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  1. Hello TPR people, it has been awhile since I posted something in this forum, but I recently went to Six Flags Magic Mountain this past Saturday, and rode Full Throttle, wow what a adrenline rush, a great ride and addition to the park, love the FT Plaza Zone, very cool, the new hang out area, and group meeting place. I finally rode Green Lantern, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, and Superman: Escape from Krypton as well since my last visit in 2009. I rode all the coasters but 4, Batman, Goldrusher, X2, and Road Runner Express. I didn't ride any of the water rides, you would think I would since it was so hot, but I managed to ride everything else, and stayed until closing. Live Entertainment in the Full Throttle ZOne was loud and inviting.


    I would like to share with everybody some videos I created this past Saturday at the park, there's 5 of them, so I hope you all enjoy them.




    Full Throttle Nights Music, Live Entertainment, Drummer/Percussionist/FT Dancers




    Full Throttle Coaster Footage/Queue/Superman Plaza




    L.A's Party Band Velocity performs in the Full Throttle Plaza Stage area, singing Lady Gaga's Born This Way", Katy Perry's "Fireworks", and I believe a song from Journey "Anyway You Want It", and a fourth song, which you hear all day in line for Full Throttle. The quality isn't the greatest, but at least it's something to watch and hear.




    Photo Gallery Video - Over 200+ photos were taken, some erased and some are not in this video.




    The following videos feature the following coasters and attractions in brief snippets:

    1. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom

    2. Green Lantern

    3. Full Throttle

    4. Gold Rusher

    5. Ninja (empty queue only)

    6. Tatsu

    7. Orient Express


    That video gave me an idea on what I am planning to do next time, so hopefully you enjoyed the videos. I had fun at Six Flags on Saturday, so I may be going again later this month or next month.




  2. I am not that impressed with Full Throttle. The ride is too short, and having it stop in the tunnel, launching backwards and forward again is not a smart move on the design aspect of the ride. The train should just automaticcally be accelerated when it flies through the tunnel and continue on it’s journey. Who would want it to stop suddenly in the middle of the ride like that, not me. The loop is the only thing interesting having the trains on top and inside, the rest of the ride is very short, and should be much longer through the terrain.

  3. If it isn't a coaster for 2012 at SFMM, and everyone is hinting it could be a droptower, or starflyer ride, such as "Sky Screamer" at SFDK, and "Windseeker" at Knotts Berry Farm, which possibly it could be, but perhaps a new element for such the ride could be in the works.


    As for where to build it, well there's the forementioned "Thrill Shot Area", and than there's the "Pistachio Park" area next to Buccaneer. They could also remove the "Swings" and use this space for the 2012 attraction.


    Photo Credit: Unknown, TPR perhaps.


    Thrill Shot Area


    Pistachio Park Area




    Sky Screamer at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom..Would there be any room for such a ride as this in those 3 areas mentioned above? COuld this be SFMM 2012 attraction, or something similar?

  4. I thought I would like to share with everyone four videos I recently uploaded to YouTube of my 1997 Six Flags Magic Mountain experience, with my nieces, sister and her husband. Back in 1997, most ride operators didn't care too much if you took your video camera on the ride to film, such as Jet Stream, Log Jammer, Goldrusher, Tidal Wave, Granny Gran Prix, Buccanneer. The day of filming begun at 10:22 a.m. and my camera battery died at 4:27 p.m., however we did stay a couple more hours.


    In Part 1, the attractions I rode and filmed on were Jet Stream and Goldrusher. The attractions you'll see glimpses of are Viper, Psyclone (including the station area), Dive Devil, and a One Plane Air Show above the area making a lot of noise.



    In Part 2, the attractions I rode and filmed on are Tidal Wave, Granny Gran Prix, and Buccaneer. The attractions you'll see glimpses of and footage of are Freefall, which I ride..you'll see me, wearing a hat and blue alien shirt, and Superman: The Escape.



    In Part 3, the attraction I rode was Log Jammer, which concludes in Part 4. The attractions you'll see glimpses of and footage of are: Junior Coaster, which my nieces ride 6 times, because the first time, their lapbar wasn't secured and in place, so they got several more rides becuse of that. My nieces also enjoyed fun on the Tweety Bird Cages, Caterpillar and some Turbo Cars that spin in a circle. Anybody know the name of that ride? They also meet Bugs Bunny himself at the beginning of the video.



    In Part 4, the attractions I rode were Log Jammer and the Monorail. The attractions seen glimpses of and footage of are Viper, Flashback, Spinout, and the full show of the Looney Tunes Stage Show. I am not sure if this show is still going on, probably not after 14 years, but my nieces enjoyed it. After this, my battery died on my camera.


