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  1. Brandy, I'm so glad I got to meet you and your family! The girls seemed thrilled to be there; glad they had a great time. But everyone keeps talking about this cake of yours that I missed! Looks like we'll just have to run into each other again at a future event so I can finally try some!
  2. A few days later and I'm still thinking about what a fantastic time I had this weekend! It was my first visit to SFOG and my first TPR event, and I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for Robb, Elissa and those at SFOG who put in the time and work that went into organizing the day. Highlights for me were the Monster Mansion tour, the photo walkback tour, the GASM water challenge and being on Goliath's last train of the night. A great day at a great park where I met great people! (In fact, my only, *only* regret is that I didn't get a chance to try Brandy's cake because we couldn't make it to the Carrabba's dinner the night before!!) Thank you, thank you and thank you again to everybody!
  3. And it is sounding like this will be the greatest birthday present ever! Visiting one of my most anticipated parks in the U.S. (and for my first ever official TPR event at that), meeting lots of new people, Mindbender, Monster Mansion, Goliath, GASM water challenge, Brandy bringing cake...just WOW. Can't wait!!
  4. Ahem. Chadster, I requested a trip report of this place with the expectation that I would see photographic evidence of you sinking low in your whoring endeavors. Track layouts can viewed anytime. But watching you wallow in the dark side of this hobby, whoring yourself out and doing the dirty work of credit collecting is what we wanted to see. Okay, actually, in all seriousness, thank you very much for posting this. I requested it because I was planning on stopping there myself this summer (until life events happened and I moved halfway across the country instead) and wanted to see what I missed. This place looks amazing. There were a few ride models I've never seen before (like the planes in the second photo down and those do-it-yourself cars) and it is really neat to see that such rare rides are still preserved and in working order. It's like a step back in time. So now I'm wondering: will we get to see the rest of your Colorado adventures soon?
  5. What I think is ridiculous is how members of the tour group are playing the victim and trying to bring in the Muslim/discrimination jabber. Get over yourselves. There are park rules that everyone has to follow, including you. You're not special. You don't like it, leave. Better yet, try using some common sense by doing some research before you go to avoid situations like this. End of story.
  6. You described it perfectly! Rode it for the first time last week and decided to see what the back seat was really all about. "Rough" doesn't even begin to describe it. I don't even know if there's a word that fully gets it across. It's nearly a week later and my chin still hurts from where I inadvertently punched it slamming down that first drop! As for steel, I'd go with Iron Wolf. Not that it matters, of course All I remember thinking during the ride was “Is this still going on?" as my skull was smashed into oblivion. Every turn chucked my head into the restraint and by the final brakes, my face was a scrunched ball. I think I lost some enamel from gritting my teeth so hard!
  7. I have to admit, I like the approach to theming this one. I don't think it's that generic a name; if anything, I think it's excellent given the shape of the ride on the skyline. I like how they're actually making the effort to theme it into something different than it was at its former home.
  8. This, on Friday. I don't even know what to think of it. All I know is that my elbows were red afterwards and I'd punched myself in the jaw.
  9. Your third and final wish to grant is... Credit whoring at Kiddieland in Pittsburg, KS. (please.)
  10. I about fell off my seat when I saw the "giga" part. Can it be true? Never, ever thought we'd see B&M heading in that direction--but if this is, in fact, what's going to happen...that's so unexpected...so interesting to see how it will be done...so awesome to see how it's going to differ from Behemoth...and...well, pardon me, but intelligent words are about to cease as I regress to a level of stereotypical teenage girl squealing.
  11. Plain Cheerios are seriously the best late night snack ever. Eating Cheerios late at night while listening to Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" is even better.
  12. You are quickly vaulting your way into my list of favorite trip report posters, true story.
  13. Interesting that this came up, because when I was about 8 or 9 I always had this problem on Hershey's log flume (and Tidal Force) where my nose would bump really hard into the front of the log/boat once we hit the splashdown. It really, really hurt and while not scary, it was a pretty major detractor from riding until I grew taller!
  14. Anything with a vertical lift. Well, I wouldn't say they scare the crud out of me, but they make me uneasy, I guess because I just imagine myself slipping backwards out of the train and blindly plunging headfirst toward the ground.
  15. Crossbow during an unexpected stop at Bowcraft on Saturday. Fun little ride!
  16. Wow, I was definitely not expecting the wingrider part of this coaster! I think the layout looks great and I'm really excited to see what the trains are going to look like (and I'm curious how the queue will be managed regarding the ability to choose a floorless seat or not). Floorless seat or not, though, it looks amazing and I can't wait to ride it! Way to go Hershey!
