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  1. The thing about the activists are they are so unrealistic. These whales, even if SW were ever to close, would most likely NEVER be released into the ocean. They would most likely go to other parks throughout the world like Marineland Canada, Mundo Marino, Loro Parque, Marineland Canada, Sea World Kamogawa and perhaps other parks that would like to have Killer whales on display with no knowledge of how to care for them. SW closing would only complicate things.



    Maybe the best option is to stop all further captivity of large creatures such as the whale? I like how the article put it, It's a big bathtub. It'd be like enclosing you inside a mansion all of your life. Sure, it's big, sure you can get your exercise and survive, but give it a while and you will go insane. That's just my humble opinion and I respect everyone's viewpoints on the subject,

  2. Hey guys,


    Since I know a lot of you LOVE Disney, Universal, and theme parks and roller coasters in general I want to show you guys a bit of the work we've done. Many of the parks are a work in progress, but Magic Kingdom is done. But so far, we're the only 100% to scale server. If you want to ride some rides and check it out, the server IP is Mcparks.us. If you hop on and see "Kitton" or "KittonMittons", holler at me! If you want to help out apply at Mcparks.us


    Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom


    Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom


    Beast's Castle and Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom


    Universal Studios


    Rip Ride Rockit


    Rip Ride Rockit


    Big Thunder at Magic Kingdom

  3. My best guess is the rider was too big. I've seen many people squeeze those restraints down, lock, and then some system in the restraint releases it because it isn't far enough down or something. Should be interesting to find out what exactly happened.


    SFOT is losing rides, quickly. With Giant down, that only leaves B:TR, Freeze, Judge, Titan, Runaway Mountain, and La Vibora. I can only imagine how packed the lines will be in the near future since Giant was such a people grabber.

  4. So a new Haunt this year, "Piggy's Blood Shed". Anyone have any info of where this is going to be? Can't be bumper cars anymore!

    It will be located near the Court House across from Newman's Corn Dogs in that area where the Arcade Games were housed. Studio 13 the most popular haunted house is not longer a Haunted House as it used Flashbacks old queue house as a line, and that area is a construction site right now obviously. I hope Piggy's will be a good replacement for guests to enjoy as much as they did on Studio 13. I don't go in Haunted Houses for my own reasons (I don't like being in a dark room with people trying to scare me) however, this year might change.


    Very Interesting. Wonder if they're going to bring back the zombies in the fog that used to walk around there.

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