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  1. at the moment it looks very repetitive so maybe vary it up a bit with some funky details and try colouring the land tiles below you foliage since atm it isn't really looking very jungle to me.


    Also try different trees because it obviously is a jungle theme so it would work better with different trees.


    On the other hand the supports look very good and the coaster looks very fun

  2. As I've read there are a lot of problems with this I'll explain how to do this relatively easy hack...


    First thing to start off with you can ONLY do this with 8cars version 1.32 so don't use any previous versions of 8cars for this hack


    first the easy part, build your coaster layout alraedy with the part you want to make lifthill without it being a lift-hill.

    example seen here:

    This is just a short example stand-up with the half loop being the lift hill so it does an inverted hill, rest assured its exatly the same with vertical and turning lift hills(example a volare glider coaster)



    Here you lay the basis for the hacks, it basically uses the same method as merging with the raise/lower function

    Just simply take alternative colour sheme 1 and change the colours to a different colour than the other track,

    Now you just paint the track you want to make a lifthill as seen in the screen below I've painted the small slope and the big half loop black with alternative colour sheme1:



    Now comes the actual hack, open 8cars version 1.32 and go to rides and open the "edit rides" screen. Next you simply select the coaster you want to give the lift hill, in this case "stand-up twister coaster1".

    You change "color sheme(for special applications)" to alternative 1!

    Next you tick the box "Toggle chain" as seen in the picture below...

    NOW comes the part where most people make the mistake with this hack

    You have to click apply first and then CANCEL instead of OK because when you click OK after you clicked APPLY you do the hack twice and that gives the result you cancel out the hacks (same happens with raise or lower when you hit ok after you hit apply)


    If you followed these steps the correct way the hack schould be succesfull and this schould be the result:


    If you want to change the colour of this track simply recolour the alternative scheme after the hack.


    So to summarise the hack:

    ->Build you layout out of normal track without any lift track in it...

    ->Recolour the part you want as a lift with "alternative colour sheme1"

    ->Go to edit rides menu and and use toggle chain on Alternative1

    ->Click "apply" then "cancel" !DO NOT CLICK "ok" or the hack will fail!

    -> watch your first vertical or inverting lift-hill take flight before your eyes...



    I hope this tutorial will prove usefull to the users of TPR and I hope it is off any help to you guys instead of me always being the critic^^. I look forward to what you guys can pull off with the use of this hack so feel free to post any result or additional questions about this hack in this thread.



  3. ^
    4. Do NOT use "internet shorthand" - Use the proper and complete spelling of words. Do not shorten "you" to "u", etc. You're not messaging on a cell phone, you're typing on a computer. You have a full sized keyboard in front of you - USE IT!


    You've been here too long to not know this rule.


    Is this regarding my post? because I didn't use any abbreviations and explained it pretty well how to make an intamin wing rider with custom rides...

  4. Looks very good but the foliage could use some work since its quite monotonous atm so maybe zero-clearance some flowers in there,

    And the half loop canbe supported differently so it looks a bit safer


    Overall very good but I don't see where this looks like my work other than the fact it has nice details and is very realistic since my latest work is more fantasy based I wouldn't say this looks like something that was inspired on things I've build in the past. I think it shows a very consistent BRT-style that can only come from him...

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