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  1. I can say for myself I almost fell out of my chair when I got the email from Cedar Fair investor relations " CEDAR FAIR AGREES TO BE ACQUIRED BY AFFILIATE OF APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT " I am surprised yet considering the debt load that CF is under I can't say I didn't think a buyout or serious restructuring would happen, especially since CF announced they would be suspending dividends for 2010 and possible sales of a few of their parks to reduce debt. As far as my shares are concerned I am indifferent, I'll be happy take the cash, or I will accept shares of Apollo. I have not shoveled a ton of money in shares.... I started buying when the shares were down to around $6. Coming from experience working for a local company that was purchased by a larger company with virtually no experience owning and operating a bank, we did not see "major" changes until about a year and a half to two years after the merger. IMO I really don't think it's time to speculate closure and liquidation of parks. If that were to happen it would be after Apollo really gets their hands dirty in the newly aquired company. I've already planned to visit KD, CP, KI, and KBF next year, this aquisition will not change my plans by no means. I honestly think all will be okay, I'd like to think that CF is looking out for what is best for its parks, employees, and shareholders......but I could be wrong....
  2. ^ From what I read they are really wanting to modernize the area. I'm cool with those ideas, I hope they work the area in such away that it becomes a modern classic area. I do believe there is a way to mix the classic with modern without killing the spotlight on the Cyclone.
  3. I'm planning a visit in May, does anyone know if any rides will be closed or will everything be open weather permitting. I will be visiting with friends in the area and we wouldn't be opposed to any TPR members meeting us there!
  4. Why not invest in cargo pants with a zipper that will secure every thing in your pocket and no worries when on a ride.
  5. ^ I think once Six Flags emerges from bankruptcy we will see things such as more ride upgrades/theming ect. I could be wrong but give it some time. The next few years should be interesting.
  6. ^ it is all a big mess. No one wants to put money into that site, it is just a money hole.
  7. I wont believe anything until I get an invitation for opening weekend.
  8. http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2009/12/firm_renews_interest_in_conver.html Firm renews interest in converting abandoned Six Flags theme park into eastern New Orleans sports complex By Richard Thompson, The Times-Picayune December 11, 2009, 7:19AM Chris Granger / The Times-PicayuneA California-based firm wants to convert the old Six Flags site in eastern New Orleans into a sprawling sports complex. A month after cable television giant Nickelodeon backed off plans to redevelop the abandoned Six Flags theme park in eastern New Orleans, representatives from the California-based Big League Dreams renewed their interest this week in the site as a potential home for a new sprawling sports complex. The company, which operates nine recreational sports complexes throughout the country, will research the project during the next three to four months, Pat Knight, its director of new park operations, told members of a City Council committee on Thursday. Under the proposal, New Orleans officials would be responsible for covering the estimated $25 million cost of construction, in exchange for Big League Dreams staffing and maintaining the facility for 30 years. City Council President Arnie Fielkow, who has championed the project, has said the funding could be raised through local, state and federal sources. Much of the cost could later be recouped through direct and indirect spending tied to the park, according to company officials, who have pegged annual figures at around $9 million and $29 million, respectively. Best known for building baseball stadiums that replicate those in Major League Baseball, Big League Dreams complexes often include facilities to play baseball, softball, soccer, in-line hockey, basketball, flag football and volleyball. An arcade and batting cages are available, as well as an on-site restaurant. During the day, the complexes are free to the public, similar to a public park. The company generates revenue by charging local sports leagues to use them at night and by marketing them to regional sports groups that would meet for tournaments. Fielkow, at a hearing for the council's Youth and Recreation Committee, said he is optimistic that the company wouldn't have a problem attracting participants to the facility. "The uniqueness of this is unlike anything that we've ever seen, " he said. Knight, making his pitch to committee members, emphasized that the initial cost would sustain the park for the long-run. "The beauty of it, " he said, "is that once the park is built, you never have to put another dime into it." That was welcome news for committee members, who remarked that the site, once heralded as a tourist attraction, has sat untended for four years. Nickelodeon's announcement last month ended its alliance with Southern Star Amusement, the fledging Louisiana company that had planned to spend more than $150 million on reopening the theme park. And earlier this week, a Delaware court handling the bankruptcy of Six Flags Inc. agreed to allow the company to terminate its lease with New Orleans under an agreement that calls for New Orleans to receive $3 million in cash, as well as 25-percent of the theme park operator's Hurricane Katrina-related insurance proceeds if the amount exceeds $65 million. "I couldn't think of anything better for this community right now, " Fielkow said on the proposal. "This is a project that's going to benefit the entire city, and the entire region." Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson said eastern New Orleans residents, who largely expressed support during a community meeting on the plan in August, would particularly benefit from the project's development. "It couldn't be a better place as far as visibility, as far as drawing other parishes into it, " Clarkson said. Richard Thompson can be reached at rthompson@timespicayune.com or 504.826.3300.
