendo themed land

    2019- Diagon Alley/Escape From Gringotts (expansion for Lower Lot where current soundstages are located or as possible replacement for WaterWorld)

    2020- Nintendo themed land (expansion for Lower Lot where some of the Front Lot soundstages are currently located); construction starts for new project (yet another WWOHP expansion?)


    On a personal note, I hope that if/when Diagon Alley comes to USH that it won't replace WaterWorld only because I would hate to see it go, but you can't deny that it's sitting on prime real estate that would make sense for a Potter expansion (or for any new attraction)! My choice would be to make it as part of an expansion into the Lower Lot, but that might not make sense for several reasons- one of the primary ones being that if the soundstages are staying for the foreseeable future, there won't be a whole lot of room for it (unless one of the current attractions down there closes, which I doubt would happen). But then again, this is Universal- they've proven lately (especially in Orlando) that they can and will put new attractions in wherever they want!

  14. Yeah, it would be a true shame if they removed it (if that's what being implied here)...it's a high capacity attraction, and in my opinion a great set of coasters!


    I've heard that supposedly J.K. Rowling hates it and had wanted it removed back when WWOHP was being built, but Universal told her that they weren't willing to remove it, so they settled on a retheme instead. Not sure how true any of that is though. I've also heard that this was one of the reasons why USJ's Wizarding World doesn't have Dragon Challenge. For USH it's pretty obvious why it's not there- lack of space and the fact that it could interfere with filming on the backlot (noise, sight lines, etc.).

  15. I post content fairly often- I'll do a maximum 5-6 posts per day, but I don't post content every day. I'd say at a very minimum I'll do one post per week. How often I'll post depends on how much I have going on in a given week- if I'm doing something exciting (like going to parks), I'll post more, and on weeks when I'm doing "normal" stuff (working and school), I'll post less. More often than not I only post photos that I personally have taken. Usually I'll post them through Instagram, and have the app also send my Instagram post to Facebook and Twitter. I do use Snapchat on occasion as well, but not to the extent that I use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


    In terms of following others (like TPR), I usually follow through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I do follow TPR on all these apps as well as on Snapchat. I will "like" posts constantly on all these platforms, but the only place where I'll "share" it is on Twitter (in the form of a retweet). The reason why I don't do a whole lot of sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram is because I feel like I'll be annoying my friends/followers if I'm posting too much, plus I generally would rather share my own original content than reposting someone else's content. Whenever I do "share" or repost content, I do always give credit to the original source by mentioning/tagging them (again, I've done this for TPR several times over the years). In terms of what I'll share, it's usually things like official press releases (since it's normally accompanied with concept art), high quality POV videos, or special events (attraction grand opening or "final/last ride ever" closing photos/videos). It would have to be something that I can't recreate myself with my own resources- again, I prefer to post my own original content if I can!


    In general, I would say I'm more of a lurker than anything else. I'll catch up on what's been posted, "like" the posts that I like best, read the comments (and again, "like" the comments that I like- usually because I agree with what's being said, or someone made a funny/clever comment), and then move on. If I'm on Twitter, I might retweet the content that I like, but I don't do a whole lot of contributing/responding unless I have a really strong opinion on something that I feel might actually contribute to the conversation. For example, this thread- I'm responding to it because I feel that my opinion will contribute something to the conversation. I try to avoid posting/commenting just for the sake of doing so. I'm not someone who wants to get into arguments either- if someone tries to start a fight and/or is flat out trolling in the comments, I just won't respond...I have better things to do with my time!


    Here's my ranking of social media apps that I use:

    • 1) Facebook
      2) Instagram
      3) Twitter
      4) Snapchat
      5) YouTube
      6) The rest: Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn (even though it's more job-related than social), and "anonymous" apps (Whisper, YikYak, etc)


    I put Facebook as my #1 even though I said that I generally post on Instagram and share it to Facebook/Twitter because I consume the most content through Facebook. Instagram is just higher up in terms of creating/posting content for me since it offers a way to simultaneously post to 3+ apps all at once! I don't post anything on YouTube, I just use it to consume content (videos from TPR, Orlando Attractions, and other theme park sites/channels). As for the rest, I have accounts on them but very rarely use them- with those I really only created the accounts so that I could reserve the username I wanted in case I decide to become more active on them at a later time! I usually like to use the same username across all platforms for consistency- it's easy to tell friends/followers to find me on other apps using the same username rather than having a different one on each app.

  16. Loving this TR! Great photos, can't wait to see the rest! I'm with you on the Osbourne lights at DHS- I actually just got to see them for the first (and last) time on Halloween, but since the season hadn't actually started yet I didn't get to see them lit up! Oh well...something better (or construction walls, which will lead to something better) will be there the next time I go!

  17. So, if I plan on going 2 days, should I get the season pass? I don't really know if I will come back or to any other parks within the year, but it seems like even 2 days would be significantly more expensive without a season pass- even at the summer prices for the pass? Are there discounts for single-day tickets that can make it cheaper than the $100 for a season pass?


    Last question; is there another thread I should be posting these questions in to avoid mucking up this one?


    Yes, I would get the season pass. You can find discounts on 1-day tickets online (buying directly from SixFlags.com is already cheaper than buying at the gate), or through local coupons and Coke can promos, but unless it's at least 50% off the regular price, it will be cheaper to buy the season pass to cover both days you're going since the pass is roughly the same price as a 1-day ticket! It will save you the trouble of having to hunt down a coupon or promo code, plus you'll save time by already having your ticket when you get to Six Flags (buying the pass online will generate a voucher that you can print out and take directly to the front gate).


    There's also the added benefit of discounts with the season pass! A lot of them are for small things like buy 1, get 1 free on games of skills, pieces of fudge, etc., but if you're someone who will use those, they will help you save a few dollars here and there. In addition you also get 15% off any merchandise purchases of $15 or more. I know the merch discounts are a big selling point for me with any theme park pass (not just Six Flags), because I buy a lot of souvenirs! I'd imagine with it being your first visit to SFMM that you might want a t-shirt or a mug or something to take home with you, so having the pass will help you save at least a couple of extra dollars on that alone!


    So bottom line- yes, get a pass! And to answer your last question, I don't see why you can't keep posting them here...it definitely pertains to SFMM! Seems like there's already at least one "will it be crowded?" question each week, so planning questions are definitely part of the norm here!

  18. Up until its current renovation, when was the last time Revolution had a repaint?


    This is a complete guess on my part, but maybe around the time Tatsu opened? Or it could have been when they repainted one of the trains in the "retro" design, which also may have been around the time Tatsu opened (give or take a year).



    Just looked at the TPR Media Day photos from Tatsu's grand opening...judging by this picture, Revolution did get a repaint at that time (on the loop, at least). Not sure if that was the most recent repaint though.


    Here's the picture:


    Link to the page is here: Tatsu Media Day

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