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  1. ^^I love Swimming with Dolphins! Everything's a Miracle is so cool with all the choppiness.


    Good lyrics!


    I like this part of Indonesia by August Burns Red:


    The earth will swallow the water. The clouds refill the oceans.

    The earth will swallow the water and spit out.

    The clouds will refill, refill the oceans.

    The earth will swallow... Old mountains will crumble... ...the water and spit out. ...and stronger ones will rise.

  2. My over-protective parents who banned many things from my life have now decided to ban online gaming. I was playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and some stupid guy was cussing for no reason as my Mom decided to sit down and watch me play. So there goes one more fun thing from my life.


    It also seems like everytime she comes into a room some bad thing happens. I will be watching a good TV show or something then right when something "R-rated" happens she walks into the room. I don't know how she does it!!!


    Well, there's a load off my mind...


    ^Oh by the way, Lady GaGa is not God, she is however Michael Jackson.

  3. I watched the music video of Dance or Die by Family Force 5 and it is really unique. In part of it they are just doing random karate moves and stuff.


    If you don't know, Family Force 5 is an electronica band with hardcore influences. They are sort of a rap parody band at some parts.


    So here's the video for Dance or Die by Family Force 5.


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