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  1. I had a tough choice between writing this in the Movies thread or the Rant thread, as it could easily belong in either. Anyway here goes, Columbia Pictures recently announced they were putting Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (Writers of 'The Office and 'Year One') to work on a script for 'Ghostbusters 3'. I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan and at first this was great news. However, Harold Ramis (Egon in the originals) recently wrote into his local newspaper to confirm the story and added that the new script will likely seen a new team of young Ghostbusters taking over. With the original cast in cameo roles as their mentors. Am I alone in thinking this is the worst idea to come out of Hollywood in years? If this film takes off its almost guaranteed to ruin the originals, with a cast of comedy rejects like Ben Stiller and Seth Rogen who for my money can't touch the brilliance of Dan Akroyd or Bill Murray and be filled with poor CGI ghosts and cheap computer effects. I hope to God this thing falls apart in pre-production, as much as I would love to see the old cast back together the price seems too high. Some franchises should be left alone.
  2. Hey kraken, Sorry to hear about your accident, but i'm glad your recovery has started. Hope all goes well and you get back on track soon. All the best. Martyn
  3. I have to agree with the last two posts. Personally I haven't smoked weed as its really something I was never interested in. But from my experiences seeing others try it the only ones who made poor choices and messed their lives up were irresponsible to begin with. I don't think any substance is inherently bad, in my mind it simply comes down to how much self awareness and control you have. I mean I enjoy the occasional drink but just because I'm a student doesn't mean I'm obligated to go out and get trashed every night.
  4. 'The Happening' and 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' definitely fit into the so bad it's hilarious category. Its a shame that M. Night Shyamalan seems to be falling back on incredibly predictable plot twists since he had so much promise a few years ago. But your right the recent waves of movie spoofs like 'Disaster Movie' are beyond hope. Even though they have a budget as large as most peoples weekly shopping I'm always surprised that enough people go to see them for the studio to make any money back.
  5. ^^ I had a similar experience the first time I rode Summit Plummet. I was mainly worried that I wouldn't fit through the hole (Seriously that gap looks tiny when you reach the top). Anyway I have pretty big feet and I did have a momentary lapse of intelligence and I thought "Maybe the ends of my feet will get chopped off!" But after I went on I thought it was incredible and got straight back in the line ... My friend did not however as he forgot to cross his legs and spent the duration of the drop spread eagle with his swimming shorts making a navy seal style incursion into his anus. Needless to say he found the slide substantially less entertaining and refused to go back on.
  6. England (My Home ... Sadly) United States Canada Spain Italy Vatican City Scotland Wales Ireland France Austria The Netherlands Denmark Norway Poland I intend to also visit: Brasil Peru Mexico Cuba Jamaica Caribbean Islands (Grenada ect) New Zealand Australia Egypt Thailand
  7. I'm really into my Classic Rock. So my top bands would be: 1) The Rolling Stones 2) The Who 3) Boston 4) Tom Petty 5) Pink Floyd
  8. Overall I've felt a little short changed by the majority of movies this summer, most of the recent releases felt very predictable to me and had almost completely disregarded the plot/narrative in favour of CGI and crisper visuals (Indy IV, Iron Man, Speed Racer I'm looking at you). The only two films which I've really enjoyed since April were "The Dark Knight" and Frank Darabont's "The Mist" (which only just arrived here in the UK). That said the last movie I saw at the cinema was Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and I really felt that the style and tone of Del Toro's first outing had been compromised in order to load in pre-teens and small children. Presumably as a counter to "The Dark Knight" which really pushed the 'dark'/adult superhero angle. However, this new approach was ultimately to the detriment of the film. In fact the only saving graces for me were the performance given by Luke Goss as the films antagonist and the early effects shots in which Del Toro uses practical make-up to great effect. However, the much hyped 'Troll Market' scene is extensively covered in the trailer alone and the remaining effects (particularly the Golden Army itself) stray into the same overblown CGI territory as most 2008 summer movies did. New additions to the cast also included an insufferable ectoplasmic (Big props to "Ghostbusters" for teaching me that word) German scientist, who arrives fully equipped with some of the most abysmal dialogue I've heard all year. Mix this with several fairly low risk action scenes and a weak love interest and you could easily be excused for giving this film a miss, at least until the DVD is available to rent. With the summer season now all but over I personally can't wait for "Burn After Reading" as I am a huge Coen Brothers fan. Especially when it comes to their offbeat comedies/crime capers (a la "The Big Lebowski). Anybody else have a film out soon that they are looking forward to?
  9. Hey everyone, My name is Martyn and I'm 20. I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (England). There really aren't any parks around my area, so I'd guess the nearest would be Alton Towers. But I probably see more of the Florida theme parks than I do the British ones. I'm a total whore for Universal Studios . Anyway I'll be around the forums now, so I'll hopefully see you guys there.
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