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    SeaWorld Adventure Bay is very proud to present its next big ride to the public... Journey to Atlantis is a ride that every Seaworld Schould have and Adventure Bay is no exception to this rule declared the park management. The version that is currently installed here in Adventure Bay is very similar to the one in San Diego, park management decided this to be a better solution rather than installing a clone of the Orlando JtoA, this due to the financial crisis making the Orlando type too expensive for the park that is still under construction.


    The ride will be more extensively themed than the San Diego version its derived from.


    There was again a picture in the folder we received at the press release...



    Comments are as always appreciated.


  2. I'll look into the roof and thanks for rating me that high, building at this level does have a price and its called time...

    Know that I'm not even halfway and I've already twice the time it took to complete TPLA. So yeah its not only raw skill but also a lot to do with patience and knowing how to do some stuff like parkdat and rather tricky hacks to get the look you want.


    If anyone has some advice to help me better the screens its much appreciated and I'm still learing to perfect my style and I'd like you all to help me with it. I'd like this park to be a solid silver maybe even a gold over at NE so even the tiniest details can be mentioned.




    Seaworld Adventure Bay is really starting to shape up very well as the first trains of Manta are doing their testing...


    I read this in the local newspaper


    Seaworld Adventure Bay is proud to announce the installation of the B&M flyer "Manta". The management of Adventure Bay has informed us that the ride won't be as complexely themed as its counterpart in Orlando but still lives up to the reputation the other Manta has already made for itself. This version will feature a completely different layout and will take riders up to 110ft to hurl down into a giant pretzel loop followed by sharp turns and several twist that are sure to make even the most hardened thrillseekers cry. While there will be no wingdip as in the Orlando version the management informed us they do have something similar but far more unique in store for the future guests of the park...


    There was also a picture in the article

  4. ^ That's kinda Mcjaco's point there! It's his coaster, let him make it the way he wants. He could create some rediculous backstory that says Intamin gave B&M the patent to their designs and train styles for this one in a kind project. Guess what? It's his creation! Let him do as he pleases, just because it doesn't fit your definition of a B&M doesn't mean it still can't be one.


    Love the project, looking forward to seeing more!


    Did you literally see He can't do it this way in any of my posts, and my defenition of a B&M is exactly what anyone will tell you when you ask them to describe a real B&M coaster depending on wich type,


    I know its his coaster and if he doesn't want to be accurate with anything fine by me but then you schouldn't call it the way it is cuz its an Arrow Lyout with Intamin cars and its called a B&M .

    I'm just saying that B&M doesn't have anything close to this in real life, and that's all I'm saying.

  5. Its very nice but I'd say this is more an intamin looper since you have the norwegian loop wich is a signature element for this type of coasters, also the trains are intamin looper cars... Thought I just point that out


    The theme is very nice and executed well but maybe have a go at it a little more to make it even better with tiny little details for us to search for in the screens.

  6. I just found this article in the local newspaper


    Busch entertainement corporation is proud to anounce that a new Seaworld park is going to be build in the years to come and this time it will be a less standard park that what the already world-famous edutainement parks are. Management declared that their newest park will be more ride-based in comparison with other Seaworld parks. Busch has already confirmed the installation of a B&M flyer and a B&M floorless that will receive similar themes to the ones in Orlando FL. Saying the park will be more ride-based doesn't mean that the spectalur shows with marine wildlife aren't going to be in the park, a killer whale spectacle is certain to be in this park aswell as are the sea lion shows.


    Expect a lot more news in the coming months when the official ride releases will start and the rides will have a full feature in your local newspaper.




  7. No it doesn't but if you look it has way more supporting near the end of the loop, this turn is going to take a lot of forces comming its way so I suggest adding some more supps to the dive loop or wraparound corkscrew if I recall correct...


    If you are trying to make a wrap corkscrew I suggest you do it differently, I'm not an expert on RCT3 but I can think of a better way for this element than what you have now...

    Try a half big corkscrew and follow it with a 90' dive loop pull it to gentle slope and make a banked turn after this, I think it'll resemble the real element a lot better if you ask me...


    if you look at this dive loop its way more supported than what you have...


  8. Vista is the worst windows to run 8cars on I've had the problem myself, this isn't any of your fault but your windows doesn't support a lot of 8cars. if you can't do any hacks anymore it just means that windows has blocked 8cars and you'll have to reboot your computer get another hack done, this is the reason I've switched back to XP because I needed a lot of hacks to accomplish what I wanted to build and otherwise you are working on a simple hack for 3hours instead of 30min like in winXP, this has made my project progress a lot better and the detail level went up a notch because I simply could get them in place when I wanted and not when my windows finally allowed me.


    I hope this answers your question.

  9. 90% of the micro's on NE have rides they aren't always coasters, some have made some pretty cool river rapids and stuff like that on a 20x20 scale, fun thing on these micro's is that they are superdetailed cuz of the small footprint of the map, They aren't as easy as everybody thinks and they are surely something to look at...


    About fooz his park I think it was actually meant to be a full scale park and its a sad thing he never continued on it cuz the detail level is very high and the ideas and execution are of a high level aswell.

  10. If its going to be a B&M at least use B&M trains plz not intamin trains...

    Also the layout is realistic for an arrow looper but for a realistic B&M it fails tbh.

    If you want a realistic layout for a B&M look at real B&M's for inspiration because no manufacturer will clone or inspire themselves on a layout from another compagny and I bet those layouts are patented in real life so B&M would never build something that even gets close to an arrow looper.


    On the other hand if you're all fantasy ignore all I wrote above and go ahead, there isn't much to comment on since there isn't any scenery atm moment but the layout is solid if your aren't considering anything I posted above.

    I'm curious how you'll theme this...

  11. Wow. The bolts cast shadows! This level of detail is almost too much.



    It is too much IMO and completely unneeded, like you'll see the bolts and their shadows when you race down your coaster at 60Mp/h. It won't even be noticeable at the speed of a decent coaster if you ask me.


    My biggest concern is more different types of coasters like the 4D, B&M flyer, Glider coaster, Arrow suspended and stuff like that

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