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  1. Aiming for silver is a little high on hopes think,


    There just aren't enough details in your park, landscape variations and overall complexety to get anywhere near silver.


    For example TPLA is nearly finished and a few friends on NE who have seen it completely in-game say its a good bronze or maybe a close silver so I suggest to be a lot more critcal towards yourself if you want that accolade.


    Just to give an examplemy new pak is in game year 27 and I've got 3rides so far and they aren't even finished, just the basics have been build. If you really want that accolade and are intrested I'd like to help you out.


    just mail me on this address: xstijnx_arakis@hotmail.com

    So we can have a chat on what you could improve for your park^^

  2. Sorry but I won't post a download of anything I don't think worthy of posting. I'll only post this if it gets fixed and is 100% finshed, I've never started a project just to drop it before its finished nd this won't be any different,


    DBru I'd like to be able to black out some space of adventure bay cuz the map is way too large to ever complete with only seaworld type rides

  3. More unfinished screens, plz tell me how to improve


    and the screen of the pretzel is just foliage and some minor themeing thats done so its very unfinished




    EDIT: when we reach page3 I give thefull layout


    My best hacked pretzel loop ever,

    its made out of 4 coasters


    Some shade during the long wait


    a shop near the coaster

  4. I'll reply


    Coaster Cow: I'm not planning on showing a full layout unless I think its themed to the point I want to show it, and thanks for likeing what I have so far


    Stoksy: you could call it a design but its more of a semi-recreation of a great coaster, if it gets finished I'll send it to NE as a design so yeah it falls under that category

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