    The videos were edited, removed a lot of boring stuff, and some audio which I didn't like. I do have other videos of my experiences and fun at the park on my YouTube Channel of more recent visists, and other home video footage from years back that I haven't dubbed to DVD yet. I thought these videos would be fun for everybody here at TPR to go back in time, and enjoy checking out the park before most rides today didn't exist, such as Deja Vu, Riddler's Revenge, and to see rides that have been removed since 1997, such as Spinout, Freefall, Monorail, Flashback, Psyclone, Granny Gran Prix. I hope you all enjoy the four videos, and I will see what else I can find.


    July 4th, 1988 Six Flags Video

    This is footage from my 1988 Six Flags Magic Mountain visit with my parents, brother, and his friend. The attractions I took the camera on were Gold Rusher and Jet Stream. The attractions seen glimpses of, or footage are: Colossus, Sandblasters Bumper Cars, Ninja, Shockwave, Z-Force (great footage), Subway, and Dolphin Show. Some footage was edited, such as the fireworks display show I filmed from the parking lot, not all that interesting. I had to get this video under 15 min. I hope you enjoy this video, especially watching footage of Z-Force, and Shockwave, two coasters no longer at the park.




  5. I think two other area primed fro redevelopment with "family/kids" rides would be up by Katies Corner...they need to get rid of that games area...put something new in there...or at least a serious flat there...and up by Ninja...between Ninja and the Tower is a perfect area for redevlopment, and if done right, could bring the crowds back up to the top of the hill...there, just wanted to get my 2 cents in....I also wish the park would have the money to demolish all of the old ride stations/remnants/unused parts that are scattered around....old Dragon Station, Revolution queue by X2 and that station for Eagle's Flight....there just all in such a state of decay....there, another 2 cents...


    Though the park has penty of space opportunity to build future attractions, I agree that something could be built where the old Revolution Queue is, a station for a Launch Coaster, as seen in my horrible design image below...The rope is suppose to be the track.


    I also have a suggestion for a Eurofighter Dive Devil Coaster could be built. In the new DC Universe area. Directly behind the fake building facade and Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso is this building, which could be maintenance, distribution or spare parts area, not sure. Well, if they remove it, and build it elsewhere in this massive lot, depicted in my images, that space could be used for a Eurofighter coaster like that Dive Devil at Six Flags Over Georgia, and the queue entrance and exit, top left. The coaster can be themed to a DC Universe character, which would go along with the themed area, and Green Lantern directly across from it. I know SFMM won't do this perhaps, but it sure would look nice, small water streams, rocks, landscaped really nice. What does everybody think?


    Proposed Launch Coaster Area




  6. I absolutely totally 100% disagree with this.


    If you've ever read any of my KidTums' Korner articles in the Club TPR Magazine you'll see that I'm not alone in my feelings of despising parks that put all of the kids stuff in one area of the park.


    Why should we be isolated and far away from everyone else? Why can't we go around the park as a family and find kids rides next to big rides? Several parks, including some Six Flags Parks (SFOT), do a great job of mixing in kids and big rides so that families can stay together all day. It's terrible visiting parks where you're basically 'stuck' in a kids area all day while everyone else goes and rides stuff.



    I absolutely agree with this, it completely makes total sense. Why should kids/families be forced or even segregated to be stuck in one place when the whole family can enjoy the entire park together, riding rides, buying stuff, having a good time. Its fine to have an area dedicated to just kids but there should be kids rides sprinkled around the park so the kids can enjoy the entire park with their families. The spot next to DV is the perfect example of this. If there were a kiddie ride in that spot, the whole family could shoot over there...the kids could ride the little ride while the adults go on DV. Then they all could meet up in that area when they are done- its too perfect!


    You two have a point, and I guess it would be good to have family rides all over the park, instead of having them all bunched up together. That just shows you what I know, because I don't know all that much about other park's layouts, nor do I visit that many theme parks. It's true if built over by Deja Vu, now that I read what you two wrote, it would make perfect sense for families to wonder around the park to get to a family attraction, apposed to just being in one area. Well, maybe SFMM will build a family attraction or maybe that Sky Screamer in that area, that would be cool.



  7. I enjoyed the videos and pictures from yesterday's ribbon ceremony for Road Runner Express, SFMM did an excellent job bringing this coaster to life, from what they previously were going to do with it, great theming, colors, and looks fun for all the young coaster enthusiasts, who can't ride the bigger rides.