  17. Wow, perfect timing for you to post this because I'm planning on visiting this place this weekend! This means I have questions for you! Do you by any chance have any idea when the park closes? The website and their recorded phone message, for whatever not-very-well-thought-out reason, don't list the hours (all I gleaned from the phone recording is that they open at 9 M-F and at 8 on weekends). If there's a way to hit this up tomorrow night on our way to the Barnstable County Fair, I'd love to do it. But since we may wind up getting there Saturday morning/early afternoon instead, about what time did the coaster and other rides open for you? I must say, I'm super excited about the beach being right there. Thanks for sharing this, and in such a timely fashion for me, too!
  18. The anthropology geek in me is in love with this trip report! Your pictures are great and I love all the detail you have about all these cultural destinations and how you string everything together from the beginning to the end, from airline rants to food pics to sightseeing pics. I can't wait to see more!
  19. Forests tend to creep me out. Something about lots of trees, no sun peeking through, I don't know--but they always seem dreary, depressing and claustrophobic to me. So when you plop a theme park full of figurines of nursery rhyme characters, some of whom have these truly freaky, lurid expressions (Humpty Dumpty, anyone?), you have the ingredients for a nightmare setting in my book. Is it just me, or would this place be a really good set for a horror film? But in all seriousness, I went on the park's website and read a little on this place's history (the guy who designed it saw a dearth of family activities in Salem and scraped together what he had to finance his dream; it took seven years for it to actually become a reality) and I really do have to appreciate what this place is all about and that it still exists today. I think the nursery rhyme theme might be outdated these days, so this place seems like a relic of the past with a few quirky rides thrown in the mix to keep things even more unique. I'm very much looking forward to visiting Enchanted Forest in September. Thanks for sharing all this, Chad!
  20. I was wondering when Cedar Fair would get around to implementing something like this. When you look at everything you're getting for that $50, this is a pretty decent deal. Way to go, Kings Island!!
  21. Nice trip report from my now former home park. SFStL is definitely one of my favorites in the chain, and it looks like you still had a good time despite that literally suffocating heat St. Louis is known for in the summertime. Oh, and this: Just...no. This looks like wet Alpo dog food that's been left sitting out overnight.
  22. Let’s resurrect this, shall we? And just in time to get all you NE trip participants pumped up! This time we’re going to Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco, Maine (well, just Funtown, since “Maine” and “I need to pack my bathing suit” don’t really go together in my book, even if this was August). As I left off, we (guess I should specify that "we" denotes my now-ex-boyfriend and I, as these were the pre-Mrs. Big Mike days ) had just left Palace Playland and a big case of the munchies was setting in. Since we were planning on taking advantage of Funtown's after 3:00 p.m. rate (for an adult it's $21.00; $15.00 for kids and seniors), we intended to find a sit-down restaurant along Route 1 to pass the time before heading to the park. I was especially hankering for some chicken noodle soup and had been ever since I’d seen a Friendly’s along the same road the day before (yeah, yeah, I know, Friendly’s is one of those places where it’s truly best not to see the state of the kitchen in which your food is being prepared, but goodness do I love that soup). Here’s the thing. There is pretty much nothing along that stretch of Route 1. We couldn’t find the Friendly’s (later we figured out it was actually closer to South Portland) and by the time we gave up, we couldn’t really find anything we both agreed on. I would be lying if I said we were still in jolly spirits by the time we arrived at Funtown/Splashtown. No, instead we were cranky at having wasted something like 45 minutes of our time and only being starved and irked at each other to show for it. We were pretty much both silently fuming as we pulled into the park. This is going to be swell, I thought. Wait, what was that about being in a bad mood again? Welcome to Funtown U.S.A. Super Saver Bracelets!! Home of Dippin Dots, Funtoberfest and random shirtless boys! That’s not really being fair, though. I’ve heard some people call this place ghetto, but I couldn’t disagree more. It's one of those quaint family parks with a decent collection of rides, actual landscaping and in some cases, better theming than you'll find at places that actually bill themselves as theme parks. Like here. Dragon's Descent is themed to a Chinese dragon, and not only is there plenty of detail on the dragon… …but all around the ride plaza are these little signs explaining the meaning behind various written Chinese characters. It’s little touches like these that really go a long way in showing the park cares and is willing to put forth the effort to make an attraction more than just the ride, and I just love that. Done and done! Dragon’s Descent has some of the strongest floater air I’ve ever experienced on an S&S drop tower. Combine that with the views (if it weren’t so hazy, I’m sure I could have seen out to the coast on one side; on the opposite side, Excalibur’s structure against the reds, oranges and yellows of the sunset is breathtaking) and you have yourself one stellar ride. Somewhere over the rainbow, neon glows… "Wild Mouse" is