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  1. ^Ahhh, that is amazing news. That was hilarious! No but really, I hated when all the cheap people would just go during the cheap 10$ holiday sales. I hope the new discounts will help hold back the crowds a little.
  2. Before Their Eyes album cover! I love this album SO much! (my brother thinks their lame )
  3. I love how you came up with the whole backround story behind the racing slides. You themed the whole area amazingly and again I was blown away. Good job.
  4. Knott's is ALWAYS crowded during the holidays. It's crowded because of all the deals they have going. All the cheap people go when they have the "free ticket per 10 dollar present" around Christmas time. Seriously, if you go during the major holidays, prepare for crowds.
  5. ^Oh, well I think that is very thoughtful of you to stay and make live updates for all of us. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for all the amazing photos. I always enjoy seeing the new IAAPA updates. BTW why didn't you go with Robb to Vegas? Anyways, thank you and I look forward to the video.
  7. Every time I ride Silver Bullet I am always surprised at the extreme G's during the helix. I almost always get a decent ride even in the front (where I always ride). Like EBL said, Silver Bullet is far from forceless. I think Pony Express was a stupid decision as an addition. I liked the Wilderness Scrambler more than Pony Express. They should have just kept Wilderness Scrambler and saved for a better new addition IMO. I am not going to say WHAT they should have added but something other than a freakin' tiny Zamperla.
  8. Just click on the ground above the path. It will select the underground path as well. I have a question. When you build a custom coaster where does the trk. file get stored?
  9. When I was KT's age I would have NEVER danced in front of people. She is very brave. The show looked really well done and very entertaining. Nice photos.
  10. ^Ha, they sound like they deserved it. I love ride ops that will make fun of or mess with people in the line. I always enjoy watching people get messed with.
  11. A ride op. on Tower of Terror (DCA) was giving everyone in the elevator a devilish grin and when he came to one guy he stopped and just stared at him. The ride started and when we got back he was in the same position still staring at him. It looked like he didn't even move. It was really eery and the guy screamed. It made the ride that much better.
  12. ^Yes I am definitely going to take advanced classes to get into an upscale college / university. I am thinking about doing community college to get my G.E. done then transferring to study my major. I have not decided what I am going to major in yet though. I guess that is the important part. BTW, thanks on my avatar. That is one of my favorite bands.
  13. I hate getting my hair wet! It gets all tangled and matted. I love your PTR's so much. I thank you profoundly.
  14. Robb is so mean to those poor innocent civilians... As always I enjoyed the great photos and captions...nice job.
  15. Ha, there was a girl on either Silver Bullet or Tatsu (I forget which one) and we asked her out for a guy in our group and she just kinda smiled and when we came back later she started flirting with the guy we said wanted to go out with her. I think they liked each other.
  16. UP is one of the greatest movies of all time. Disney and Pixar make the greatest animated movies ever. Munchies! - $0.75 at my school
  17. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Last year they had the Christmas deal going during Thanksgiving and we didn't even go in because of the MASSIVE crowds. We even went at 9:00 to beat the rush but the entry plaza was already packed.
  18. ^At our school the AP classes are easier because of the teachers. The regular Biology teacher will give you an F on an assignment for not putting the date and/or period number. The AP teachers are generally more fun at my school and help students on a personal level. That is what makes the AP classes easier.
  19. Sleeping Giant - Sleeping Giant... ...you always know a song will be good if it has the same name as the band.
  20. I have heard that at our high school the AP Biology and AP Lit is easier than the regular classes because it is the same content but you get extra credit for taking AP.
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