  9. Thanks for the free DVD download Robb! I love the Coaster Expedition series.
  10. Aw, I liked the goats and sheep. I am happy that all the animals were relocated to places where they will be taken care of as well as they were at SFMM or better.
  11. http://blogs.wsj.com/bankruptcy/2009/12/07/six-flags-to-hand-katrina-damaged-park-to-city/ Six Flags Inc. gained bankruptcy-court approval last week to hand a theme park ravaged by Hurricane Katrina over to the City of New Orleans. The deal clears the way for the city to sell the former Six Flags New Orleans to a developer that would reopen the park, but that plan remains on shaky ground. The theme park has been closed since August 2005, when Hurricane Katrina inflicted catastrophic damage and covered the property with several feet of water. Six Flags, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June, struck a deal to give control of the property and the idled rides back to New Orleans. The company also agreed to pay the city $3 million and to share a portion of insurance recoveries above $65 million, according to bankruptcy-court documents. The deal halts legal action the city took against Six Flags in connection to keeping the park closed. With control of the property, New Orleans can now move forward with plans to reopen the tourist attraction on the city’s eastern edge. In August, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer joined Mayor Ray Nagin to announce that the park would reopen as “Nickelodeon Universe New Orleans.” But those plans fell apart last month when the children’s cable network pulled out of the deal with Southern Star Amusement, the company that plans to redevelop the site. Southern Star also said last month that it will move ahead with plans to buy the land from the city, even without Nickelodeon.
  12. A group of friends and myself are going to SFOG for opening weekend (March 6-7). I have not quite decided yet but I may try to take a trip to Cedar Point and Kings Island in May, depends on if I can get a group together like my trip in March. In October I will be spending a week in SoCal and hitting, KBF, SFMM, and Disney. Inbetween I will be frequenting my home park Dixie Landin'/ Blue Bayou.
  13. Danny can try all he want, but it just isn't looking great for he nor his "company" not that myself or others have already said that. I say the sh*tty should just liquidate what is left. There are profitable parks out there such as Dixie Landin' and others that are interested in it's contents, redevelop the land for something else, and/or just let nature take its course and it become part of the swamp again.
  14. I recieved a season pass flyer today in the mail. Season Passes purchased before December 25th are $54.99. The new Coaster is being marketed on the flyer as well!
  15. ^ Oh this is true. I didn't realize the sign could change colors on Terminator or maybe I just didn't pay attention.
  16. ^ meh, I've always kind of thought that he was blowing smoke. Is he still credible...I seriously doubt it.
  17. Great post Chris....looks like alot is going on at SFMM, I'm ready for another visit next year.....
  18. ^ I read that thread last night myself. I just yawned and said whatever. It's over I'm afraid.
  19. It's not exactly what I had in my mind for a "new" coaster for the expansion, but I'll take it.
  20. I think there are more pressing issues than a ride board. Just my opinion.
  21. March 6th for opening weekend at Six Flags Over Georgia! I have not decided what my first credit will be, probably Goliath, I tend to ride the biggest coaster first and work my way down when I go to a park.
  22. If you look at a few websites such as www.italintl.com or www.rides4u.com they have a selection of coasters that are for sell with an asking price higher than what is being asked for Greezy. I would think the asking price is reasonable considering the work put into it. That is just my opinion.
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