    I think if they did build it as Mr. Six's Dance Coaster next to Deja Vu, on that small little lot, it may not have been that accepted by the GP for being a family coaster, so far from where all the other family and kids rides are located, within Bugs Bunny World, so SFMM did an excellent job ditching that theme, and relocating it in an area, where it would be more accessible for families to enjoy it, as Road Runner Express.


    Does anybody know what SFMM plan on building on that dirt lot next to Deja Vu? I know many hope they build a new flat ride, maybe something like that Sky SCreamer or Wind Seeker. I think if they built such an attraction in that area, more of that hillside would have to be removed, but I am no expect in architectural design when it comes to Theme Parks, but hopefully something nice for 2012.


    I can't wait for the opening for Green Lantern next month, and see what they did to the old Batman backlot (rethemed as DC Universe), should be exciting for everybody here at TPR.



  8. Wow, this looks like a fun coaster. I would love to see Six Flags Magic Mountain build this ride maybe for 2012. It's like Freefall, but an actual coaster, with lots of twists and sharp turns. I like the tunnel, but if SFMM has one built, I would like to see it dive underground and pop up from the other side, and a longer, darker tunnel. It looks fun, great design.

  9. I watched the LIVE webcast today from Disneyland for the ceremony for Star Tours, awesome presentation. I wish I was there, but hopefully sometime this summer I'll find time to visit and ride it. I never rode the original Star Tours, but I am sure this new one is 100x better, I can't wait.


    I actually recorded the 28 minute presentation using my digital camera off my computer monitor stationary, the quality isn't superb from the original broadcast, but for those who haven't seen it yet, I cut it in two videos, so please enjoy..




    I hope these videos are okay to post, if not..a moderator can kindly remove them from this post, and you can basically just go to my youtube page to watch them.





  10. Part 2 of my Interpreted design where I am thinking the GL queue might be integrated around the new ride. You enter from the right, the queue wraps behind GL and heads straight to the station, which I am assuming going up stairs. I could be wrong, but I believe that small structure in the corner nearest to the Batman: The Ride queue will be the Photo Pick-Up Station or Lockers. It's my guess. We'll see if I am correct with what I designed below for the GL queue.


    You can view the first half and what I believe could be the entrance on page 1816. What does everybdy think? Is it plausible this could be the layout, or could be be completely different?


    I assembled both images into one, but I agree now that there would have to be two exits, I didn't think about that, but we'll see how it turns out from what I created here.




    Well, something is being built in the far corner where I assume could be the lockers, however it might be the

    pick-up photo image' area as you exit. The lockers for Apocalypse are actually located in the exit area, and before guests enter the main queue for the ride, so I assume it might be the same with GL, we'll see once they begin exterior work on GL. All the track should be completed by mid-afternoon on Monday.





  11. My Interpreted design where I am thinking the GL queue might be integrated around the new ride. You enter from the right, the queue wraps behind GL and heads straight to the station, which I am assuming going up stairs. I could be wrong, but I believe that small structure in the corner nearest to the Batman: The Ride queue will be the Photo Pick-Up Station or Lockers. It's my guess. We'll see if I am correct with what I designed below for the GL queue. What does everybody think?




  12. GL is looking good from the most recent pictures. I am sure by Monday all the track should be completed, should be interesting. I think the queue may go right to left, beginning where the fake building facade is located, go directly behind GL, and clearly head to the left of GL, near Batman: The Ride, and head toward the station. I know they will need a lot of room for the queue, since the day it opens, it will be crowded, unless they use some of Batman: The Ride's queue for GL on a temporary basis, since that ride's queue isn't all that packed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I am excited to ride this myself in June. Keep the pictures coming, and it's great that the official facebook page added a couple, and that video..very nice. That entire backlot will look so different once it opens, so many changes aplenty I am sure.



  13. Is it possible for somebody who visits SFMM on a frequent basis to get some good shots of Green Lantern Construction on Tidal Wave going up the lift, or perhaps stand on that bridge, and get some shots there? Great pictures so far. That's weird how they moved the Grinder Gearworks Spinner to the walkway for renovations and repair..a crane obviously. I am excited to see what changes they will execute in this area come June, renaming it DC Universe. This area will eventually be one of the crowded areas once Green Lantern opens.

  14. I have an image interpretation of perhaps why the metro (monorail) trains are being removed. I know they could being sent to be scrapped for cash, or donated to another park or fair. My theory is the space will be used for a Hurricane Harbor expansion for 2012. If you look at this image from GoogleEarth, you'll notice the only thing in this space that could be removed for space is the old metro storage station.




