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  1. ^Wait, so you can just climb all over it and sit in the train and stuff? That would be so cool! That would also probably be against the law here in CA...
  2. Double Steak Grande Quesadilla & Large drink at Taco Bell - $5.90
  3. 2 bags of munchies for 2 girls at school - $1.25 *SCORE!!!*
  4. ^Wouldn't that be a bit nauseating for the riders? But yeah, rollercoasters like Revenge of the Mummy and Expedition Everest are really fun. What if the train took a different path each time you rode it? That would be insane!
  5. ^I never thought of that. That is a good idea. I like competitive rides like Buzz Lightyear at DCA. I had a dream I was on a launch coaster but it just went straight forever. It was a really cool feeling going super fast but not turning or anything.
  6. 'Cause it's not real life! Why does the Flat Earth Association still believe the earth is not round when you can see from space the full curvature of the earth?
  7. I'm not as big of a hardstyle fan as I am a dubstep fan. Dubstep is like a slower more broken down version of techno. It sounds really beefy.
  8. Then the people who write in cursive couldn't make fun of people who print for not being able to read them. When will you be ready?
  9. ^They would probably take care of it better than Knott's would have! (sorry Knott's, it's true)
  10. Holdin' It Down for the Underground - A Day to Remember
  11. I would so love to take a trip to Dubai... Anyways, thanks for the awesome videos. I enjoyed seeing all the Haunt decorations and stuff. As cfc put it, "It would really annoy my local homeowners association."
  12. Wouldn't management be smarter when it comes to guest satisfaction? If people are complaining that Screamin' Swing is too much or should be free, why not raise prices somewhere else like the entrance fee?
  13. I just started using Genius on my iTunes. It is super smart. I love the way it groups my songs together. The one thing I don't like is that it mixed up all my hardcore music in with the metal and rock categories. Now I have to listen to all my fantasy metal and stuff when I want to listen to only hardcore.
  14. ^The Rose Bowl is not over-rated. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the Rose Bowl. Why do you think they make such a big deal about it with the Rose Parade and everything.
  15. I told my friends at school about how they would be building a looping water slide in Australia but none of them believed me. They said it was impossible. I said I thought it was too until I saw all the videos and pictures of it. I would love to play on the fake snow seeing that I have never been in snow yet...
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