actually wrong. What they really meant to call it was “Trim Brakes Which Will Send Your Ribs Whumping Hard Into The Lap Bar And Making You Wish That Rusty Thirty-Year-Old Galaxi That Made Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes That Used To Be Here Still Was: The Ride.” By that time, we really couldn’t hold off imminent starvation any longer, so we opted to give this place a go (located right next to the Wild Mouse)… …and wound up with one of the best theme park meals I ever had. As in, the chicken was actually juicy and had more meat than overfried, crunchy breading that would lose to sand in a tasting contest (are you listening, Six Flags?). The potato wedges were huge, plus you also got cole slaw and a roll with butter. All of it only cost .99. What you see here isn’t even all of it. We were just so hungry we each gulped down a piece of chicken before I took the picture. And it was while eating that I really took notice of the ambiance of this place: quiet, shady—definitely one of the nicer looking midways out there. On the way to Excalibur we rode the log flume, which gives a decent soaking that induces some of us coughcoughyeahthatwasmecoughcough to walk like we’ve pooped ourselves while we wait for our a$$ to dry. And then we arrived at the place where executive power derives from a farcical aquatic ceremony. And as I crossed the bridge to Camelot and contemplated the air speed velocity of unladen swallows, the considerable economic stress in which shrubbers find themselves in this period in history, whether I would soon be eating ham and jam and spam a lot and how a movie so perfectly quotable as this one came into being, I came to Excalibur. Once again, this small park surprised me with their level of theming, going all out in designing a castle for the coaster’s station. They even named each row on the train for a knight of the round table. Cute, huh? “NONE SHALL PASS.” (Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now, promise) Excalibur is one of those coasters whose first half is strong enough to vault it into top five status, heck, top three even. It’s right about here that massive ejector air (which almost literally knocked my flip flop off because I came up so high my foot whacked into and just about stuck out of the car's opening) makes a mockery of the “Remain Seated At All Times” sign bolted inside each car. This is my dog Hampton modeling the hairtime, foot-in-the-air epicness and facial expressions this part of the ride will induce It’s built in the woods, so night rides are deliciously dark (and the camera flashing at the bottom of the first drop creates some awesome temporary blindness to make things even more interesting). The first half is wickedly furious, and that airtime is especially strong in the front of the train. But it conks out on the second half. It kind of aimlessly wanders and loses that laugh-out-loud, nearly religious coaster experience of the first half. But it's still a solid ride, especially for its out-of-the-way location, and it's an absolute hoot seeing how excited and happy the kids are to be riding what is probably their first big roller coaster. Excalibur is the perfect fit for Funtown. Other rides we tried included the Flying Trapeze (nice, long ride cycle on this one!)… …Tempest in the Teacups (although as far as tempests go, this one was on the “Gentle Spring Rain” level)… …the Classic Carousel, where I picked the white rabbit you see in the front to ride… …and which also features this working organ… …my first ever bumper boats, where I got engine spooged… …and finally, The Greatest Ride In The History Of Amusement Parks Ever. This is the Astrosphere. Do not be fooled! It is more than just a Scrambler in the dark. It is a Scrambler with a seizure-inducing light show and bizarre images like a bunny wiggling its tush at you projected onto the walls all flashing in rhythm to ELO’s “Fire on High,” which itself thumps through the room from speakers that blasted out long ago. Does it make sense? It doesn’t have to because the ride ops talk about penguins before leading you to the ride. Is it amazing? It is, without question, the Greatest Attraction Ever and NE trip participants, you would be foolish to miss this. Finishing off the night was some awesome in the form of soft serve chocolate flavor burst ice cream… ...and performing horrendously at Skeeball, which I gladly did multiple times because here, it costs Who knew that PTC made Skeeball games? And then, finally, parking myself here the rest of the night. I had visited Funtown once before, in 2008, but I really fell in love with it this time around. It seems to attract much more in the way of families than the larger chain parks out there, and the result is a quaint little park and a pleasant place to spend a few hours. It may be off the beaten path, but with a decent collection of rides and a fairly decent wooden coaster, it’s well worth a visit. Oh, and on the way back to Harpswell (home base for this trip), I was still determined to get that chicken noodle soup. Traffic dictated otherwise, and I wound up pulling into the Freeport Friendly’s parking lot exactly ten minutes after it closed. This wasn’t over. But the Maine parks and this TR are over because at the time, I didn't know York's Wild Kingdom existed (and there I was, thinking I'd ridden every coaster in Maine. What a jokester I am!) Thanks for reading!
  23. "This kid was just sleeping there. For a while we thought he was sick/dead and almost contacted security, but first we had to take a picture." Because of this, I pretty much choked on my dinner and started laughing so hard that my dogs gave me funny looks because I'd disturbed them from their naps. Thanks.
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