    By removing the trains first, it gives them the space to really do some demo, tearing down the storage station without bringing harm to the trains. It would give the park more space for something new, perhaps in 2012. I am just guessing this space will eventually become something new either next year, or in 2013.


    Here is an image of what the space should look like, once they demo the station, and level the surrounding areas, including the old Season Pass building, or is that still being used today? I don't know, but I think it all should be leveled, and use that entire space for something fresh, brand new.



    And of course, we all know on the far left, where Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls was located, will now be the home of Road Runner Express, opening soon this month.


    I have another question, in this image below, what is this area used for? If this isn't being used for anything currently for the park, or park guests, why not see this leveled out, and become a new attraction area. I have no idea what this corner is, maybe somebody here knows. It's right next to Road Runner Express, and Colossus.




  15. I was checking the facebook page too about the Metro Trains. Here's a link to The Coast Guy.com, with photos of the trucks hauling them away. I wonder, will they be tearing down the old Metro Station, and planning to build something on that location, and wonder if all the Metro Track throughout the park be removed. It should be interesting to watch for.





  16. Any chance a live webcam will be set-up near Green Lantern for people to watch via the official sfmm website, or facebook page, since they closed and blocked off the Gotham City area for the rehab and Green Lantern Construction. I think they might be bringing in some big cranes to put the top pieces on the coaster, and they need the space. I am sure someone on the SFMM staff will update us with pictures via the facebook page of Green Lantern, and the rehab of Gotham City.


    I also noticed today as I drove into SFMM near the guest drop-area, they don't allow parking anymore in that area. I was going to park really quick, and go grab a couple park maps, but I decided to just leave. It was permitted for less than 10 min. or so, but now there's signs stating no parking, just a drop-off guest area. I guess I'll be walking to the park.



  17. An Amazing coaster, looks fun, but it sure looks like it has a lot of head and arm choppers, such as in this picture from Robb's video.



    Robb says it is an optical illusion, and the track is a few feet away, well that just shows you that cameras can play tricks on you. Imagine if his arm and hand was that close, and another train zoomed by on the track above at that exact moment, ouch!


    As for the new Texas Giant design, and looking at the old Texas Giant, was the old one torn down, rebuilt, or just retro fitted with the new track design, because it sure looks a lot different than the original. I think this new design is much better, but than again, I have never been on the original, nor Texas, or Six Flags Over Texas.


    Nice Ride.


  18. Sony Adapting "RollerCoaster Tycoon"

    By Garth Franklin Thursday May 13th 2010 09:51AM


    Sony Pictures Animation has picked up the film rights to Atari video game "RollerCoaster Tycoon" reports Heat Vision.


    David Ronn and Jay Scherick ("The Smurfs," "The Zookeeper") will pen a script for the live-action/CGI animated adaptation which will create a narrative out of the computer game which had the user playing the manager of a major theme park. The user was also able to design and customize unique roller coasters.


    Harald Zwart ("The Karate Kid") will executive produce and potentially direct the film adaptation.




    This should be interesting if plans go ahead with the project. Who should play the park manager?

  19. Sure, yeah that would be very interesting, you'll be engaged in a space or air fight, that sure would get you're adrenaline going, and during the ride (the real coaster) would go into the ground to hide most of the track from the people standing in the queue, perhaps a drop or something, and what you see on the screen would be completly different, giving your perception a whole new vision and rush.


    The only thing that would take time to design, would be the 3-D Virtual model and Train coaches for the track design, given to this coaster, but the coaster itself, would have to be unique, different from all the rest, and have elements that hasn't been done before, such as that NL image above for the first drop.


    If you take "Tatsu" or "Manta" flying coaster design, enclose them, and when flapped up, you'll be faced to watch a screen in the dark, giving you no idea whatsoever what is going on outside the coach you are in, when it begins the climb, and giving you the sensation of flying in a dogfight or space battle or some weird coaster simulation, when the first drop occurs, and duration of the ride...my god that would be an amazing adrenaline rush, sounds frightening, but it would be something new, and would take the standard simulator to a whole new level. No longer would you be sitting in a building watching a simulator on moving seats, you'll actually be moving on a track on a real coaster, while watching a simulator.


    I would love to see this designed sometime in the next 10 years, or perhaps sooner. The technology is there, so why not venture into this idea, and see what could be created for a first-ever outdoor Virtual 3-D coaster. And the good thing is, if the simulator on the screen gets old, they can always change that, but keep the real coaster standing, and no matter what you watch on the screen, you're experience would be different each time.

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