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  1. On 10/30/2020 at 10:04 AM, coasterbill said:

    Yup... I love Log Flumes but never ride Great Adventure's because of the grouping policy. Not only is it weird but it also guarantees you'll get soaked when you pack logs like that.

    They tried to pack our group of three with a group of two, despite the fact that the line was less than 5 minutes long!

  2. Vortex must have been in need of some seriously expensive maintenance, otherwise the removal at this time makes no sense to me. The ride pushes through close to 1600 people per hour, with only 3 operators! Firehawk struggled to do half that with, what?, 13 ops. Plus, I don't see KI going major coaster again until 2023, at the earliest.


    I am certainly in the minority, but I actually quite enjoy Vortex. It is without a doubt the best pre-Schilke Arrow looper.


    Word certainly got out quickly. Before dusk, Vortex had a longer line than Beast!

  3. While waiting in line for Steel Vengeance, the other weekend, I was thinking about how bad it's practical capacity actually is. The theoretical capacity is 1200 pph, but, in all practicality, with walks of shame and triple-checking restraints, they are only dispatching a train about every 2.5 minutes, dropping the capacity 576 pph. Assuming a 2:1 standby-to-fast lane ratio, the ride only moves 384 pph from standby and 192 pph from FL. Yikes! Really makes you appreciate Magnum and Gatekeeper, doesn't it?

  4. The only part of this poll that baffles me, is the worst wooden coasters.


    Seriously....Zacks zoomer and little dipper made this list? I could think of a hundred other wooden coasters that should be on that list.

    Zacks zoomer is a kiddy coaster in nowhere Michigan, that is basically a clone of the kiddy wooden coaster at kings island, dominion, and carowinds. It's in no way rough, and it runs just as good as the other clones of it(none of witch made the list). Confused on this one.


    Little dipper at six flags? All I can say is seriously??? Out of all the bad wooden coasters in the world, this is one of the worst?

    This is just my opinion, but kinda odd.


    While I actually quite enjoy the old Scooby Doo coasters from the former Taft properties, Zach's Zoomer annihilated my knee caps, so it is very low in my rankings.

  5. "Eejanaika: Let me preface this by saying that my opinion is not shared by all. These 4D coasters are very polarizing."


    A special thanks to those on the trip who hated Eejanaika enough to give up their fast passes. (I'm pretty sure Robb and Elissa are at the top of that list.) This afforded me two bonus rides on it.


    I know I'm in the minority here, but I can definitively say that Eejanaika is the best coaster I rode in Japan. That thing was just bonkers from start to finish.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Taylor. It was truly an incredible trip! I'm usually the compulsive planner, when it comes time to travel. It was so great not having to worry about all that on this trip. Robb and Elissa had all of the parks, travel, and accommodations planned out perfectly, and even had contingency plans for when mother nature disagreed with the originals. In the evenings, it was awesome being able to tack onto your plans. The food and bar choices were top notch!


    P.S. It appears that the back of my head has been very well-documented.

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